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Chapter 327 - Could She Pretend to Know Nothing?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 327: Could She Pretend to Know Nothing?

    As the national competition was being broadcasted, the entire production crew was nervously watching the viewership ratings.

    After all, this was one of the best shows released this year. It was natural that they also hoped that the viewership ratings would be high.

    When the broadcast ended, it was time for the live stream to close.

    A few girls who were crying miserably just now stopped in an instant. When the production crew saw this, their mouths twitched.

    Of course, there were also a few who could not control their emotions. After it was over, Jin Mou and Su Cha immediately got up and went back to the dormitory.

    A small discussion started when they left.

    "How heartless. The girl who claimed to like Le Anqi did not react at all when she was eliminated. Maybe she was happy?"

    "Hey, isn't she just pretending to be that kind of person? For her character setup."

    "Look, since when has she and Jin Mou become very close? It's as if they don't want to be associated with us."

    "Wasn't Su Cha thick with Le Anqi just a while ago? Now she's with Jin Mou. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk…"

    All sorts of discussions entered Su Cha's hearing and she smiled slowly.

    It was all a farce.

    Only useless cowards would gossip about others behind their backs. These people would be eliminated sooner or later. Su Cha never wanted to argue with such people.

    That would be degrading.

    What she liked were simple and crude methods. She thought it would be best if this group of girls did not do anything to get them noticed. Everyone ought to be "happily" enduring until the competition ended.

    However, outside, they were not keeping quiet.


    Dai Xiaofu exited a cafe along the street. She could not hide the shock in her eyes.

    Then, she let out a sigh.

    She'd met the lady who was Miss Zuo's mother.

    Miss Zuo's father was busy, so Dai Xiaofu could only invite Mrs. Zuo.

    She still remembered how she'd lost her composure when she saw that face.

    It was too similar.

    She did not believe that this lady would not jump to conclusions if she saw hers.

    No one would be able to help it.

    However, Mrs. Zuo was another woman whom Dai Xiaofu almost did not dare to imagine. She was elegant, noble, and graceful. Her every move gave off the strong aura of someone from a wealthy family. Her beauty could make ordinary women feel inferior.

    She was so beautiful that people could not help but gasp in admiration. A pearl's beauty could be defeated compared to hers.

    Even Dai Xiaofu felt uneasy interacting with such a wife.

    But when she asked Mrs. Zuo if she had another daughter, she saw the woman lose her composure and deny it with a pale face.

    Actually, it was useless for her to deny it.

    Her loss of composure proved that there was something not truthful about her answer. She seemed to have been agitated. It was a civil conversation, but it ended in a few sentences.

    The other party's words left a deep impression on Dai Xiaofu. "Teacher Dai, we sent our child to you because we heard that you are famous in the Imperial Capital. Who knew that you would say such things? How could you say such nonsense? I won't let our child go to your class. I'm very disappointed in you."

    She had the right to be very disappointed.

    But Dai Xiaofu was not disappointed and did not care.

    She looked up and saw a screen in a nearby building playing . The girl being shown was Su Cha.

    Her eyes were as bright as the moon, and her feet seemed to be stepping on thousands of stars. She was the center of attention.

    She was so outstanding and stunning.

    When Su Cha was this outstanding, how could Mrs. Zuo still pretend that she knew nothing about her?