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Chapter 601 - We Must Find Wulin!

Medical Master
     Chapter 601 We Must Find Wulin!

    Fang Qiu frowned and asked, “Organization? What organization?”

    “Ha-ha…” Liang Sheng raised his head and laughed. His mouth was filled with blood, which gave him a crazed look.

    Fang Qiu’s eyes narrowed.

    Stretching out his right hand, Fang Qiu grabbed Liang Sheng by the neck and said in a cold voice, “If you don’t want to die, tell me right now!”

    Liang Sheng was stunned for a moment, then suddenly smiled and said, “Die? It’s good to die. I’ll no longer feel any pain. I can wake up from my dream.”

    As he spoke, “Bang!”

    Suddenly, there was an explosion.

    Liang Sheng’s heart suddenly exploded as if he had been hit by a bullet. A finger-sized hole appeared on his chest and blood instantly spurted out.

    At the same time, the smile on Liang Sheng’s face froze. The light in his eyes dimmed. His whole body went limp. He collapsed to the ground, losing his vitality.

    Fang Qiu released his hand and was speechless as he looked at the corpse.

    Liang Sheng was a rare eighth-class expert with two opened meridians in Wulin. How could he use such an evil method to enhance his strength in an instant?

    Why did he choose to commit suicide when he had a chance to live?

    What did he mean by his last words?

    “It’s good to die?”

    Fang Qiu had been planning to kill this wicked man all the time. However, before he could do it, the man killed himself, leaving some incomprehensible information before he died.

    The organization could control an eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians. What kind of organization was that?

    Were all the people in this organization as addicted to killing as Liang Sheng?

    Were all the people in this organization so evil?

    Why did Liang Sheng say that this organization would convert people?

    Would the converted people kill the others?

    The more Fang Qiu thought about it, the more frightened he became.

    He had a vague feeling that the organization Liang Sheng mentioned was an extremely evil one.

    If there was really such an organization, what would the world turn into?

    “It seems that I should pay more attention to it in the future.”

    Fang Qiu took a deep breath.

    Then, he began to examine Liang Sheng’s body.

    After a careful examination, Fang Qiu found that Liang Sheng did not bring anything with him. The wound in his hand was still there. Judging from the curve of his palm bones, Fang Qiu reckoned that the blood bead might have been in his palm for many years. But he did not know what the blood bead was for now.

    In addition, Fang Qiu found that not only were his meridians broken, but all the veins in Liang Sheng’s body had been cut. Liang Sheng seemed to have severed them himself and committed suicide in this way.

    “Alas.” Fang Qiu let out a sigh and stood up.

    He waved his right hand.

    The yellow sand on the ground immediately swallowed up Liang Sheng’s body.

    Nothing could be seen.

    At least, Liang Sheng and the giant scorpion were dead. In future, there would be no more deaths in this large area, which was good news for Fang Qiu.

    He turned around and went back.

    After flying for a while, Fang Qiu came across the group of people obsessed with super-natural powers, again. At this moment, three of their cars had stalled under a high sand dune. The tires of all three cars were buried in quicksand. Although the flowing speed of the quicksand was slow, the cars would completely be buried by the yellow sand if they did not do anything about it.

    “It’s over. The boards in my car have all sunk in the sand. If the wheels can’t be supported by the boards, the car can’t get out at all!”

    The driver of the first car looked at his off-road vehicle in a panic-stricken manner.

    The co-driver said, “Why don’t we push it again?”


    The driver of the first car shook his head immediately and said, “No way! Just now, we almost fell into it when we tried pushing the car. This dune is like a swamp. Pushing the car will only make us fall more rapidly into it. Not only will the car be gone, but all of us will be gone too.”

    Everyone present could not help but laugh wryly.

    This was what this dune was like.

    Therefore, they could only stand outside the sunken area and watch the car sinking, bit by bit.

    Earlier, one of them got in the car to try and start the car by using wooden boards to support the wheels so that they could get the car out. However, as soon as he got in, the car dropped even more rapidly into the sand.

    They were afraid that the car would sink and bring them along with it, so they could only come out quickly and jump into the safety area.

    “It’s over. The car has sunk. How can we go back?”

    “We’re still dozens of kilometers away from the highway. Without the GPS in the car and the phone’s signal, we can’t even find the direction. I’m afraid we’ll die of thirst before we can get out of the desert.”

    “Whose mobile phone has a signal now? Make a call quickly.”

    “Yes, hurry up and take a look. If there’s a signal, send our location to your friend on WeChat right away!”

    Everyone panicked.

    However, no matter how hard they tried, the phones still had no signal. They could not even make an emergency call, let alone there being no signal.

    A deep sense of despair overwhelmed each of them.

    At this very moment, “Swoosh!”

    The sound of a gust of wind was heard, but no one felt the wind.

    The driver of the first car immediately looked up.

    On the top of the sand dune in front of him, a figure suddenly appeared. Behind this figure was the blazing sun. With the sunlight as the backdrop, this figure looked quite dignified.

