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Chapter 602 - The Earth Treasure’s Cause!

Medical Master
     Chapter 602 The Earth Treasure’s Cause!

    “Could it be that it’s underground?” Fang Qiu was suspicious. He immediately mobilized his internal Qi and began to dig down. He wanted to see if the problem occurred underground.

    After digging for a long time, he found nothing.

    Still, he could not find any information.

    “What’s the reason?”

    Fang Qiu muttered to himself, “It doesn’t exist under the ground, or in the sky, or within one kilometer around it. Could it be… farther away?”

    He immediately flew up to a height of ten meters.

    “Divine Consciousness!”

    His Divine Consciousness, which was a combination of mental power and internal Qi, immediately spread out, covered the area within 20 kilometers instantly and then he began to search carefully.

    But he still did not find anything unusual!

    “Could it be that it was truly bestowed by heaven and earth? Does it grow at will?” Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

    After a long time, Fang Qiu had searched both the sky and the earth and even every inch of the sandy ground within 20 kilometers, but there was still nothing, which made him very distressed.

    Helplessly, Fang Qiu could only sit down at the place where the Fairy Desert Cistanche grew and then looked around. After making sure that there was nothing unusual, he simply sat cross-legged. While he was quietly recovering, he tried to calm down and think about it carefully.

    Fang Qiu closed his eyes and just sat there the whole time and soon lapsed into silence.

    In Korla, “Rumble, rumble…”

    The three off-road vehicles stopped in front of a hotel.

    Everyone got out of the cars and returned to their hotel rooms.

    It was not until they returned to their rooms that they came to their senses.

    Then everyone took out their mobile phones immediately. Without even taking time to connect to the Wi-Fi, they directly used data to log into WeChat and began to talk about what happened to them today in the WeChat group.

    “The king of sand?”


    “You’ve watched too much Naruto, haven’t you? Is there a Shuukaku in the desert?”


    “It’s true. The master said he was a martial arts practitioner.”

    “I can prove it. I also saw it at the scene. Not only did I see the master who could drive the sand, but we encountered a sandstorm too. I also saw the legendary giant scorpion in the sandstorm and someone fighting with the giant scorpion!”

    “That’s right. The master is really powerful.”

    At first, only two or three groups of people in the cars sent the information in the WeChat groups.

    As expected, everyone thought that they were joking, so they replied in a playful manner. But when they saw their steadfast determination, everyone in the group began to ridicule them.

    “This nonsense is pretty real, isn’t it?”

    “How is this possible? How can there be such a powerful person? Not only can he fly, but he can also control the sand. Is he invincible?”

    “That’s right. He can even use the sand to resist the sandstorm. The sand in the sandstorm was flying all over the sky. How can you stop the sandstorm?”

    “There’s really no surprise at all. This is just a pack of lies.”

    The other people in the cars also confirmed what they said.

    “We have a total of nine people in our team, three off-road vehicles and three people in each car. We just came out of the desert. It’s true.”

    “If you don’t believe me, you can come to me directly.”

    “I swear that all these stories are true. If it weren’t for that expert today, we would not have been able to come back.”

    “Half an hour ago, our car fell into the sunken area and we could not drive it out at all. The car kept sinking and all the wooden boards used to support the tires were stuck inside. We could not move the car. Finally, it was this expert who came to rescue us. He just stamped his feet and all three cars came out of the sunken area. The area even became flat!”

    “I can prove it too!”

    Everyone still did not believe what they just heard.

    “Damn, when did you guys learn to make up such a story together?”

    “We all believe that there is a supernatural power, but it’s impossible for this supernatural power to be so powerful!”

    “You guys almost turned him into a god. How is that possible?”

    “Yes. If there is really such a powerful person, then our country will be invincible. How dare the people of foreign countries still provoke us?”

    For a moment, all kinds of rebuttals and doubts were heard.

    No one believed them anyway.

    At this very moment, the driver of the first car spoke up.

    “It’s true. The master controlled the sand to protect us. After resisting the sandstorm, he left us with two words. I took photos at that time.”

    The driver immediately sent the photos he had taken at that time.

    Everyone took a look and found that there were indeed two very huge words in the photo—Wulin!

    “You can see it yourselves. It’s impossible for us to write such big words. If we had written such words, how could we not have left footprints? Besides, it’s really windy in the desert. It would have been impossible for us to write these words even if we wanted to. It would be blown away by the wind if we just wrote one stroke. How could it be written like this?”

    “Yes, I was really stunned at that time. I forgot to record that big battle. Otherwise, it would definitely shock the whole country!”

    Everyone who had experienced it confirmed that it was true.

    Seeing the pictures and hearing this group of people talking one after another, the people in the WeChat group gradually began to believe it.

    “Is there really a martial arts world?”

    “The martial arts world must have existed for a long time. If it did not exist, the word would not have appeared. But I think it’s still a bit unrealistic if we connect Wulin with supernatural energy.”

