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Chapter 375 - No Real Danger

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 375: No Real Danger

    Jiang Yao was in no condition to drive right now, so the car that she drove over was left at the hospital. Instead, Zhou Weiqi drove his new car and sent Jiang Yao back.

    Completing high-complexity operations that took more than nine hours, Jiang Yao’s fatigue was genuine. If not for that, she would have stayed back with Lu Xingzhi.

    Unfortunately, she was not in the best condition. For the sake of her wellbeing, she chose to go back and rest for the afternoon before returning to the hospital after dinner.

    On their way home, Zhou Weiqi saw Jiang Yao slumped over in the passenger seat, sound asleep. When they arrived, he tried waking her up but to no avail. His heart ached looking at her frail state.

    This was Jiang Yao. Facing an enormous adversity, she did not break down and cry. When everyone else gave up on his own Brother Lu, she did not and kept going on.

    Already exhausted after the operation, she came out to hear Miss Lin’s horrible words. Her subsequent action stunned everyone, nobody else dared to utter a sound. Even after that, she still had to soldier on and complete Colonel Lin’s operation alone despite the doctors’ questioning and ridicule.

    There were only a few women in the world whom Zhou Weiqi admired, one being his mother.

    The other one was Jiang Yao. Right now, his admiration for her was not less than his admiration for his Brother Lu.

    He lit a cigarette and started smoking. Seeing that the passenger was still sound asleep, he knew for sure that it would not be easy waking her up.

    A brief thought later, he opened the door, stooped down, and picked her up. He carefully carried her up the stairs.

    Carrying Jiang Yao, Zhou Weiqi could not believe how thin she was. It felt like he was carrying a child, lightweight and easy. He muttered to himself, when Brother Lu woke up, he needed to remind him to feed her more.

    After making sure that Jiang Yao was settled down, Zhou Weiqi returned to the hospital. The Liang family, including Grandmother Liang, was already there.

    She sat on a wheelchair pushed by Liang Yuekai. Old General Liang stood by her side, holding her hand. Everyone knew that they were best pals ever since they were young, and never quarreled even after so many years of marriage.

    Old General Liang was dressed in a pair of white patient gown, evidence of his visit here for his check-up.

    “Old General Liang, how are you feeling?” Zhou Weiqi walked toward him swiftly.

    “I am doing extremely well for an old man! They were worried and insisted that I come here.” Old General Liang laughed. “You all must have been really worried this time.”

    “Isn’t that right? Grandmother Liang was worried sick!” Zhou Weiqi nodded. “Anyway, thank goodness that everyone is now well and alive!”