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Chapter 378 - Courageous

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 378: Courageous

    Seeing Jiang Yao, Miss Lin was petrified and immediately hid herself behind the elderly couple, like a mouse who had just seen a cat. Her body trembled and she peeked at Jiang Yao, evidently intimidated by the three slaps she received in the morning.

    “Jiang Yao, they are my parents-in-law.” Mrs. Lin introduced them coldly.

    Jiang Yao nodded at the elderly couple, after seeing Mrs. Lin’s cold attitude, and said, “Colonel Lin is in a pretty good condition.”

    Mrs. Lin smiled when her husband was mentioned, “He woke up this afternoon and after hearing that his leg is alright, smiled like a child.”

    Colonel Lin’s injuries were much lighter than Lu Xingzhi’s, he would wake up once the anaesthesia had lost its effect. For Lu Xingzhi however, his more severe injuries meant that nobody knew when he would wake up. However, Jiang Yao was not in a rush as this meant that his body was slowly healing and recuperating. It was better for him to sleep after the surgery.

    Jiang Yao bade Zhou Weiqi goodbye before leaving the hospital with Mrs. Lin.

    It was not till the car approached the hospital exit did Jiang Yao suddenly realize that she did not have a driver’s license!

    She sent Zhou Weiqi a text message, and continued her journey to Jin City, while hoping that she was fortunate enough to not get stopped by any traffic police on her way.

    Zhou Weiqi almost fainted reading Jiang Yao’s message.

    Jiang Yao wanted his help in getting a driver’s license!

    She did not have a driver’s license!

    How would she know how to drive if she did not have one?!

    Even though she did not have a driver’s license, Jiang Yao was confident in her driving ability. She smiled trying to imagine the reaction of Zhou Weiqi after seeing her text message.

    “Jiang Yao.” Mrs. Lin looked at Jiang Yao, surprised at how she could still be in such a good mood.

    “Are you worried about Colonel Lin? Do not worry, it will only take two months for him to heal quickly, or three months if it is a little slower. Once he has been discharged, his career would not be affected, and his leg will function as new.” Jiang Yao thought that Mrs. Lin was worried about Colonel Lin so she consoled her.

    “Thank goodness for you.” Mrs. Lin smiled. “Did you know? When I knew he was heavily injured, I only wished for him to live. I never thought about the condition of his leg, as long as he is alive, the family will be here too, and all will be well.”

    Not waiting for Jiang Yao, Mrs. Lin continued, “Miss Lin is not his actual sister, she came in when his stepmother married into the family. The Lin family is relying on my husband for their future. When she knew that he would have to be amputated, she did not want to sign the surgical consent form because she was afraid of him becoming a burden instead after the amputation, not being able to provide for her and her guy. All she cares about is her own interests, his life has never been her concern.”