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Chapter 1039 - Sparking a Public Outrage

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1039: Sparking a Public Outrage

    There were still five minutes to go until the board meeting began.

    Wen Haowen entered the conference room with his file while Secretary He followed closely behind.

    The shareholders and directors were greeting each other in the conference room. However, they were not too boisterous and only shot Wen Haowen a casual glance when he entered. They then continued to talk and gossip amongst themselves, completely disregarding Wen Haowen.

    Wen Haowen was overwhelmed with exasperation and the veins on his forehead began to bulge, though he did not let his emotions show. In his heart, he had already cursed them over and over again.

    Wen Haowen greeted the shareholders with a pretentious smile on his face.

    At this moment, he turned and caught sight of Mr. Qian Jianhui, who was seated on the right. He smiled and said, “Long time no see, Mr. Qian. You’re aging well.”

    Qian Jianhui had always been concerned with his looks and he hated it when others called him out for being old. Hence, he was obviously offended by Wen Haowen’s words.

    Since Qian Jianhui was smart and quick-witted, he obviously understood what Wen Haowen meant. However, he continued smiling pretentiously and said, “CEO Wen, what are you talking about? I guess you’re really forgetful. We’ve just met when you raised the proposal about the entertainment city. It hasn’t been that long.”

    The two of them continued to exchange sarcastic remarks.

    Qian Jianhui thought to himself,

    At this moment, one of the shareholders asked in a high-pitched voice, “CEO Wen, all of the shareholders are present. Shall we begin the meeting?”

    The harsh and hostile words sounded in the room, after which several shareholders chimed in. “It’s about time. There’s no point in dilly-dallying. We don’t have all day to waste.”

    “You’re already affecting our lives by holding a meeting once in a few days. Hurry and cut straight to the chase.” Wen Haowen’s timidness and cowardice had already infuriated several shareholders.

    A ruckus broke out in the conference room.

    Qian Jianhui was smiling widely from ear to ear.

    Staring at the shareholders who were making such a huge din that the spacious conference room seemed just like a wet market, Wen Haowen’s face grew sullen for he felt that they were not giving him any respect.

    Suppressing his displeasure, Wen Haowen said, “Dear shareholders, please be patient. I just received some news about my daughter Wen Xinya joining the board meeting today as one of the shareholders. She hasn’t arrived yet, so let’s wait for her. After all, she holds 10% of the Wen Corporation’s shares.”

    Wen Haowen only expressed his thoughts instead of allowing the board meeting to commence as soon as possible. He made it clear that the delay was because of Wen Xinya.

    Wen Haowen had pulled a shrewd move.

    Indeed, the shareholders fell silent after hearing his words.


    “Miss Wen is joining the board meeting? She’s just an inexperienced greenhorn. She’s so young and yet, she already wants to meddle with the shareholders’ decisions. How conceited and delusional. Young people should go do what they’re supposed to. How could she possibly know anything about business?”

    “The most important thing about business is seizing the opportunity and time. Time is money, and a slight blunder will cause the entire Wen Corporation to suffer a massive loss. She’s so tardy and wishy-washy. How can she take on the position of the Wen Corporation’s successor?”

    “What the heck? Who does she think she is? Does she think she can make all of us wait for her just because she holds 10% of the Wen Corporation’s shares? What does she mean?”

    “What else can she mean? She holds 10% of the Wen Corporation’s shares and she has Chairman Wen to support her. She obviously doesn’t take us seriously. She wants to assert her dominance during the first board meeting that she’s attending.”

    Everyone was flabbergasted as soon as he said those words.

    Some of the agitated shareholders began slamming the table in anger.

    Wen Haowen watched on coldly. He comforted. “Dear shareholders, my daughter is still young and she doesn’t know the rules. I hereby apologize to all of you. Please don’t hold it against her…”

    Although he seemed to be standing up for Wen Xinya on the surface, he was actually harboring ill intentions.

    It was Secretary He’s idea to use the shareholders to deal with Wen Xinya. Since Wen Xinya was the one who wanted to join the board meeting, she only had herself to blame.

    “Just because she’s young it doesn’t mean that she can be so unruly. Since she’s young, she ought to learn how to respect her elders. If she doesn’t even know the basic rules as a successor, she’s going to become a laughing stock.”

    “She ought to know her place precisely because she’s young. Who is she to meddle with the corporation’s management?”

    Everyone expressed their displeasure towards Wen Xinya.

    Pretending to be stuck in a spot, Wen Haowen said awkwardly, “Ever since Xinya returned to the Wen Family, my father has been indulging her out of sympathy because she had suffered too much. Hence, she’s become lawless. Dear shareholders and directors…”

    Not only was he bringing up Wen Xinya’s unglamorous past, he was also brazenly criticizing Wen Xinya for being rude and arrogant, and indirectly saying that Old Mr. Wen was the one who instigated Wen Xinya to join the board meeting.

    Everyone flew into a rage.

    That was what Wen Haowen wanted.

    So long as the shareholders were displeased with Wen Xinya and Old Mr. Wen, they wouldn’t be able to plot against Wen Haowen.