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Chapter 373 - Please Don’t Blame Me

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 373: Please Don’t Blame Me

    With today’s medical advancements, it was impossible to heal and fix the fractured knee cap.

    Colonel Lin’s surgery was extremely complicated, even more so than Lu Xingzhi’s surgery. For a long time, Jiang Yao lay exhausted on the floor after completing it.

    “How long did the operation take?” After some rest, she managed to regain a tiny sliver of her energy and propped herself up. Her clothes were completely drenched with sweat, an evidence of the effort she put in.

    “A little over six hours.” The System Admin replied politely.

    “That’s almost a half-day!” Jiang Yao exhaled. “Send Colonel Lin out of the Medical System, I want to check how my husband is doing.”

    After checking on Lu Xingzhi and seeing that his breathing had normalized, Jiang Yao logged out of the Medical System.

    Time passed excruciatingly slow for the people waiting outside the operating room. A six-hour wait was nothing but slow torment and unending suffering.

    Many times, Miss Lin wanted to barge in and “save his brother” but was thwarted each time by Zhou Weiqi. In the end, Gu Haoyu had people escort the maniacal and annoying lady out of the hospital.

    When Mrs. Lin woke up, she silently waited at the doors of the operating room. After knowing that the person operating on her husband was Jiang Yao, no more words escaped her mouth. She sat down staring at the doors in a daze.

    Her expression was grim, but not the anger portrayed by people describing Jiang Yao’s foolishness. She trusted her husband’s decision, knowing he was the one that agreed to it.

    For what seemed like an eternity later, the doors were pushed open. Jiang Yao was wearing a mask, concealing her emotions but her bloodshot eyes were for everyone to see.

    Two operations back-to-back took her almost nine hours to complete. Not even the doctors in the hospital would be able to handle the exhaustion. Jiang Yao took it all in her stride, to the worries of Lu Xingzhi’s buddies.

    “Inform the hospital, have the nurse send Colonel Lin to a sterilized emergency care unit with 24-hour care. Make sure to not touch his left leg on his way to the ward.” Jiang Yao’s weak body trembled. She leaned on the door for support and took off her mask. Looking at Mrs. Lin, she said, “Mrs. Lin, your husband’s leg has been saved, don’t worry! Once he is completely healed, he can carry you on his back and climb the Great Wall with no problem!”

    Tears streamed down Mrs. Lin’s face. “Thank you so much, Jiang Yao.”

    “No problem at all, just please don’t blame me on my rash and foolish actions.” Jiang Yao smiled. She waved at Zhou Weiqi and urged, “Come and get me, I don’t think I can stand any longer.”

    Heavily fatigued and sapped of all her energy, she just wanted to lie down, curl herself into a ball and sleep. Even then, for all her hardships endured, it was worth every one of them.

    “Aye, coming right over!” Zhou Weiqi went over and steadied Jiang Yao. He asked, “Where is Brother Lu?”

    Jiang Yao wanted to leave Lu Xingzhi in the Medical System a little while longer, but no explanation would suffice if the others were to find out.

    “I’ll go in and have a look. Have people arrange a sterilized emergency care unit for your Brother Lu as well.”