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Chapter 330 - Is There a Need to Doubt the Young Masters Orders?

The Queen of Everything

    Imperial Mu Jewelry was only one of the brands under the Imperial Mu International Group, but its value was at the level of a luxury brand. Its endorsement was something many of the top celebrities in the industry wanted to secure.

    As the official Weibo account of this jewelry brand, Imperial Mu Official naturally gave off an extremely cold feeling. Even though the account did not have many followers, its every move was being watched by many people in the circle.

    Whenever it gave notice or released any news in advance, it would often have something to do with their endorsement. And right now, their contract with the latest season's spokesperson was about to expire.

    The one who held this position was by default the main spokesperson of China's jewelry industry!

    That person would be representing the entire jewelry brand.

    For such a big brand, there were usually many types of spokespersons. For example, earrings, necklaces, or rings all had different spokespersons. But even just one of the endorsement positions was an outstanding enough resource, especially since this was to be a full-time endorsement. Basically, once the announcement for a new spokesperson was released, the top celebrities in the industry would be watching closely.

    There would also be various activities before the release date. For example, the jewelry brand would automatically contact some celebrities to discuss matters with them. After that, there would be a time when the info would be released and the final confirmation would take place. Then, they would create advertisements and replace all kinds of endorsement photos to finally announce everything.

    There was still a month before the full-time endorsement of Imperial Mu Jewelry in China would be held. Right now, they should still be negotiating with a few celebrities.

    That was why many people were paying attention to the movements of Imperial Mu Jewelry's official Weibo. Now that they saw it taking notice of a newbie who was considered an "unknown" in the industry, many people were shocked.

    What did that mean?

    The group of superstars who were in discussion with Imperial Mu Jewelry could no longer sit still.

    From the moment Imperial Mu Jewelry paid attention to Su Cha, Su Cha's net worth began to be dug up by various parties.

    She was just an ordinary contestant. In the eyes of many, she was not qualified at all.

    In fact, it was beneficial for Imperial Mu Jewelry to become Su Cha's follower. Their orders had been that once Su Cha had opened her Weibo account, they must start following her. However, the other brands within the Imperial Mu Group must wait for some time before doing the same. Otherwise, they would draw too much attention to Su Cha and her identity would be as good as announced to the world.

    Of course, that was exactly how Bo Muyi wanted it to be. But Bai Kun, who knew how to judge the situation, naturally understood how such matters must be handled.

    All the leaders of every brand in the Imperial Mu Group were included in a group. If anything happened, the entire group would notify the leaders first.

    The Imperial Mu Group, who usually only talked about work, had suddenly received a message from the CEO's assistant, Bai Kun: "If a contestant named Su Cha opened a Weibo account for Dreams in Progress, any official Weibo account of the brands under Imperial Mu are to follow her.

    The higher-ups never needed a reason to give orders, but this piece of news stunned many big shots. The person in charge of their jewelry brand was the quickest to react. He immediately realized that Su Cha was not ordinary. Keeping in mind that Bai Kun was the most trusted subordinate of the president of the corporation, he was the first to reply, so he got the privilege.

    This was the reason why Imperial Mu Jewelry followed Su Cha first.

    As expected, Imperial Mu Jewelry received a special message from Bai Kun. The message was simple: "Young Master asked me to say hello and remind you to do as I said."

    Of course, he did as the young master instructed. Was there ever a need to question it?