    “Is it the master?”

    Under the scorching sun, the driver squinted and looked at the man on the sand dune. He was suddenly stunned and then immediately his sadness turned into joy. He exclaimed, “It’s the master! The master is here!”

    The others turned their heads to look when they heard what he said.

    As soon as they saw Fang Qiu, they immediately exclaimed.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu had taken in their situation at a glance.

    “Smack!” He stamped his foot.

    The ground immediately shook and the yellow sand that was continuously sinking, suddenly bubbled up like boiling water.

    Under these circumstances, the three cars, which had been half-buried, were ejected from the dune at an extremely fast speed.

    In the end, when all the three cars were out of the pit, the quicksand in the sunken area stopped sinking. The whole area became flat.


    “It’s amazing.”

    “Oh my god, it’s a miracle!”

    “I’m too shocked to say anything.”

    Everyone exclaimed.

    “Thank you, thank you, master.”

    “Thank you, master.”

    “The King of Sand, you’re my idol.”

    “You are the king of the desert. You are Gaara!”

    After the extreme shock, everyone started thanking Fang Qiu.

    However, Fang Qiu turned around directly and left quickly.

    “He’s so powerful.”

    “That’s right.”

    “Does Wulin really exist?”

    “If it’s true, I must try to study it. I must learn more about Wulin.”

    “What kind of ability is that? It’s so powerful. He can move mountains and fill seas with one move. It’s invincible!”

    “Yes, I remember that the sunken area was formed because there was an underground river in the desert. If you want to turn it into a normal area that allows people to walk on it, you can either block the entrance of the underground river or fill the river. The master was able to change the sunken area, which means that he can move mountains and fill up the seas?”

    “When I go back today, I must look for Wulin.”

    “The martial arts world of Huaxia is real. I’m so excited.”

    “It turns out that the supernatural power is Huaxia martial arts.”

    “We’ve finally found it. It’s a gate that leads to supernatural energy!”

    Exclamations of envy and jealousy were heard from the crowd.

    As they spoke, this group of people seemed unable to wait to go back and study Wulin. They got in the cars and drove away quickly.

    In the distance, Fang Qiu stood behind a sand dune.

    He secretly observed the cars and found that the group of people were getting closer and closer to the high road. After making sure there was no danger around and on the road, he quietly left.

    He returned the same way he came.

    In the blink of an eye, Fang Qiu flew all the way. There was no one around. He flew directly past the first space where the haloxylon ammondendron was and went to the second site where the haloxylon ammondendron was.

    This place was obviously much smaller than the first space with haloxylon ammondendron.

    There were very few haloxylon ammondendron around. The distance between each tree was also quite wide.

    It looked much more desolate than the first space.

    “How can Earth Treasures grow in such a place?”

    Fang Qiu was confused.

    The purpose of his return to this place was to find out why there were Fairy Desert Cistanche in this area.

    Standing at the cultivation area of the Fairy Desert Cistanche, Fang Qiu looked around.

    After looking around, he immediately found a particularly strange problem.

    Because of the parasitic relationship, Desert Cistanche could be found almost anywhere in the desert where there were haloxylon ammondendrons. Although they were relatively rare, in general, the proportion of Desert Cistanche and haloxylon ammondendron trees was still one to one.

    But right now, there were at least a dozen of haloxylon ammondendron trees in this forest.

    But when he looked around, he found that these trees were not parasitized by Desert Cistanche.

    Except for the Fairy Desert Cistanche, there were no ordinary Desert Cistanche around!

    “It’s strange.” A thought came to Fang Qiu’s mind, so he immediately flew up.

    After soaring to a height of five to six meters, he looked into the distance for a long time.

    It was not only in the area in front of him, but within a kilometer around him, there were no ordinary Desert Cistanche. Even if there were several haloxylon ammondendron trees in other places, there were no parasitic Desert Cistanches at all!

    However, there were Desert Cistanches under the haloxylon ammondendron trees a kilometer away. There were Desert Cistanches everywhere, regardless of whether it was in large numbers or in several trees!

    “That’s weird.”

    “Why is that?”

    Fang Qiu was even more confused.

    If the Desert Cistanche could not grow in this area, then why would there be a Fairy Desert Cistanche here?

    “Is it because of the Fairy Desert Cistanche that the Desert Cistanche can’t grow within one kilometer?”

    Since Fang Qiu really could not figure it out, he could only attribute this questionable point to the Fairy Desert Cistanche. Just like the king of the forest had his own territory, the king of Desert Cistanche should also have its own territory.

    Of course, Fang Qiu did not know if this explanation was right or not.

    He continued searching.

    “How is it that Heaven and Earth Treasures can be grown?”

    Before this, Fang Qiu had never thought about this question. He always thought that Heaven and Earth Treasures were a gift given by heaven and earth and there were no rules to follow.

    But in order to make the perfect medicine he wanted, he had to think about this problem carefully.

    He was searching while he was thinking.

    Eventually, he searched the entire area, but still could not find anything.