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Chapter 326 - Broadcas

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 326: Broadcast

    She did not seem to care, but Su Cha felt strange as she drifted.

    Jin Mou paused.

    However, it was just a feeling.

    But now that she was practicing martial arts, Su Cha had a strong sixth sense. Her temples throbbed twice as she felt that something might happen to Jin Mou.

    Still, with Su Cha by her side, it was unlikely that something would happen to Jin Mou. Su Cha would also pay attention to it at any time.

    After all, they lived in the same dormitory. As long as Jin Mou did not leave the villa casually, Su Cha could ensure her safety.

    Su Cha did not know what happened to the shadow of the tree that she sensed earlier that night. Bo Muyi's secret guard would not especially report this matter to her, so Su Cha did not know what exactly happened.

    However, she did not notice anything unusual in the villa, and it was just a competition in the entertainment industry.

    All the contestants who lived here should be fine.


    The next night, the national Top 50 competition officially began to be aired.

    Almost all the contestants were watching television in the main hall. No matter how good the living room was, there were no solo televisions. Since the contestants had computers, they rarely used the living room.

    They could have watched the live broadcast on the computer in their rooms, but in order to show a harmonious atmosphere, the production crew naturally requested all the contestants to come out to watch.

    This was also part of the script. If they saw contestants who were on good terms with them being eliminated, they were told that it was best for them to act appropriately.

    It would show that the two of them had a good relationship.

    When Mona saw the scene of Dong Yishan being eliminated, tears welled up in her eyes. "…"

    It could not be said that she was pretending. What if she was really touched?

    On the other hand, Su Cha could not cry when she saw Le Anqi being eliminated.

    To her, elimination meant elimination. She could be affected, but there was no need to cry.

    Of course, everyone could not control their emotions perfectly, so they could understand why the others were crying in the hall.

    Jin Mou and Su Cha: "…"

    Some of the viewers were also watching the live stream. Now that they saw a few contestants crying, they found it hard to explain it in the comments.

    [I haven't cried yet, but these contestants are already crying like this… Those who don't know will think that they have a good relationship.]

    [I think it's an act. I can understand if you're crying for people in different divisions…]

    [So some contestants are really ugly when they cry. We want to watch the singing competition, not to see you show your sisterly affection.]

    Mona's tears welled up in her eyes when she saw Dong Yishan eliminated. She was not like the other two who came from the same division. They were expressionless the whole time.

    [Take our Mona.]

    [I feel sorry for Le Anqi. Su Cha's expression never changed. Didn't she always say that she likes Le Anqi? Is it a fake sister relationship?]

    [Enough with your comments. Do you have to cry to express your sisterly love?]

    [I finally understand why Su Cha's aura is so strong. I think Su Cha's expression is a little ‘LOL' when she sees others crying.]

    Jin Mou and Su Cha do not seem to belong to the same world.

    [It's time to stop saying such nonsense. Your Dong Yishan was openly leading others by the nose. How sad would she expect others to see her being eliminated? If it were me, I would be merciful if I did not laugh!]

    [Su Cha is really not on the same level as these contestants…]