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Chapter 329 - Suffering

The Queen of Everything
     Imperial Mu Jewelry?

    Seeing the puzzled look in Su Cha's eyes, the director could not help but grab her shoulders and shake her awake. "It's the very famous Di Mu Group. The Di Mu Group is a corporation that operates real estate, jewelry, food, and even large-scale product manufacturing. Di Mu Jewelry may just be one of their brands, but it's also a famous international brand. It's a landmark brand similar to Armani and Chanel…"

    Upon seeing Su Cha's expression, he did not dare to continue shaking her.

    But even now, the director's tone was full of admiration. "It's actually a very wealthy group…"

    Imperial Mu?

    Su Cha squinted. Mu?

    The one who sent the private message said that the young master wanted them to greet her, so the answer was obvious.

    It was Bo Muyi.

    Su Cha had never asked Bo Muyi about his work. She did not know what the Bo family was doing, but it seemed that they were much more powerful than she had imagined.

    With just a few words from the director, it now seemed to Su Cha that Bo Muyi's background was strong beyond her imagination.

    Seeing the director's enthusiastic gaze, Su Cha knew that Imperial Mu Jewelry had really become her follower. She said casually, "Maybe they just got the wrong person."

    The director looked at her as if he was coaxing her. "Sister, it's only been a few minutes since you joined. Even if Imperial Mu Jewelry got the wrong person, it shouldn't have been you."

    Su Cha put down her phone and looked at the director with a faint smile. "I don't know what's going on either. Maybe they just randomly followed me. Don't think too much."

    Even if she had something to do with Imperial Mu Jewelry, wasn't it just because their young master was her boyfriend?

    She could not say that right now.

    The director was obviously not deceived by this reason, but seeing Su Cha's expression, he could not probe further. He could only say, "Alright, but many people are also following you now because of this matter. Be careful."

    The director had good intentions, but he could not control his gossipy heart.

    After all, this matter was neither big nor small.

    Imperial Mu Jewelry not only had many fans, but it also represented a brand.

    This company used an English name internationally, and it was well-known in the entire international market.

    It was said to be the English name of the founder of the Imperial Mu Group. Just like the founders of many luxury brands, they did not use English names back in the day. It was only 25 years ago that they officially renamed it the Imperial Mu Group.

    To this day, Imperial Mu was one of the best brands in China. National product brands were not popular overseas, but Imperial Mu was the exception, managing to break into the international market.

    This was all the information that Su Cha could obtain from Baidu. It was 25 years ago when Bo Muyi was born.

    Was the company's name changed to Imperial Mu Group because of the child's birth?

    The founder should be his grandfather. From this, it could be seen that Bo Muyi was really a spoiled child. The huge corporation became even more famous because of his birth, but he was such a delicate person who had suffered quite a bit because of her.

    Su Cha now understood Bo Muyi's strange temper.

    If she had ignored him at that time, she might not have had a good ending.

    It would have been too easy to deal with her.

    But Bo Muyi loved her so much that he did not want to hurt her. He had swallowed all his grievances.