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Chapter 397 - The Bullets are All Gone

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 397: The Bullets are All Gone

    Norman began speaking in a serious tone. “No. I was alone at the time. Since the mercenary was going to press the detonation button, I shot and killed him directly.”

    “I was about to examine the item when I heard the ticking sound of the time-bomb. I had no choice but to toss the item away.”

    “I’m sorry I could not complete the mission,” Norman answered.

    The man studied Norman carefully as if he was debating with himself whether Norman was telling the truth.

    Meanwhile, Norman showed a serious facial expression and did not try to avoid the man’s gaze.

    After a moment, the man spoke, “I have already received news that the item in the box which exploded is fake. Therefore, you didn’t exactly fail the mission.”

    Norman frowned slightly. ‘Received news?’

    When was the news received? Was it before or after the bomb detonated?

    “Your mission continues on. Find that item and bring it back. Moreover, this is a highly coveted operation. You must not let anyone else find out.”

    The man’s face became serious when he thought of all the bullets that were being collected. “As for those bullets, I will take care of them. Get the job on your end done as soon as possible.”

    “Yes.” Norman nodded.

    As Norman watched the man leave, his eyes became somewhat gloomier.

    After a while, he finally sighed in relief.

    It seemed like the man had believed what Norman said.

    Regardless, Norman must not allow this man to find out what really happened.

    Since the red-haired woman’s corpse was not found in the area, it seemed like there was a higher probability that had she survived.

    Norman could only hope that the lady would come to her senses and stop getting herself involved in this ordeal.

    Otherwise, even if she was fortunate enough to survive this incident, she might not be able to live through the next one.


    By the time everyone returned to the temporary base, it was already close to dawn.

    The rain, which had been going on the entire night, gradually began to stop.

    After concluding the mission, Tang Jinyu spoke yet again. “Everyone, rest for a few hours. We will return home soon.”

    Right then, everyone was still soaked in water. After they got changed, they proceeded to rest.

    When Tang Jinyu saw everyone else heading off to bed, he walked out of the tent.

    After taking a glance at the small tent next to him, he retracted his gaze before turning around and leaving.

    Meanwhile, inside the small tent, Jian Qi slowly opened her eyes and peeked out of the tent.

    ‘What is up with this guy?’

    ‘Why isn’t he resting? Why did he go out?’

    Just as Tang Jinyu left the tent, he noticed the gradual arrival of the anti-terrorists.

    Tang Jinyu’s gaze ultimately landed upon the anti-terrorists’ senior officer. When Tang Jinyu saw that the man did not seem to be in a good mood, Tang Jinyu approached him.

    “Mr. Steve, did something happen?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    The man frowned. “We were unable to sort out the bullets collected earlier in time. The car transporting it was involved in an accident on its way back. All of the evidence has been destroyed!”

    Tang Jinyu was silent for a moment. ‘Are all the bullets gone?’

    ‘That really is a surprise!’

    “Did anyone get hurt?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “Fortunately, nobody was hurt!” Steve shook his head.

    Tang Jinyu’s mouth twitched. “That’s good… However, the accident that happened today really is surprising!”

    Steve frowned a little. “What are you trying to say, Mr. Tang?”

    “Nothing. I just feel that the explosion which happened today was not as simple as it seemed!” Tang Jinyu looked at Steve blankly.

    Meanwhile, Steve’s eyes narrowed. “Mr. Tang, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your cooperation this time around. I hope we can continue working together in the future. I still have some wrapping up to do. I’ll be getting back to work now,” Steve said with a serious expression on his face.

    Tang Jinyu nodded slightly without saying a word.

    After Steve left, he gave the subordinate next to him an order. “Before he leaves, make sure you keep an eye on him!”