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Chapter 378 - Their Past (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 378: Their Past (2)

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    Underneath the heartlessness of her cutting words, the tone of her voice was warm and soft.

    Even though Xu Weilai had never allowed herself to underestimate Yun Rou, it was only after this confrontation that she realized how much harder it would be for her to deal with Yun Rou than she imagined.

    She had managed to zero in on her sore spot with merely a few words. In that aspect, she was very much like Gu Yu.

    Xu Weilai clenched her fingers subconsciously before quickly releasing them. Feigning a smile on her face, she stated professionally and calmly, "Miss Yun Rou, I'm here today on behalf of Z Magazine to conduct the exclusive interview with you. I believe that time is precious to both of us, so let us not waste it on irrelevant chatter. Shall we begin?"

    Xu Weilai's calm demeanor took Yun Rou somewhat by surprise. For a fleeting moment, she lowered her eyelids as the look in her eyes darkened.

    When she looked up again, she had resumed her elegant and beautiful bearing. "Sure. Let's start."

    Xu Weilai retrieved a voice recorder, notebook, and pen from her bag. She flipped her notebook open and pressed the start button on the recorder before placing it on the table. Written in her notebook were the questions she had prepared, but Yun Rou interrupted her just as she was about to ask her first question.

    "Reporter Xu, regarding my career success and the multiple challenges I face in my arduous climb onto my dream stage, I've revealed them all in foreign interviews before. I have no wish to repeat myself, so I would like to discuss my personal life today instead. I would like for my fans and the people who love me and follow me to get to know me better."

    Xu Weilai knew that since Yun Rou had issued her challenge, this interview couldn't pass uneventfully. Naturally, since she had accepted the challenge, she wasn't about to retreat into hiding either.

    Xu Weilai looked her in the eye and replied, "Sure. Since that's the case, let's not use the usual interview formats. Just go ahead and say whatever you want to, Miss Yun Rou."

    Yun Rou's demeanor was very elegant. Her legs were slightly overlapped and slanted at an angle. Her hands were clasped together and resting gently on her knees. She was sitting in the perfect posture of a lady. With a smile on her lips, she slowly began to speak.

    "The reason I chose Z Magazine for my interview is because of the person I love… Previously, he had his interview published in your magazine as well."

    It hadn't been because of her, but because of Gu Yu? In other words, was Yun Rou implying that she had overestimated herself? Had she never even seen her as a threat in the first place?

    Xu Weilai's fingers tightened around her pen. As she recorded her answer is writing, each word was written forcefully.

    Yun Rou swept her with a nonchalant glance and continued, "He and I were together for five years. He was my first love, just as I was his!"

    Five years of companionship, of being each other's perfect first love…

    "You should know what a cold and unemotional person Yu is. He will never allow things or people he doesn't like to appear around them. Hence, in those five years, I was the only one by his side. Even when his parents passed away, I was the one who helped him get through his saddest moments. Back then, we were truly perfect. We only had eyes for each other.

    However, I found out later that Grandpa Gu had already betrothed him to someone since birth. Gu Yu did not accept the betrothal; he never liked nor cared about that fiancée."

    Xu Weilai's breathing grew labored as a sharp ache pierced her heart.

    "I'm so sorry for being so straightforward, Reporter Xu, but this is the truth. Even if you didn't hear it from me, I'm sure you've already sensed it. Gu Yu has always been disgusted by you."