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Chapter 328 - Imperial Mu Jewelry

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 328: Imperial Mu Jewelry

    Dreams in Progress had won the first round.

    It did not beat the record for this year's television station ratings, but it was not a bad start.

    At the same time, this viewership count was the highest. As soon as the news came out, the contestants were ecstatic.

    And they couldn't be anything but. Because as long as a contestant had a Weibo account, their followers began to increase at an unbelievable rate as soon as the show was broadcasted yesterday. Likewise, the number of comments and likes on their posts started to increase and their fan support groups began to grow steadily. After becoming famous, who would be unhappy?

    However, the reason why "popular" contestants were called as such was that the magnitude of their rise in fame after one episode was different from those of the other contestants.

    Other than Su Cha and Jin Mou, who did not open a Weibo account, the number of fans of the Imperial Capital division contestants started to surpass 200,000 after the competition started. The other contestants had only gained tens of thousands of followers.

    After all, the show had just started, and there were too many contestants. The audience would not be able to keep up with all of them right now, but the more the competition progressed, the fewer contestants there would be and the faster the fanbase of the remaining ones would rise.

    Su Cha had Weibo, but her Weibo account named S was being used to deal with embroidery videos.

    After Su Cha got out of bed and sat down for breakfast, the production crew sent someone to tell her about Weibo. They wanted her to open an account and interact with her fans.

    This was a necessary part of the contest, so Su Cha did not refuse.

    She first opened a Weibo account, then, after the verification process, she posted a simple greeting.

    Su Cha Official: Hello, everyone. I am Su Cha, a contestant in Dreams in Progress. I am cute.

    Following the production crew's request, Su Cha had also added two cute emojis.

    Although it was not her style, she had to follow the requirements since it was still the early stage.

    After uploading the post, she turned off all notifications and left Weibo.

    Upon having breakfast, she returned to the dormitory. She saw that Jin Mou seemed to have woken up, but she was in the bathroom, talking on the phone softly.

    Su Cha went to get her things and heard Jin Mou's voice. "Quit the competition? Brother, have you lost your mind?"

    Su Cha paused when she heard the word "quit."

    She had been on her way out already as she did not want to eavesdrop.

    But she did not expect to hear the word "quit" from Jin Mou, which seemed to have been an echo of what her brother had said.

    Thinking of the phone call, Su Cha frowned. Could it be that Jin Mou's personal safety could not be guaranteed?

    Before she went out, she heard Jin Mou say, "It has already reached this stage? Brother, tell me honestly, did you offend someone…?"

    After the door was closed, Su Cha walked away and saw one of the program's directors rushing over to her with a shocked expression. "Su Cha, when did you get to know the director of Imperial Mu Jewelry?"

    Su Cha frowned slightly. "Director of Imperial Mu Jewelry? What do you mean?"

    The director was so excited that he wanted to shake Su Cha's hand. "You are such an enviable person. Imperial Mu Jewelry's official Weibo has been paying attention to you. Tell me, how did you manage to hook up with that brand!"

    Su Cha: "…"

    She knew about the basic things, but she did not know what Imperial Mu Jewelry was.

    She logged into her Weibo account and saw that within a few minutes, her post had blown up.

    It was impossible for her to become popular to that degree. Thinking of what the director had said, Su Cha had realized that something had probably happened on her Weibo.

    As she was looking at her Weibo account, she saw a private message pop up.

    Imperial Mu Jewelry Official private message: "Miss Su, the young master wants us to greet you."