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Chapter 600 - I Will Destroyed You Sooner or Later!

Medical Master
     Chapter 600 I Will Destroyed You Sooner or Later!

    Ten kilometers away, Fang Qiu shouted, “Great Hand of Destruction!”

    His shout was still echoing in the air.

    On the way to chase after him, Fang Qiu had been watching Liang Sheng with his Divine Consciousness.

    Seeing that Liang Sheng was indeed going to attack those ordinary people, Fang Qiu was furious.

    Although he was very fast, he still needed a certain amount of time to catch up with Liang Sheng. By the time he arrived, everyone would probably be dead. Therefore, Fang Qiu could only chase after them while quickly mobilizing Heaven and Earth energy and use the Great Hand of Destruction. His power was formed into a huge palm. Then, he controlled his palm to sweep out. Then he finally managed to send Liang Sheng flying violently before he could kill them!

    Liang Sheng, who was struck by the Heaven and Earth energy which was so powerful that even Fang Qiu would be terrified. Before he could react, he was sent flying more than a thousand meters away.

    He fell heavily on a tall dune.

    “Phew…” Fortunately, he made it.

    Looking at Liang Sheng, who was thrown out, Fang Qiu heaved a long sigh of relief.

    “Puff!” Liang Sheng, who was thrown to the ground heavily, quickly propped up his upper body. But as soon as he stood up, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

    He looked up in pain.

    As a result, he saw Fang Qiu, who was several kilometers away.

    Then his face instantly became extremely gloomy.

    There was no one else around him, so the person who attacked him was definitely John Doe!

    But John Doe was still a few kilometers away.

    “How is this possible?”

    As an eighth-class super expert with two opened meridians, he could only hurt a person who was a kilometer away at most. However, the mysterious man was able to strike him several kilometers away with one blow and even cause him to sustain internal injuries.

    Although his internal injuries weren’t serious, he thought Fang Qiu was so powerful that he could even attack him from such a long distance.

    “Damn it, what kind of monster is he!” He cursed to himself.

    Liang Sheng turned his head and glanced at the group of ordinary people who froze because of fright. He gritted his teeth furiously and didn’t dare to attack them anymore. He was afraid that if the mysterious man caught up with him again, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

    He turned around. “Swoosh…”

    Without any hesitation, Liang Sheng directly exerted all his strength. Like a gust of wind, he rushed into the depths of the desert, intending to take this opportunity to escape.

    Everyone was scared by Liang Sheng. When they saw a familiar figure in the distance rushing over, they knew that they had been saved.

    “He, he’s the master.”

    “We… are saved.”

    “We’re saved. We’re saved.”

    Recovering from extreme panic, the group of people was terrified and excited.

    Just now, they thought death was coming and they even smelled death.

    But in the blink of an eye, they came back to life.

    They were dragged up from hell by Fang Qiu.

    It was Fang Qiu, who possessed supernatural power, that saved them!

    Having seen such horrible supernatural power, these people were terrified but also particularly excited.

    Fang Qiu saw that Liang Sheng was about to run away.

    He didn’t intend to stop at all and didn’t bother to remind these ordinary people, so he immediately sped up and chased in the direction where Liang Sheng was about to escape.

    Anyway, the only threat in this desert was Liang Sheng. Now that he had already got the Fairy Desert Cistanche, his next target was to kill Liang Sheng!

    This kind of bloodthirsty person couldn’t be spared!

    Fang Qiu also noticed something strange and wanted to have a good look at Liang Sheng.

    Liang Sheng ran wildly all the way, and Fang Qiu also chased after him.

    In the blink of an eye, the two of them had run five kilometers.

    Because he was not as fast as Fang Qiu and was slightly injured, Liang Sheng’s speed was greatly reduced. Originally, there were still several kilometers between him and Fang Qiu. After running 10 kilometers, he was overtaken by Fang Qiu who rushed to the front to block his way.

    However, Liang Sheng wasn’t stupid.

    As the road ahead was blocked by Fang Qiu, he immediately turned around and continued to run in another direction without hesitation.

    However, before he could run for more than one kilometer, Fang Qiu’s voice sounded. “Do you think you can run away?”

    Fang Qiu was following him abreast in a straight line with a bland face. However, Liang Sheng was leaping in the air, while Fang Qiu was flying all the way.

    Seeing Fang Qiu’s feet off the ground, Liang Sheng’s pupils were dilated suddenly.

    A guru!

    As an eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians, he knew that people under the level of a guru could only lift themselves. This kind of technique looked like flying, but in fact, it was more like leaping. After leaping for hundreds of meters, one needed to fall to the ground and borrow force to lift himself again, which was very different from flying without touching the ground.

    There was such a big gap between their strength. How could they fight?

    Liang Sheng gritted his teeth.

    His face was so gloomy that it was a little distorted.

    He didn’t want to provoke John Doe at all. He just wanted to avenge himself with an ordinary person and calm down his anger on the fact that his Earth Treasure had been robbed.

    But he didn’t expect that John Doe actually caught up with him again.

    It seemed that he didn’t want to give him a chance to live.

    “Kill, kill, kill…”

    Liang Sheng suddenly stopped. No one knew if he had broken down or he was crazy. His face was ferocious. He stared at Fang Qiu with blood-red eyes, opened his mouth, and shouted in an extremely suppressed tone.

