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Chapter 497 - A Little Cold

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 497 A Little Cold

    Zhou Wen knew that he was only a cat and had lost his strength. He definitely couldn’t handle the present situation. Thankfully, he still had the ability to text. Previously, he had contacted An Sheng when he saw Gu Dian’s phone left where he fed the cats. He told him to rush over as soon as possible.This matter wasn’t something that could be resolved by force. Even killing Lu Kaide was useless. Otherwise, Gu Dian would have settled it himself and wouldn’t have been threatened by Lu Kaide.

    When Lu Kaide saw An Sheng, he immediately turned around and wanted to run. He hadn’t managed to take a few steps before An Sheng placed a dagger by his neck.

    “What are you doing? I’m a student at the college,” Lu Kaide calmed down and asked.

    An Sheng said indifferently, “I don’t need to know who you are, but you’re dead.”

    “Gu Dian, why aren’t you saving me?” Lu Kaide shouted in Gu Dian’s direction.

    An Sheng said to Gu Dian unhurriedly, “Zhou Wen asked me to come. He has already told me about your matter. He wants me to pass on the message to believe him. Leave everything to me.”

    “Gu Dian, you know what will happen if I die.” Lu Kaide knew that Gu Dian was his straw to clutch at.

    He had heard of An Sheng’s name before. Having come to Luoyang to carry out a mission, how could he not know the famous An Sheng?

    Gu Dian hugged Zhou Wen and pondered for a moment before nodding slightly at An Sheng.

    The corners of An Sheng’s mouth curled up as he revealed a smile. The dagger in his hand had already pressed into Lu Kaide’s skin.

    “Just answer whatever I ask. I don’t want to hear any nonsense,” An Sheng said.

    Lu Kaide opened his mouth to say something, but An Sheng continued, “If you waste my time, I don’t mind using the Memory Stripping Spell to directly obtain the information I want from your brain.”

    Lu Kaide’s expression changed drastically, as if he was hesitating about something.

    “Don’t try to commit suicide. If I don’t let you die, even the King of Hell can’t take your life,” An Sheng said indifferently.

    “If I tell you everything, can you give me a way out?” Lu Kaide said through gritted teeth.

    “Yes,” An Sheng replied.

    “Swear on it.” Lu Kaide had no other choice. He was already a piece of meat on the chopping block. He could only take a gamble. He did not want to die.

    An Sheng’s expression didn’t change. He swore that if he went against his word, he would die a horrible death. Then, he asked Lu Kaide about Gu Dian.

    Due to Gu Dian’s presence, Lu Kaide didn’t seem to lie. He explained everything clearly.

    He had a voice recording of Gu Dian. It was a conversation with Gu Dian. Back then, Gu Dian had treated him as his only good friend, so he had told him everything.

    Lu Kaide had not given this recording to anyone. He had only registered a few accounts online and scheduled an automatic release. If no one changed the release time, the recording and the article he had written would be released.

    An Sheng didn’t listen to the recording. He just deleted everything.

    “Where are the backups? Don’t tell me there aren’t any.” After An Sheng deleted it, he looked at Lu Kaide and asked.

    “In an ancient Greek book on my dorm mate’s bookshelf. No one will read it,” Lu Kaide answered.

    Following that, An Sheng asked about Lu Kaide’s origins. He admitted that he was a field agent nurtured by the Special Inspector Bureau. He had entered Sunset College to monitor the An family and Sunset College’s chancellor and tutors. He had recently received a mission to think of a way to bring Zhou Wen back to the headquarters, which was why he had used Gu Dian.

    After a long while, Lu Kaide said, “I’ve said everything. Can you let me go now?”

    “You have said everything, but how do I know if what you said is the truth?” An Sheng looked at Lu Kaide calmly.

    “I’m telling the truth. At this stage, there’s no need for me to lie to you,” Lu Kaide said.

    “That might not be the case. It’s a very important matter. I have to verify it myself,” An Sheng said as a black flame arose from his body. The flames floated towards Lu Kaide like ghosts and drilled into his brain.

    “Ah… You swore to let me live… Otherwise, you will die a horrible death…” Lu Kaide exclaimed in horror. He had roughly guessed that An Sheng was trying to strip his souls and memories from him. Despite struggling desperately, he was unable to move his body.

    “Before you came to Luoyang, you should have known that I have the nickname of Devil’s Adjutant, right? Is there a devil who abides by an agreement?” An Sheng said to Lu Kaide with a smile.

    “You… You can’t do this to me… You can’t…” Lu Kaide was shocked and furious, his eyes filled with despair, anger, and indignation.

    The pain that went straight into his soul seemed to slice his brain bit by bit. It made him want to scream in pain, but he could not make a sound despite his open mouth.

    An Sheng only looked at him coldly as the black flames on his body seeped into his brain. Lu Kaide’s eyes gradually lost focus.

    When the demonic-like flames drilled out of Lu Kaide’s brain and returned to An Sheng, Lu Kaide had already become a cold corpse. Even in death, his face was contorted with pain.

    An Sheng opened the foldable cloth bag he had brought and stored Lu Kaide’s corpse inside. After he slung it over his shoulder, he said to Gu Dian, “In the future, other than Zhou Wen and me, no one will know about your matters. Unfortunately, there’s no way to silence me and Zhou Wen. You can leave it at that.”

    “Thank… Thanks…” Gu Dian said those two words somewhat awkwardly. He had never said it before.

    “Don’t say those words. You don’t need to thank anyone because that person is your friend.” After An Sheng said that, he left with Lu Kaide’s corpse.

    “Friend?” Gu Dian’s expression turned odd.

    In the past, he might have believed that there were friends. At that time, he was moved by Lu Kaide and treated him as a real friend. In the end, all he got was a betrayal. Ever since then, he preferred to be with cats than humans. He no longer believed in humans or friends.

    Although he still did not believe it, there was a slight change in his heart.

    At the very least, Gu Dian believed that once this matter was resolved, he no longer needed to be threatened and do things he didn’t wish to do.

    “I… am finally free…” Gu Dian snapped to his senses and raised the cat in his arms. He smiled.

    In his opinion, this little cat had given him luck, allowing him to finally be himself.

    Gu Dian held the cat up in the air as he revealed a smile that came from the bottom of his heart. Although he was still as ferocious as before, it made it difficult for people to not smile with him. The tabby cat also revealed a smile.

    At that moment, Gu Dian suddenly felt the cat in his hand become heavier. Its body also changed. In a blink of an eye, the cat that Gu Dian was raising had transformed into a living man.

    Their eyes met and the air seemed to freeze at that instant. The smile on Gu Dian and Zhou Wen’s faces gradually vanished.

    A gentle breeze blew past Zhou Wen, making him feel a little cold.