    “All the martial arts in Huaxia start from myths. Maybe it’s possible to cultivate supernatural powers through the use of martial arts.”

    For a moment, everyone began to have a heated discussion.

    “How powerful is this master you are talking about? Does he really have supernatural energy?”

    “How powerful? He’s comparable with an immortal!”

    “I saw that he could fly and move the mountains and fill up the seas. He’s really something.”

    In the heated discussion, the group of people who had personally experienced it became even more excited. The people in the WeChat group became more and more convinced about what they said.

    In the desert, Fang Qiu did not know how long he had closed his eyes.

    He suddenly had a strange feeling.

    Because he did not consume too much energy in the previous battle, he did not take the initiative to cultivate with his power. Instead, he simply and naturally nourished his body and let it absorb the Heaven and Earth energy to recover.

    In this case, as time went by, Fang Qiu actually felt that his recovery speed was a little faster than usual.

    Although it was a slight change, Fang Qiu did not ignore it.

    He opened his eyes.

    He stood up, moved his body, immediately flew 100 meters away and then continued to sit cross-legged.

    Ten minutes later, the feeling reappeared.

    He shifted his body again, continuing to sit 500 meters away from where the Fairy Desert Cistanche was growing. He still had the same feeling.

    Then he moved a kilometer away.

    He still felt the same thing.

    The feeling disappeared when he moved 1,500 meters away.

    Fang Qiu returned to a distance of 1,300 meters again, but the feeling did not appear.

    He continued going back, now about 1100 meters away, but he still could not feel it.

    It appeared again when he was 1,000 meters away!

    “Eh?” Fang Qiu was quite amazed by the discovery.

    Why did it turn out this way?

    Fang Qiu knew that the recovery of the body depended on the speed of his absorption of the Heaven and Earth energy. At the same time, it depended on the strength of the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy.

    He would naturally absorb them a bit faster if there was a place with a large amount of energy. If he was in a place with lesser energy, he would absorb them at a slower rate.

    With the cultivating place of the Fairy Desert Cistanche as the center, the Heaven and Earth energy within a kilometer was much stronger than that in other places. Otherwise, Fang Qiu would not have that kind of feeling.

    With this in mind, Fang Qiu immediately began to examine the Heaven and Earth energy around him.

    Because he was standing at the edge, there were indeed different discoveries after he checked it out carefully.

    With the detection of his Divine Consciousness, Fang Qiu found that there was clearly a large amount of Qi of Heaven and Earth gathering in the area within a kilometer ahead of him, but it was very sparse when he walked out of this area.

    “Is it because of the gathering of the Qi of Heaven and Earth here that there is an Earth Treasure?”

    Fang Qiu found a whole new direction.

    “If that’s the case, is it possible that if the Qi of Heaven and Earth gathers more, it would be easier to grow Heaven Treasure?”

    “Is it really that simple?”

    “If that’s not the case, what’s the reason?”

    Fang Qiu muttered to himself.

    He suddenly thought of a possibility when he was sitting cross-legged to recover his energy.


    “Does it really have something to do with the terrain?”

    Fang Qiu muttered and immediately jumped into the air to have a look.

    This time, he directly flew to a height of 15 meters and looked down.

    However, he still could not see it clearly.

    “Just now, I used my Divine Consciousness to observe the gathering of the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Will I be able to see anything else with the Divine Consciousness now?”

    Fang Qiu thought that Divine Consciousness was an invisible wave, similar to the way the ultrasound of bats worked. Since he had Divine Consciousness, could he spread it out and touch the terrain of this area like a hand?

    In this way, the image of this terrain might directly appear in his mind, just like… the sublimated version of Absolute Touch!

    Divine Consciousness would represent the feeling of his hand.

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu decided to give it a try.

    He found that it really worked.

    Along with the fluctuation of his Divine Consciousness, the surrounding terrain became three-dimensional images appearing in his mind.

    Under these circumstances, Fang Qiu quickly memorized the undulating state of the sand dunes within 20 kilometers.

    For fear that the surrounding area of 20 kilometers was not enough, Fang Qiu ran another 20 kilometers away and continued to observe. Finally, he memorized all the terrain conditions within 40 kilometers, including the height of the dunes and what the dunes looked like there.

    When Fang Qiu turned back, he was confused again.

    “The sand dunes in the desert will flow. If it is caused by the terrain, the land will definitely change!”

    When Fang Qiu thought of this, he immediately started the experiment.

    Without hesitation, he first changed the shape of the dunes within a radius of 10 kilometers.

    Then, he returned to the place where the Fairy Desert Cistanche grew and rested with his legs crossed to recover. He discovered that the recovery speed was still a bit faster than when he was a kilometer away.

    “Eh?” Fang Qiu was confused again.

    “How come the terrain of the sand dune has completely changed, but the result is still the same?”

    Confused, Fang Qiu hurried to continue to explore the surrounding landforms.

    After the inspection, he was immediately shocked!