    “Not running anymore?” Fang Qiu stopped and looked at Liang Sheng, who slid into madness, with an indifferent face.

    Strangely, the smell of blood began to spread from Liang Sheng’s body.

    Fang Qiu had noticed the smell of blood a minute ago. At that time, he had thought it was from the blood that Liang Sheng had spitted out, but now he found that the bloodstains on the corners of Liang Sheng’s mouth had dried up and he hadn’t spitted out blood since then. But the smell of blood was stronger than before.

    There seemed to be something more hidden on Liang Sheng’s body.

    “You deserve to die. You have to die!”

    Glaring at Fang Qiu, Liang Sheng gritted his teeth and raised his right hand with a ferocious look on his face.

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu was shocked.

    In the center of his right palm, there was a blister the size of a broad bean.

    It should be a blood bead.

    It was a crystal-clear, transparent bead of blood.

    At first glance, he could clearly see that there was thick blood flowing in the bead.

    “You’re the one who forced me to do that!”

    Liang Sheng raised his right palm to his mouth and cursed. Suddenly, he burst into laughter. He opened his mouth as he laughed. Then, he took a hard bite of the blood bead in his palm and swallowed it.

    The blood bead seemed to grow in his hand as if it were his flesh.

    As he bit, a hole immediately appeared in the center of his palm, and blood gushed out.

    “What’s that?” Fang Qiu was confused.

    Looking at Liang Sheng who was going insane, Fang Qiu didn’t rush to make a move but observed carefully.

    After a short while, a sound was heard. “Boom!”

    After Liang Sheng swallowed the blood bead for a few seconds, his body shivered as an incomparably powerful aura burst out from his body. Even the sand beneath his feet was pushed up into sand waves.

    “Pseudo-guru!” Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes.

    He could clearly feel that the aura emitted by Liang Sheng actually reached the level of a pseudo-guru.

    He went straight from the eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians to the pseudo-guru.

    What was this?

    How was this possible?

    “Kill!” Just when Fang Qiu was shocked, Liang Sheng let out a roar and charged toward him fiercely. He was simply like a wild beast that was out of control. He was trying to kill Fang Qiu as soon as he struck.

    Fang Qiu wasn’t afraid at all.

    Immediately, he broke out all his power to meet his strikes.

    “Bang!” The two strikes collided.

    Although Fang Qiu exerted all his strength, he was still slightly suppressed by Liang Sheng.

    It was completely contrary to the previous situation.

    After Liang Sheng’s strength had improved greatly, his strength had exceeded Fang Qiu’s.

    However, Liang Sheng’s meridians were similar to those of ordinary martial arts practitioners. And he had not reopened meridians. As a result, even though his strength soared to the level of a pseudo-guru, he could only slightly suppress Fang Qiu.

    “Hiss…” Fang Qiu took a deep breath and showed no intention of retreating. Instead, his eyes gleamed with fighting desire.

    It had been a long time since he fought with someone who could suppress him.

    This was a great opportunity for his improvement!

    He had to make good use of it.

    “Come on!” As he shouted, Fang Qiu immediately used both his hands and feet, fighting with Liang Sheng.

    Obviously, Liang Sheng felt that he had suppressed John Doe.

    He suddenly felt hopeful.

    He thought that John Doe wasn’t a guru at all. He just learned some skills that could fly. Otherwise, how could he suppress John Doe with the strength of a pseudo-guru as he used an evil method?

    “Since you’re not a guru, then go to hell, ha-ha!” Liang Sheng laughed sinisterly and frantically suppressed Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu didn’t back down at all. He had been colliding with Liang Sheng, occasionally looking for opportunities to strike.

    After fighting for a long while, although Fang Qiu was always at a disadvantage, Liang Sheng didn’t actually have the upper hand either. He couldn’t completely suppress Fang Qiu.

    In this case, while feeling the pressure from Liang Sheng, Fang Qiu tried to see through Liang Sheng’s body, trying to find out the evil cultivation method that suddenly made his strength soar.

    Obviously, this method was completely different from what Liang Sheng had used before.

    Compared with this method, the improvement of bursting internal Qi in the meridians was just a child’s play. It could be seen from the level of improvement of strength.

    In the fierce and quick fight, Fang Qiu didn’t have a chance to see his opponent’s internal situation. Even if he occasionally found an opportunity, Liang Sheng’s fierce attacks would come to him before his mental power could penetrate his body, so Fang Qiu had to give up.

    Helplessly, Fang Qiu could only continue to suppress himself and feel the pressure from Liang Sheng, trying to force out his own potential to improve his strength.

    Unfortunately, he couldn’t get what he expected.

    After fighting for 10 minutes, the huge pressure that Liang Sheng brought to Fang Qiu didn’t push him into a desperate situation, but as time went by, Liang Sheng’s strength gradually declined.


    Fifteen minutes later, before the last punch came out, Liang Sheng’s body went limp and he staggered to the ground.

    Fang Qiu was speechless.

    He stepped forward and seized the opportunity to press his head.

    His mental power seeped into Liang Sheng’s body.

    To his surprise, Liang Sheng’s meridians were all shattered!

    “Ha-ha, ha-ha… No matter how powerful you are, the, the organization will destroy you sooner or later.”

    Blood kept gushing out of Liang Sheng’s mouth, but he still grinned, which made him look a little eerie.