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Chapter 399 - Why Did You Lie?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 399: Why Did You Lie?

    Jian Qi immediately looked at Tang Jinyu with a serious expression on her face. “Instructor Tang, look at how serious my face is. How could you say that about your little fairy?”

    In response, Tang Jinyu looked at her with a cold gaze which seemed to convey ‘Keep up the act, Acting Queen!’.

    “Instructor, this is a confused expression,” Jian Qi said calmly.

    From the beginning till the end, Tang Jinyu did not say a word. Jian Qi was beginning to feel goosebumps all over her head from being stared at.

    What was the meaning of staring at someone without saying anything?

    “Instructor Tang, could you be suspecting that I was the one who caused the car accident? Do you think I made all the bullets in the car disappear?” Jian Qi laughed devilishly. “Although I am a little fairy, I still don’t know how to clone myself!”

    Although Jian Qi did have the plan to do it, she was unable to carry the plan out in time. Before she could even do anything, Tang Jinyu had already caught her leaving the tent, and proceeded to tell her that the bullets were lost.

    ‘Tsk, tsk. Fate and luck would always be so unpredictable!’

    When Tang Jinyu listened to how Jian Qi complimented herself while giving him an explanation, he gave off a heavy sigh in a helpless manner.

    “What were you looking for at the scene of the explosion?” Tang Jinyu asked again as he continued to ignore Jian Qi’s questions.

    Jian Qi’s heart thudded. She thought she had already done a good job at concealing her intention. How did Tang Jinyu notice she was looking for something when she made it seem like she was fervently putting the fire out?

    As if becoming aware that Jian Qi had something on her mind, Tang Jinyu began to speak yet again. “You maintained a fixed distance from the burned corpse while putting the fire out. At most, you would only go as far as a three-meter radius away from the corpse.”

    “Does that mean I was looking for something?” Jian Qi laughed devilishly. “Instructor Tang, what are you implying?”

    “Jian Qi, what were you looking for?” Tang Jinyu asked even more determinedly.

    Jian Qi could clearly sense from the coldness in his speech that he was beginning to get angry.

    With a smile on her face, Jian Qi was about to speak when Tang Jinyu suddenly raised his hand. His long fingers looked so fine that Jian Qi felt envious of him.

    However, she then noticed that there was a bullet in between his index finger and thumb.

    Jian Qi’s smile immediately froze.

    “What is this?” However, she resumed smiling within the span of one second. She was trying to appear calm, collected, and curious…

    ‘Damn. What the heck is this bullet doing here?’

    ‘How did Tang Jinyu find it?’

    Moreover, there was a burned mark on the bullet. Without a doubt, Jian Qi knew that this was the bullet she failed to find after hours of searching.

    She was even prepared to sneak into the anti-terrorists’ base to steal it.

    Tang Jinyu ignored Jian Qi’s feeble attempt at feigning ignorance. “Why did you lie?” He asked directly.

    His cold voice fully revealed the anger in him.

    “Instructor Tang, I didn’t lie!” Jian Qi kept the smile on her face.

    “Jian Qi, why did you lie?” Tang Jinyu repeated even more sternly.

    Feeling depressed, Jian Qi sighed to herself in her mind. Clearly, it was impossible for her to go on pretending. Tang Jinyu was far too smart.

    If he was able to interrogate her with the bullet in his hand, he clearly knew that she was the one who fired it. Moreover, Jian Qi was the person who killed the mercenary.

    If Jian Qi continued to deny the fact, she would only make it more apparent that she was guilty.

    “Jian Qi, tell me the reason!” Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi as he spoke coldly. “Also, tell me about the entire process!”