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Chapter 371 - Crazy

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 371: Crazy

    Colonel Lin and the doctors looked at the bullets with the same expression. He recognized immediately that they were of the same make as the enemy’s guns.

    Right now, a nineteen-year old girl was standing confidently and asked him to bet his leg on her abilities.

    “Alright! Losing my leg is the worst that could happen, what else do I have to lose?” Colonel Lin replied swiftly. He did not hesitate after seeing Jiang Yao’s confidence.

    “Please reconsider, Colonel Lin! This is not just about your leg; your life is at stake as well!” The head surgeon was frantically trying to persuade Colonel Lin to change his mind. To him, Jiang Yao was a maniac while Colonel Lin was a retard.

    Seeing that Colonel Lin had agreed to her proposal, Jiang Yao ignored the doctors and what they had to say.

    She walked out of the room and called out, “Weiqi, Xuyao, can you please help me escort the doctors and nurses out? I will be handling Colonel Lin’s surgery!”

    “Aye, coming right in!” Zhou Weiqi walked in and motioned for the occupants to leave. “Please.”

    “Crazy! Insane! You have all lost your minds!” The head surgeon left in anger.

    The rest left immediately, not wanting to be escorted out by Zhou Weiqi himself.

    “Jiang Yao, we will be waiting outside!” Zhou Weiqi was pleasantly surprised at the obedience of the surgery team, he smiled at Jiang Yao, trying to be a little cheeky.

    “Thank you! Do not allow anyone in before I leave the room! Even if the sky comes crashing down, nobody can enter! I need an extremely quiet environment to focus on my operation.” Jiang Yao quickly locked the door after Zhou Weiqi had left.

    Returning to the operating table, Jiang Yao lifted the syringe, preparing to anaesthetize Colonel Lin.

    “Jiang Yao, if anything happens to me, please take care of my wife and my kid…”

    “Colonel Lin, this is not the time for your last wishes yet. I will not let you die.” Jiang Yao smiled gently, her confidence burying her exhaustion. “Do you know how bad Xingzhi’s injuries are? Everyone gave up on him, but not me. I kept him alive, and I will do the same for you, especially with such a minor injury you have here.”

    Colonel Lin, silenced by Jiang Yao’s taunt, could not believe that the quiet and polite little girl was capable of such savagery.

    Jiang Yao was not someone ordinary. His injury was horrendous and severe but it became a minor scratch when it came to Jiang Yao.

    Without saying anything else, Jiang Yao injected the anaesthesia into Colonel Lin, and he slid into a slumber.