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Chapter 381 - Young Mistress Has Disappeared (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 381: Young Mistress Has Disappeared (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio¬†¬†Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Yu sensed that something was amiss. His gaze turned dark as he said impatiently, "Get on with it!"

    Mrs. Lin stopped wasting time and quickly said what she wanted to say, "Young mistress seems to have disappeared!"


    "What do you mean by disappeared?" Gu Yu's voice turned low, the tone in his voice putting Mrs. Lin in a ton of pressure.

    Even though she was using a phone, Mrs. Lin still felt a chill down her spine. She hurriedly explained, "Three days ago, young mistress told me that she would be going out for work to do a simple interview. However, after that, she never came back... At first, I thought that Young Mistress was busy with her work so she didn't come back. But, when I gave her a call, no one answered. In the past, Young Mistress will always inform me if she needed to leave for work. Yet, there was no news from her even after three days..."

    For the first two days, Mrs. Lin didn't pay too much attention to this issue. Xu Weilai was an adult so she would have things she needed to do. Normally, nothing would happen. Mrs. Lin only felt that something was off when Xu Weilai didn't answer her phone.

    "That's why I'm not sure why Young Mistress didn't pick up her phone. Either it was inconvenient for her, or something must've happened to her. Young Master, even if you don't call back, I was planning to give you a call."

    Three days without any news...

    Wasn't it the day after that night when she suddenly acted cold towards him for no reason?

    "Okay, I understand."

    Gu Yu hung up the call and once again dialed Xu Weilai's number. Just like the previous time, no one answered the call and the phone hung up automatically.

    If Xu Weilai disappeared for three days because of work, she had no reason to not answer her phone. Since she was doing a simple interview, she didn't need to dig for pieces of news.

    As for the other reason...

    Gu Yu opened his contact list and called Xiao Chun only for her to tell him that Xu Weilai never contacted her. He dialed Gu Xue's number as well, but Gu Xue said that Xu Weilai didn't call her either. Gu Xue even wanted to gossip about what happened, but Gu Yu hung up without a second word.

    Xiao Chun and Gu Xue were the only ones closer to Xu Weilai than Gu Yu. If she didn't contact them, then that meant she wouldn't contact her other lady friends.

    Gu Yu lightly tapped on the table with his long fingers. He furrowed his brows and pondered for a moment. Then, he took his phone and called Xu residence.

    Mrs. Xu picked up the call. She was elated when she heard Gu Yu's voice. "Yu, how have you been? It has been a while since you came to visit us. Take care of your health..."

    Gu Yu greeted Mrs. Xu out of politeness before interrupting her words of concern. After some contemplation, He asked, "Did Weilai go back to the Xu residence during the past few days?"

    "Ah, Weilai!" Mrs. Xu thought for a moment. "I think she came back three days ago."

    It sounded as if she turned her head to ask the maids behind her. Her voice sounded a little faint. After the clarification, she firmly told Gu Yu, "Yes, Weilai came back in the afternoon three days ago. I wasn't home at that time. The maids told me she went back to her room after she came back, but she didn't stay for long. She left quickly."

    As she spoke, Mrs. Xu realized that something was wrong. She probed, "Yu, why are you asking about this? Did Weilai do something that made you unhappy? You can tell me, so I will reprimand her..."

    Gu Yu furiously stopped her in a deep voice, "No."

    Mrs. Xu's heart shuddered when she heard the angry shout. She instantly shut up.

    Gu Yu took a deep breath to suppress his anger. Then, he continued calmly, "Mother-in-law, please let me know if Weilai comes back, but don't reprimand her. She may be your daughter, but now she's also my wife!"