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Chapter 396 - Her Cover Was Falling Apar

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 396: Her Cover Was Falling Apart

    When Jian Qi sensed that someone was staring at her intensely from behind, she felt a chill on the nape of her neck.

    Jian Qi could not resist rubbing her neck.

    ‘Ehh… It’s all rainwater.’

    Finally, Jian Qi could no longer stop herself from turning around to see who was staring at her with such an oddly intense gaze.

    Indeed, her eyes met with Tang Jinyu’s eyes which seemed as deep as the ocean.

    Combined with the cold rainwater, his gaze felt unusually cool and shady.

    Jian Qi smiled at Tang Jinyu before she lifted her hands to form a heart-shaped gesture above her head.

    Crocodile, who just turned around, caught sight of what Jian Qi was doing and could not help as his mouth twitched.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, this isn’t just a daily proposal. You are practically proposing to him whenever you can!’

    After Jian Qi dropped her hands, she turned around and continued to exterminate the fire while hastily looking for the bullet.

    However, she stopped smiling as hard as she did before.

    Why was this man constantly staring at her?

    More importantly, she sensed something fear-inducing in his gaze despite the wide distance between the two of them.

    Could he have discovered something she did not know about?

    Jian Qi had always respected Tang Jinyu for his level of intelligence. Not only could he think on his feet, he paid close attention to detail almost to a frightening extent.

    Now that Tang Jinyu was staring at Jian Qi, she could not help but feel something bad was going to happen.

    With Tang Jinyu fixing his gaze on her, Jian Qi could not quite tell what he was thinking as she could not see his eyes very clearly.

    Meanwhile, the anti-terrorists were able to complete their search in the surrounding area for bullets on the ground due to their large numbers.

    Since Jian Qi was still unable to find anything after the fire had been put out, she felt a little depressed.

    Could the anti-terrorists have already found the bullet?

    Would she be forced to steal all the bullets away later?

    Jian Qi immediately negated her own thought after it occurred to her.

    After all, she had only just returned to the group. Tang Jinyu never once took his eyes off her.

    More importantly, he seemed to be very suspicious of her.

    Being stared at like this was giving her goosebumps.

    Could Tang Jinyu really have observed something about her?

    Jian Qi chuckled to herself as she pondered upon this possibility.

    Her cover was on the brink of falling apart.

    She could even sense that cracks were appearing.

    After the fire had been completely extinguished, some of the anti-terrorists stayed back to finish off the final tasks. Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu had requested that the Special Fire Team members gather and return to their base.

    Right then, Jian Qi was feeling a little annoyed. Not being able to locate the bullet posed a huge risk.

    Although she could try to hide the truth, she was certain that Tang Jinyu would be able to tell that she was lying very quickly.

    Therefore, Jian Qi still thought it was best to wait until they returned to the base before sneaking into the anti-terrorists’ zone to steal all the bullets.

    After making up her mind, Jian Qi sighed in relief.

    Once the anti-terrorists’ senior officer observed that everyone on the Special Fire Team had left, he frowned and turned around to look at Norman. “Come with me for a moment.”

    Norman frowned subconsciously before quickly concealing his expression.

    When the two arrived at the roof of a building not far away, they were coincidentally able to have a full view of the aftermaths of the fire.

    The entire scene seemed even more disastrous with the pouring rain.

    “Apart from you, was there anyone else who witnessed the death of that mercenary tonight?” The anti-terrorists’ senior officer asked.

    Norman’s heart thudded. He was aware that this was a covert operation. If the senior officer found out that someone else witnessed what happened, coupled with the fact that Norman struck a deal with that person, Norman would undoubtedly be in deep trouble.

    However, Norman very quickly calmed himself down.

    Based on Norman’s understanding of the senior officer, the latter must not have known anything if he asked such a question.

    Norman would have to make a bet on it now!