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Chapter 395 - She Was Lying Earlier

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 395: She Was Lying Earlier

    When the anti-terrorists’ senior officer saw Tang Jinyu frowning, he could not help but ask, “Colonel Tang, do you have a different understanding of what happened earlier?”

    Tang Jinyu retracted his gaze to look at the senior officer. Despite letting his thoughts wander a moment ago, Tang Jinyu showed no emotion on his face right then.

    “I was just thinking. Clearly, this mercenary had already managed to escape. Why did he still detonate the bomb here?” Tang Jinyu asked. “From the looks of things around here, there was an exchange of gunfire. For a more detailed understanding, I think we should let the anti-terrorist who was here at the time explain further.”

    The anti-terrorists’ senior officer looked at Tang Jinyu confusedly. “How are you so sure that the person involved in the exchange of gunfire with the mercenary was an anti-terrorist?”

    After Tang Jinyu scanned around at the bullets on the ground, he bent over to casually pick up one of the bullets near the dead mercenary’s feet. He then handed it over to the anti-terrorists’ senior officer. “Perhaps you can verify with your anti-terrorists’ bullets and see if these are the same? Moreover, if I have not guessed mistakenly, there should be bullets around here from when the mercenary opened fire. Didn’t you just say that his gun, which was damaged by the fire, did not contain any bullets?”

    The anti-terrorists’ senior officer was stunned momentarily. He had not expected Tang Jinyu to have such a meticulous train of thought.

    ‘Also, does he know this bullet belongs to the anti-terrorists?’

    While the anti-terrorists’ senior officer did not say anything in response to Tang Jinyu’s statement, he gave an order to his subordinate. “Look around for the bullets nearby. Don’t miss a single trace of evidence!”

    At first, Jian Qi was still focused on looking for the bullet. When she heard what was being said, she felt a little depressed.

    ‘Can’t they just focus on putting the fire out?’

    When she saw the people moving on the other side, she too sped up her own process of searching.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu glanced at the corpse before walking a full circle around it. When he saw two bullets on the ground, he bent over and picked them up.

    Just as he was about to hand the bullets over to the anti-terrorist collecting bullets nearby, he suddenly froze.

    The two bullets were of different models, and he was quite familiar with one of them.

    Tang Jinyu’s hand suddenly tightened around the bullets.

    However, he very quickly relaxed his hand.

    As he looked at the anti-terrorist passing him by, he called out, “I have a bullet here!”

    When Tang Jinyu spoke, he handed the bullet over to the anti-terrorist.

    “Thank you,” The anti-terrorist said as he looked at the burned bullet in his hand.

    “You’re welcome,” Tang Jinyu answered calmly.

    Thereafter, he took another glance at the mercenary on the ground. Finally, his gaze landed upon Jian Qi who still seemed to be searching for something despite acting as if she was putting out the fire.

    As he did so, he clenched his left hand tightly. There was another bullet in it which he did not hand over to the anti-terrorists.

    When Tang Jinyu was staring at Jian Qi, he noticed that she possessed an unusual amount of physical and mental stamina as compared to the rest.

    It almost appeared as if she was incapable of experiencing fatigue.

    Although Jian Qi acted as if she was greatly invested in putting the fire out, one would know how serious she treated her work if one knew her well enough.

    Was she looking for the bullet in his hand?

    Therefore, she was lying earlier!

    If Tang Jinyu was not mistaken, she was the one who killed this mercenary with a single shot, and not the anti-terrorist she had mentioned.

    However, why did she lie about killing the mercenary?

    Killing mercenaries was the objective of their mission today. Since it was not something that put her in the wrong, why did she try to conceal the matter in such a way?