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Chapter 379 - We Are Starting Over (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 379: We Are Starting Over (1)

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    Xu Weilai gritted her teeth hard. She took a deep breath and fought to remain calm before saying, "Miss Yun Rou, the topic of today's interview is your personal life, not mine with Gu Yu. You are in no position to say anything about what goes on between him and me."

    She then paused for a moment before going for the kill. "You said yourself that your relationship with Gu Yu was all in the past before he met me. What happened back then means nothing anymore. If it meant anything at all, you would be the current Mrs. Gu instead of me."

    Yun Rou was naïve if she thought that she could use her past with Gu Yu to hurt Xu Weilai. She was soft when it came to emotions, but it depended very much on who the other person was.

    It was only because she loved Gu Yu very much that she became soft and weak. She cared about Gu Yu, but what was Yun Rou to her? Who did Yun Rou think she was to act so arrogantly in front of her?

    "Only after one has experienced incompatibility would one be able to identify what suits him best. Don't you agree, Miss Yun Rou?

    She continued, "Oh, I'm sorry for being so straightforward. But this is the truth, and I'm just stating the facts as they are."

    Xu Weilai hurled Yun Rou's words back at her, word for word.

    Yun Rou's warm, confident, and proud demeanor finally began to crack.

    She had indeed underestimated Xu Weilai. She wasn't one of those vulnerable women at all. If she were, Rong Fanghua's schemes against her wouldn't have failed so miserably either. Not only had he been unable to frame her, but his actions had also contrarily given her the opportunity to gain fame and establish her reputation.

    Yun Rou was quiet for a moment before pasting a smile on her face. It was an expression of ridicule as if Xu Weilai could see right through her. "Xu Weilai, you know very well how you managed to become Mrs. Gu. Don't you find it humiliating to use that against me?"

    The expression on Xu Weilai's face remained unchanged. "The one with the last laugh is the winner. That's still better than someone like you who never even had the chance to laugh."

    "You're indeed a reporter. You're eloquent enough to make black become white," Yun Rou said with a glint of ridicule in her eyes.

    Pretending to misunderstand her, Xu Weilai replied, "Thank you for the compliment."

    Yun Rou's face darkened as enmity flashed across her eyes. She knew that weightless words would have no effect on Xu Weilai. Hence, it was time for her to reveal her trump card.

    "Xu Weilai, so what if managed to become Mrs. Gu through despicable means? Gu Yu's heart was never with you, to begin with. I left for so many years, but he's still waiting for me, and he still loves me."

    Xu Weilai did not say a word.

    Yun Rou chuckled for a moment. "Do you know how I'm so sure of that?"

    "Because… I got married three years ago."

    That statement was indeed effective in shaking Xu Weilai to her core and caused her calm façade to collapse. An ominous premonition quickly took root in her heart.

    The slight change in Xu Weilai's expression gave Yun Rou immense satisfaction, and she clearly enunciated the rest of her words. "That was also… the very day that Gu Yu got into the car accident!

    It was because of me that he ended up in the accident!

    When he regained consciousness after the accident, he finally realized that he couldn't do without me in his life. So, he began to think of a way to provoke me into returning to him. That was how you had the chance to be by his side.

    The same went for Su Ziqian. It was also because of me that she was able to be by his side.

    Gu Yu is too proud, and I hurt him terribly by leaving him back then. He chose such a childish method to get it, but I can't help but find it adorable. Don't you think so?

    In any case, he's succeeded. I'm back."