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Chapter 382 - Young Mistress Had Disappeared (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 382: Young Mistress Had Disappeared (2)

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    Gu Yu didn't explicitly tell her anything, but Mrs. Xu was able to understand what he wanted to say. Since Weilai was his wife, Mrs. Xu didn't have the right to reprimand her even if she was Weilai's mother.

    Mrs. Xu felt a little frustrated, but from a different perspective, it seemed as if Yu was protecting Weilai. It was better than not bothering about Weilai at all.

    Mrs. Xu didn't continue anymore. She hurriedly agreed to Gu Yu's request and replied, "Okay, if Xu Weilai comes back, I will not reprimand her. I will also inform you immediately."

    Mrs. Xu hung up the call and patted her chest in fright. She ordered a maid to make her a cup of tea to calm her nerves.

    Her son-in-law always made her so stressed. Despite her efforts to curry favor with him, she never succeeded in making him happy at all. Instead, he seemed anger by her words.


    Based on the timeline given by Mrs. Xu, Xu Weilai went back to the Xu residence after she was finished with her work. That meant that her disappearance had nothing to do with it.

    What other reason could there be for her to not come home and not answer her calls?

    Could it be... her sudden change of emotions that day wasn't because she was feeling uncomfortable? Could there have been other reasons?

    Gu Yu wasn't able to think of an answer immediately. He leaned back on his rotating chair and rubbed his tired eyebrows before closing his eyes.

    The most important thing now was to find Xu Weilai. After all, her health condition wasn't good. If something happened to her...

    The thought was enough to make Gu Yu instantly open his eyes. Something deep and dark surged from the depth of his eyes, along with an obvious look of worry.

    He straightened his body and used his fingertips to call an internal line. The person on the other end picked up the call. Gu Yu immediately gave his order, "Check to see if Xu Weilai has made any purchases in the last three days or left the country. Keep in mind that she left the Xu residence sometime after 5 pm three days ago. Get all the surveillance images during that time period and find out where she went. I want to know where she is!"

    Assistant Lin, who had been awake for three days and three nights, was in a daze. He instinctively replied, "Mr. Gu, do you think that perhaps... Young Mistress ran away from home?"

    Did she run away from home...?

    Gu Yu didn't know why, but Mrs. Lin's words pierced through his heart. His mood immediately became worse!

    Xu Weilai suddenly disappeared without him knowing what happened. Could it be... that what Assistant Lin said was true? Did Xu Weilai truly run away from home?

    It was true that in the past, she wanted to get a divorce and proposed for them to live apart. That was when their relationship was at its worse. However, their relationship had improved significantly as of late. He would even say that they were a little sweet when they were together. Why did she still want to run away?

    Gu Yu was puzzled and a little anxious too. He was afraid that Xu Weilai would suddenly disappear from his world, just like what happened three years ago.

    "Go and do it!"

    He uttered those four words heavily, his voice sounding as if it came from hell. Assistant Lin woke up immediately and stuttered as he replied, "Mr. Gu, I will check it immediately!"

    After confirming Xu Weilai's location, Gu Yu wore his outerwear and took his car keys. Then, he left his office with huge strides.


    Xu Weilai spent these days in a holiday village located in the suburbs.

    It had been a long time since she spent money on herself. She used the money she earned through hard work all these years and got the best suite. She didn't want to think about anything. She didn't look at her phone or care about anyone. She allowed herself to sleep until she woke up naturally and eat happily every day. She would also look at the sunrise and sunset. She tried her best to make herself happy again.

    However, her escape from reality ended when she saw the tall figure standing outside the door of her room.