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Chapter 492 - Too Late

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 492 Too Late

    Could it be that I’ve misjudged him? Is that student really a genius, a genius who’s stronger than Ming Xiu and Feng Qiuyan? Jun Tingyu began to doubt himself.

    He could tell that Ming Xiu and Feng Qiuyan respected Zhou Wen greatly. The feelings that came from the bottom of their hearts couldn’t be faked. It was impossible that they were just patronizing him.

    However, Jun Tingyu couldn’t believe that the fellow who was gaming was actually better than Ming Xiu and Feng Qiuyan.

    Feng Qiuyan had advanced to the Epic stage at such a young age. It was a rare occurrence that happened only once in a hundred years, but to Zhou Wen of the same age, he was like a student idolizing his teacher. He couldn’t imagine what kind of person Zhou Wen was.

    Is there really such a genius in this world? Jun Tingyu looked at Zhou Wen with mixed feelings.

    Li Mingcan and company looked at Zhou Wen as well. They couldn’t help but gulp. Even Feng Qiuyan admitted that he was less than ten-thousandth of him. They found it even more difficult to imagine what kind of genius he was.

    “Teacher, could there be a deeper meaning behind this act of gaming?” Li Mingcan was a little suspicious of the previous judgment. Although he knew that it was not good to doubt Jun Tingyu like this, he could not help but ask.

    Jun Tingyu was beginning to grumble inwardly. After carefully observing Zhou Wen, who was gaming, he felt that he was indeed somewhat extraordinary.

    He looked calm and had an outstanding temperament. Although he was gaming, he gave off an aura that he could not be shaken even if the sky collapsed. It seemed that he was indeed different from others.

    In fact, this was just a psychological effect on Jun Tingyu’s part. Although Zhou Wen really wasn’t just gaming, from the looks of it, he was no different from an ordinary person when gaming. To see anything from it was nothing but a joke.

    As Zhou Wen was gaming, his phone suddenly rang. It was his usual phone. Upon hearing the text message chime, Zhou Wen immediately jolted.

    This was because he had specially set up the notification sound. Only when The Thearch sent a message would he get this sound.

    Zhou Wen didn’t dare delay as he hurriedly took out the other phone from his pocket. Indeed, it was a message from The Thearch.

    “After such a long time, I still haven’t seen any of the things that I want. I don’t think you’ve taken my matters to heart. I really shall mete out some punishment. Otherwise, you might think that my threats are just for fun.”

    Zhou Wen immediately broke out into cold sweat when he saw the message. He was afraid of death, and he was even more afraid that The Thearch would sever his limbs. That would be terrible.

    “I’ve been being pursued recently, so I haven’t had the time to buy you that equipment. Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way to buy them for you immediately. Even if I have to sell everything, I’ll definitely help you buy everything.” Zhou Wen had been too busy recently, so he had really forgotten about it.

    “Too late.” The Thearch only replied with two words.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly tried to explain. He was really afraid that The Thearch would make a wish to sever all his limbs. He was in the prime of his youth, so to have his limbs severed just because of a few darn instruments would be terrible.

    However, no matter how he explained, the Thearch didn’t reply. This made Zhou Wen feel extremely uneasy.

    When Jun Tingyu saw Zhou Wen using his phone to communicate with The Thearch, his eyes lit up. He shouted excitedly, “Genius… This person is really a genius…”

    Li Mingcan and the others were shocked. Li Mingcan quickly asked, “Elder Jun, what have you seen?”

    Jun Tingyu said, “I’m getting old. Indeed, I was wrong just now. This young man is really an extraordinary genius. It’s no wonder even geniuses like Ming Xiu and Feng Qiuyan admire him so much.”

    “Elder Jun, how did you tell? Tell us.” Li Mingcan’s heart was itching to know.

    Jun Tingyu pointed at Zhou Wen, who was texting on his phone, and said, “The Wordless Monument is a power that targets the hearts of people. Even top Epic experts would surrender themselves to their inner desires after being affected by the power of the Wordless Monument. Before they are exhausted, they definitely wouldn’t be distracted, nor can they be distracted. But look at him. When he was gaming, he was actually able to use another phone to constantly send messages. This means that his mind is completely unaffected by the power of the Wordless Monument. To be able to maintain his willpower in such a situation means that his willpower is completely unheard of. Even saints pale in comparison. With such powerful willpower, he definitely isn’t an ordinary person… No wonder…”

    The more Jun Tingyu looked at Zhou Wen, the more he felt that he stood out as though he had an outstanding bearing. This made it impossible for him to treat Zhou Wen as a junior any longer.

    Zhou Wen didn’t know all the things that Jun Tingyu had deciphered. As he had already cultivated the Wordless Monument’s Essence Energy Art, he wasn’t affected at all. He didn’t need to use his willpower to ward off the Wordless Monument’s power.

    However, there was one thing Jun Tingyu did guess correctly by sheer chance. Zhou Wen’s willpower was indeed extraordinary.

    Zhou Wen sent several messages, but The Thearch didn’t reply. He knew that this matter was likely going to blow up. He felt that it wasn’t appropriate for him to stay any longer. He needed to quickly think of a way to protect himself and resist The Thearch’s impending rage.

    In front of so many people, he couldn’t make a big fuss. He had to find a place with no one around.

    Zhou Wen put away his phone and stood up. Seeing that Li Xuan and company were still immersed in their worlds, he walked out and said to the tutor who was watching over them, “Sir, there are some matters in the school that need my attention. I’ll be returning now.”

    After receiving the tutor’s approval, Zhou Wen was about to leave the mountain when Jun Tingyu stopped him.“I’m Jun Tingyu from the Imperial Capital College. I would like to know if you have the time to chat with me?” Jun Tingyu didn’t treat Zhou Wen as a student. He had the intention to talk to him as equals.

    “I’m really sorry. I have something urgent to attend to and need to return to school. Let’s talk again in the future,” Zhou Wen said as he turned around and left.

    “Why is this person so rude?” Li Mingcan said.

    Jun Tingyu didn’t mind it at all. Instead, he felt that Zhou Wen was even more extraordinary. He pondered and said, “Geniuses have their own personalities. Zhou Wen is indeed not an ordinary person. This is understandable. I’ll go to Sunset College tomorrow to visit him.”

    Li Mingcan was just about to say something when he suddenly saw an antelope and a golden eagle-like bird come down from Mount Laojun. The antelope was following behind Zhou Wen, and the bird circled above his head as though it was protecting him.

    Li Mingcan, Jun Tingyu, and company were dumbfounded. The animals on Mount Laojun weren’t ordinary creatures. With Mount Laojun’s protection, they could be described as pets in the backyard of a saint. They had actually taken the initiative to follow Zhou Wen down the mountain. They had never heard of such a thing, so they found it unbelievable.

    Zhou Wen walked all the way down Mount Laojun before heading straight to campus. He felt uneasy the entire way, unsure how The Thearch would deal with him.