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Chapter 394 - Your Little Fairy Nearly Lost Her Life!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 394: Your Little Fairy Nearly Lost Her Life!

    Indeed, Jian Qi was extraordinarily fast. Almost as soon as she finished speaking, she appeared in the open space and was running at full speed toward Tang Jinyu.

    “Instructor Tang…” Jian Qi’s crisp and clear voice conveyed her excitement.

    When Tang Jinyu heard her voice, he turned around only to find that Jian Qi was already charging at him directly.

    With the familiar figure in sight and Jian Qi’s annoying voice, Tang Jinyu was stunned for a moment. Meanwhile, Jian Qi had already dived into his arms and wrapped her hands around him.

    In fact, due to Jian Qi’s slightly over-exerted force, Tang Jinyu had to take a step back to hold himself steady when she dived into his arms.

    Right then, everyone else happened to have arrived. When they saw Jian Qi behaving with a complete lack of apprehension, they respected her from the bottom of their hearts.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, don’t you have the slightest bit of survival instinct?’

    ‘Aren’t you afraid that Boss would torture you because of your reckless behavior?’

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi smiled slightly as she hugged Tang Jinyu. “Little Tang Tang, the explosion was terrifying. Your little fairy nearly lost her life.”

    As Jian Qi hugged Tang Jinyu, she rubbed her head against his chest.

    ‘Eh, it’s drenched in rainwater…’

    Jian Qi needed to control herself.

    When Tang Jinyu felt the tangible warmth from Jian Qi’s body in his arms, it seemed only then was he able to really relax.

    Slowly, Tang Jinyu recollected himself and gradually lifted his hand from his side…

    While Leng Yu was observing this scene, she smiled. However, her smile suddenly faded away when she saw what Tang Jinyu did next.

    When Tang Jinyu’s hand finally landed on Jian Qi’s collar, he gripped it tightly and pulled her away.

    “Stand properly!” There was a tinge of anger in his cold voice.

    Jian Qi proceeded to stand upright as she was told.

    “Instructor Tang, you have no idea how scary the explosion was earlier!” Before Tang Jinyu could question her, Jian Qi began to speak.

    “Tell me exactly what happened.” Tang Jinyu looked serious.

    Jian Qi looked at him and began to answer seriously. “When I arrived earlier, I witnessed an exchange of gunfire between an anti-terrorist and the mercenary. Therefore, I looked for a sniping point and was prepared to kill the mercenary off. However, just as I located a sniping point, I heard a huge explosion. Thank goodness I reacted quick enough.”

    “Therefore, you were not the one who killed that mercenary?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Jian Qi shook her head. “I didn’t even get a chance to see what happened when the explosion occurred!”

    After Tang Jinyu frowned, he was about to speak when the anti-terrorists’ senior officer walked over. “Colonel Tang, may I have a word with you?”

    Tang Jinyu nodded at the anti-terrorists’ senior officer before he gave the people around him orders. “Help put the fire out and assist the anti-terrorists with what needs to be done! We’ll talk about what happened today after we get back!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    After Tang Jinyu finished speaking, he proceeded to leave with the anti-terrorists’ senior officer. The two walked together toward the dead mercenary’s burned corpse.

    Since Jian Qi was fine, everyone’s immediate task was to put the fire out. Therefore, none of them had the leisure of asking her if she was alright.

    Leng Yu looked at Jian Qi and asked, “Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine. My body is made of steel!” Jian Qi pounded her chest several times.

    “Let’s get to work then!” Leng Yu chuckled lightly.

    Naturally, Jian Qi nodded and hurriedly helped with exterminating the fire. Thereafter, she tried her best not to draw any attention as she hastily walked toward an adjacent spot to the mercenary’s corpse.

    According to the distance, Jian Qi estimated where the bullet would travel to after the impact against the mercenary’s head, she carefully looked for it.

    Fortunately, the anti-terrorists were all occupied with putting out the fire. Jian Qi forced herself to move even more quickly.

    As Tang Jinyu was listening to what the anti-terrorists’ senior officer was saying, he glanced in Jian Qi’s direction and frowned.

    ‘Why does it seem as if that girl is looking for something?’