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Chapter 325 - Raising a Flag

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 325: Raising a Flag

    "No," Su Cha replied vaguely.

    She felt that it was a figure, and it seemed unusual that it suddenly appeared there.

    There was nothing unusual going on in the villa.

    However, Su Cha could still feel a dark gaze, as if it was sizing her up.

    A few seconds later, another figure jumped out of the villa and followed the direction where Su Cha had noticed something.

    It must be a secret guard arranged by Bo Muyi.

    Su Cha frowned slightly. Even the secret guards had come out to prove that she was not mistaken. Why would a martial artist appear in the villa where the contestants lived?

    She knew that the security around the villa was useless to these people. It was easy for them to enter.

    "What did you see?"

    Bo Muyi could not have failed to see Su Cha's obvious reaction in the video.

    "There seemed to be someone just now."

    Su Cha vaguely revealed a little, "So I turned around to take a look."

    Bo Muyi frowned. "Really?"


    She was right.

    It would not be a problem for his secret guards to report it.

    "Cha Cha, be careful there."

    Bo Muyi did not agree with Su Cha's decision to stay in the villa, especially when the situation was complicated.

    But his Cha Cha insisted.

    A low sigh came out of the man's mouth. He had always been helpless against her.

    "I know."

    Su Cha smiled gently. The girl's laughter was like a crisp bell. However, it was late at night, and it sounded gloomy.

    Su Cha chatted with Bo Muyi for a while more before entering the house.

    Inside the dormitory, everyone was still awake. When she entered their room, Su Cha saw Jin Mou still humming a song.

    Seeing Su Cha coming in, she asked in surprise, "You went out for a while?"

    Su Cha smiled and nodded. "Have you washed up? I'm going to take a shower."

    "I'll wait. You go first."

    Su Cha nodded and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After she was done, she dried her hair and walked out of the bathroom. She bumped into Jin Mou making a call.

    "Okay, I will take note."

    "I'm living in the dormitory right now. There are so many people around, so what can happen?"

    Jin Mou was complaining in a rare tone of voice, like a child who was a little impatient with her parents' advice. "Okay, I know, Brother!"

    She sounded a little helpless. When she saw Su Cha coming out, she did not avoid her and just said, "Okay, we're going to rest. Let's do that for now. Bye-bye."

    Su Cha continued drying her hair and smiled. "What did your brother ask you to pay attention to?"

    He seemed to be reminding Jin Mou to be careful.

    Jin Mou shrugged. "Actually, I'm not too sure either. My brother's career is a little complicated, and there are more demented criminals in his line of work. Recently, he has been investigating a case that involved a lot of people, so he asked me to be careful about someone that might take revenge."

    Su Cha was a little surprised. "How can that be? Could it be that there are family members or someone else who'd come to trouble you?"

    Su Cha knew that some of the police might get attacked by the suspect's accomplices for revenge, but others taking revenge on their families generally happened to narcotics police officers. Could it be that Jin Mou's brother was a narcotics police officer?

    Jin Mou shook her head. "I'm not too sure either, but this is a dormitory, and I won't go out. I'll be fine."