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Chapter 380 - We Are Starting Over (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 380: We Are Starting Over (2)

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    As Yun Rou spoke on, bliss gradually filled her face. "Come to think of it, Yu and I would be married by now if I hadn't left him back then. We might even have children of our own. Fortunately, it still isn't too late for that to happen now.

    Xu Weilai, if Gu Yu loved you and was happy in his current marriage, I would be more than willing to wish him well and be happy for him. Since he doesn't love you, however, he isn't happy now! You're not the wife he wants either…

    You were right. The one with the last laugh is the winner. But that person will be me, not you."

    Yun Rou glanced at Xu Weilai clenching her fists so tightly that the veins on the back of her hands were protruding. Unhurriedly, she concluded her message, "Xu Weilai, Yu and I are intending to start over. If I were you, I would retain my last bit of dignity and initiate a divorce on my own. Otherwise, you had your engagement called off three years ago; don't you want to be divorced this time around too?"

    Not everything that Yun Rou had uttered previously had been completely successful in provoking Xu Weilai. However, that last statement tore her heart to shreds.

    Gu Yu's unexplained abandonment of her three years ago was a knot in her heart that she was unable to get past. Xu Weilai's face slowly drained of its color.

    Despite being overseas the entire time, Yun Rou knew everything about her and Gu Yu like the back of her hand. That could only mean that everything had been conveyed to her by Gu Yu himself.

    Starting over… They were starting over…

    Gu Yu had already married her, but he had told Yun Rou that they were starting over?

    In other words, he had been unable to let go of Yun Rou after all this time. Even though Yun Rou had returned the ring to him, he had continued to treasure it. Was he intending to propose to Yun Rou after ending his marriage with her?

    Had his kind treatment of her and his recent concern for her been solely because she had shielded him from the knife with her body?

    Yun Rou picked up her coffee and sipped it leisurely, giving Xu Weilai all the time she needed to digest the information.

    She watched as Xu Weilai's expression grew increasingly anguished—to the point that Xu Weilai's body was beginning to tremble, and she placed her coffee cup down. She wiped the corners of her lips with a napkin and said, "Xu Weilai, you've been so insistent about returning Gu Yu his billion before making a clean break with him. I'll let you retain your dignity by saying this: that billion will be a gift from me!

    Treat it as my compensation to you. After all, it must have been a horrible feeling for you to be sandwiched between Gu Yu and me as a pawn all these years."


    Xu Weilai suddenly burst out laughing. "Have you any idea what the laws of marriage are?"

    She tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes at Yun Rou. With a sneer, she said, "A billion? Do you have any idea what I'm worth now? My marriage with Gu Yu was certified officially, so it's protected by the law! Not only does he belong to me, but even his money is also mine! And you're trying to squash me with a billion? Are you dreaming?"

    Xu Weilai suppressed all her emotions and raised her chin coldly. "Yun Rou, if you want to start over with Gu Yu, you can either do so as his mistress whose face can never be seen in public, or you can get down on your knees to beg me for the position!"

    "…You!" Yun Rou was completely incensed by Xu Weilai's unexpected reaction. Her expression became even uglier than Xu Weilai's moments before.


    When Xu Weilai left, she sat in her car and her carefully-maintained façade crumbled. Burying her face in her hands, she sobbed as tears streamed out of her eyes and between her fingers.

    If she didn't love Gu Yu so deeply, she would never have been affected by Yun Rou's words. Unfortunately, she couldn't suppress the unbearable pain currently taking over her heart!


    Gu Yu was busy in the office for three days and three nights, barely closing his eyes in between. He finally signed his signature on an extremely important development project and without even taking a short break, he dialed Xu Weilai's number. However, no one answered.

    With a frown, he called the apartment's phone line. Mrs. Lin answered the call and said hesitantly, "Young Mistress seems to have…"