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Chapter 1037 - The Mo Family’s Character

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1037: The Mo Family’s Character

    Old Mr. Wen was having a game of chess with the butler in the Wen Family home.

    The orange and charcoal gray glass chess pieces faced each other at both ends of the Chu River and Han boundary.

    Old Mr. Wen focused on the chessboard while fiddling with the jade Qilin figurine in his hand, his glassy eyes full of menace.

    Butler Yu, who usually held a high position in the Wen Family and was polite, rule-abiding and respectful, seemed to have suddenly become a stern and shrewd expert when playing chess with Old Mr. Wen.

    Hanging his head low, Old Mr. Wen asked, “Why do you think Xinya suddenly joined the Wen Corporation’s board meeting as a shareholder?”

    He began to find it harder and harder to understand his granddaughter. Ever since she returned from Russia, he felt that she had become more domineering and murderous. She was no longer just confident, and he would probably be unable to tell what she was thinking unless she revealed them herself.

    Butler Yu said, “Missy probably has her own reasons for doing that. We’ll find out once the board meeting is over, won’t we?”

    Actually, he was rather curious about Wen Xinya’s purpose in joining the board meeting too.

    Old Mr. Wen said, “Those shareholders are smart and not to be trifled with. It’s Xinya’s first time joining the board meeting. I’m worried that they’ll give her a hard time. That will affect her position in the Wen Corporation greatly.”

    Although Wen Xinya had appeared during the Ai Shang product launch, the Wen Corporation’s shareholders might not give her any face. If her first meeting didn’t go well, it would be difficult for her to command their respect and secure her footing in the Wen Corporation.

    Besides, there was still Wen Haowen, who definitely wouldn’t allow Wen Xinya to steal the limelight. His greatest worry was that Wen Haowen would use his position as CEO to make things difficult for Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya’s actions were rather risky.

    Butler Yu smiled and said, “Missy has always been sensible and she acts appropriately too. Since she’s joined the board meeting, she definitely knows what to do.”

    He had never belittled Wen Xinya before. Although she was boorish and uncouth when Old Mr. Wen picked her up from an alley in the slums three years ago, he could see the pride, menace, and confidence in her eyes. He knew that she would definitely become outstanding if she was nurtured well.

    As a bystander, Butler Yu watched as the once elegant and noble Xia Ruya led herself astray while Wen Xinya gradually transformed from an uncouth and awful hooligan to a true heiress.

    Xia Ruya paled in comparison to her.

    Old Mr. Wen frowned without uttering a single word.

    Butler Yu chuckled and said, “You’ve already called the shareholders whom we’re closer to previously. Just leave the rest to Missy. I’m sure she can handle it.”

    He sounded firm and confident.

    Wen Xinya was ambitious and full of vigor. Even if she was stuck in an unfavorable predicament, she wouldn’t be in too bad of a state.

    Old Mr. Wen looked up at him and said, “You’re still as confident in her as usual.”

    When Old Mr. Wen first found Wen Xinya, he was extremely thrilled about it even though she grew up in a village. However, he did not expect that she would have such an awful past. He then began to hesitate because he would rather have an ordinary and mediocre granddaughter than a disgraceful one.

    But Butler Yu had influenced him to bring her home.

    Butler Yu remained silent while smiling.

    Feeling a little emotional, Old Mr. Wen said, “I remember you said that Xinya was uncouth and disgraceful but still proud and confident. You said that she possesses the Mo Family’s character and had room for nurturing and improvement.”

    He began to feel a little guilty for failing to be as brave as Butler Yu. Although he had heeded Butler Yu’s advice and brought Wen Xinya home, he did not actually put in the effort to teach and take her in hand wholeheartedly.

    He did not manage to see through Wen Xinya’s appearance and take a good look at her nature. Instead, he was blinded by her poor manners and boorish exterior. He was also preoccupied with wondering if she was a suitable candidate for the Wen Family’s heiress and the Wen Corporation’s successor. He was stuck in a dilemma and could not choose between blood ties and the effort that he had put into teaching Xia Ruya and caring for her for more than a decade.

    Fortunately, Old Mr. Mo was there to take Wen Xinya in hand. Otherwise, he dared not imagine what his only flesh and blood would become.

    Hence, he was extremely grateful to Old Mr. Mo.

    Butler Yu said smilingly, “It’s been so many years. I’m definitely better at judging people than you are.”

    Affinity mattered a lot when it came to forging ties with others. He had never once felt that Xia Ruya belonged to the Mo Family, unlike Wen Xinya, whom he found to resemble Mo Yunyao. Hence, he suddenly deduced that she would definitely make outstanding achievements in the future and so, decided to persuade Old Mr. Wen to bring her home. He also did not wish to see Mo Yunyao’s daughter continue to lead such a tough life.

    Fortunately, Old Mr. Wen gave in easily because of the guilt he felt towards Mo Yunyao.

    Old Mr. Wen exclaimed, “Yeah! It’s been so many years, and you’ve always been better at judging people. Xinya has been a good child.”

    Throughout the past few years, he realized that Old Mrs. Wen had failed to live up to his expectations, though it was lucky that she did not know much other than taking care of her husband and son.

    He had also pinned his hopes on his son, Wen Haowen, and even swallowed his pride to beg Mo Yunyao to marry him. Yet, he turned out to be a heartless jerk.

    He had given Xia Ruya all his love and affection. Even after Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family home, he was still rather biased towards Xia Ruya. Yet, she turned out to be conniving and vicious.

    Although he had never liked Ning Shuqian, he thought that she was sensible enough to know her place. However, it turned out that she was truly greedy and wicked.

    Meanwhile, Wen Xinya, the only person whom he despised back then, turned out to be completely different from what he had assumed.

    Butler Yu said, “Fortunately, Missy was taught by Old Mr. Mo.”

    The Wen Family would only end up ruining her, and she would only reach her fullest potential in the Mo Family home.

    Old Mr. Wen was not offended by Butler Yu’s words, for he thought the same. Wen Xinya was thoughtful and had inherited Mo Yunyao’s splendid genes and determination. The Wen Family would have ruined her since they did not treat her genuinely well.

    The two of them proceeded to focus on the game of chess.

    Old Mr. Wen exclaimed smilingly, “Checkmate!”

    Butler Yu lamented. “I’ve lost.”

    Old Mr. Wen said smugly, “It’s been so many years. I may be worse than you when it comes to judging people, but you’ve never defeated me at chess.”