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Chapter 569 - : Little Dragon’s Game of Control

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 569: Little Dragon’s Game of Control

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    Qi Ri walked toward Yun Jiuge and said guiltily, “Your Highness, Goddess, I don’t know where these white-bone puppets came from. The Energy Barrier didn’t even make a sound.”

    “You must immediately send someone to check the Energy Barrier. These people have a secret way of entering the Energy Barrier. I’m afraid your king was kidnapped in this way.” Yun Jiuge did not mention the matter of Demonic Blood Flower because it was no use bringing it up. These Demon Warriors had no way of dealing with it.

    “I’ll immediately send someone to go check. I wonder if Your Highness has found any clues about the king?” Qi Ri asked faithfully.

    “I’ve an idea in my mind. Before that, you just have to guard the Demon Forest well.” After Yun Jiuge commanded Qi Ri to strengthen the patrol along the Energy Barrier, she went through the Water Mirror to return to Zi Shang’s side.

    “Fan Yin is getting more and more savage,” said Zi Shang, who saw those white-bone puppets earlier.

    To be able to bring so many puppets to break through the Energy Barrier, the Demonic Blood Flower was more terrible than before. Fan Yin must have used a special method to elevate it.

    “Don’t worry, he won’t stay rampant for long.” Yun Jiuge took out the red petal found in the Demon Forest. She would wait till Osamu came over so that they could go to the primitive plane of existence.

    “My lord, Fan Yin has betrayed us. Why don’t you reveal his evil ways and organize the various major clans in the primitive plane of existence in Canglan Continent to destroy him?” asked Wan Sha, who was very baffled.

    “The will of the people in Canglan Continent is currently not unified. Coupled with the weakening of power in our Celestial Palace, I’m only afraid that there’ll be less people to help and instead, many more who’ll kick us while we’re down,” said Yun Jiuge, shaking her head. After experiencing two lifetimes of hard training, she was not as arrogant as before.

    “In that case, I’ll summon more warriors from the Demonic Clans to help!” Wan Sha said straightaway.

    “It might do more harm to have more people. I’ve already found a way to deal with Fan Yin.” Yun Jiuge’s trump card was Osamu.

    Osamu’s dark demonic magic could easily eliminate the two dark shadow monsters. He would be a major bane for Fan Yin. Moreover, he would not expect that the Imperial Highness of the Ancient Black Demonic Clan would help them.

    “Our son should be waking up soon. Let’s go take a look!” Zi Shang now would miss his son terribly if he went a day without seeing him.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang went back to the Golden Dragon Hall. Their child had already woken up and was playing with his darling pets.

    “Father and mother, you’re back!” Little Dragon dashed over like a small cannon, and then hung around his father’s neck like a koala bear.

    Zi Shang carried his son to hug and kiss him with a doting expression on his face. He appeared to have forgotten his wife with his son around.

    Yun Jiuge had to interrupt the father and son’s lovey-dovey display and grabbed her son’s chubby face into her arms to ask, “Darling, before you woke up, did little black horn tell you anything?”

    “Yeah, he stuffed something in my hands and said that he could find me with this,” said Little Dragon as he opened his little fat claws. There was a black vortex-shaped object in the palm of his claws.

    “What is this?” Yun Jiuge released her Cognitive to investigate and found a swathe of deep and dead seawater inside, which felt extremely uncomfortable.

    “Little black horn said that this was the address of his house. I can go find him when I’m ready.” Little Dragon absentmindedly touched the black vortex in his palm and did not feel any kind of deep-sea oppressive feeling at all.

    “Darling, if you want to go find little black horn, you’ve to learn how to control your ability, and then operate it nimbly,” Yun Jiuge said seriously to her son.

    “So, what should I do?” Little Dragon looked confused.

    “Your father will teach you.” Yun Jiuge put her child back into Zi Shang’s arms and then called Cute Little Baby over to ask, “Are those black hole trees species still around?”

    “Yes, there’s a whole bunch of them,” Cute Little Baby replied, nodding.

    “That’s good. Later when you head back to Wanhua Spiritual Garden, you’ll plant a large area of Black Hole Trees. After which, you’ll let Long’er go there to practice his Space Power.” The Black Hole Trees which Yun Jiuge was talking about were a type of plant with spatial capabilities.

    These Black Hole Trees were short, about the height of a door. They looked quite normal in their appearance. But as soon as one went within a meter of it, one would be pulled inside the black hole.

    By the time people realized this, many had already been swallowed by the Black Hole Trees and disappeared.

    Yun Jiuge personally led people to remove all the Black Hole Trees, leaving only some tree species in case of need. Now they had finally come in handy.

    “I’ll go now.” Cute Little Baby had long wanted to plant this type of Black Hole Trees to have fun with them.

    He created a new space in Wanhua Spiritual Garden and planted seven by seven rows of 49 Black Hole Trees according to the design plan drawn up by Yun Jiuge. Then it used the Plant Power to promote their growth and completed the mission in seven days.

    “Long’er, come take a look at your new toy.” Together, Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang brought their child to the Black Hole Tree plantation.

    “Mother, what’s this? How do I play with them?” Little Dragon asked with an excited look.

    “These are called Black Hole Trees. Their trunks can connect all kinds of portals. All you have to do is identify the correct portal and bring this Seven Star Fruit back.” Yun Jiuge had asked Cute Little Baby to put a Seven Star Fruit behind the first tree.

    “Okay, I’ll try.” Little Dragon closed his eyes and looked for the fruit through the black hole using his Cognitive.

    At first he was a little unfamiliar. But very soon he mastered the essentials and took the Seven Star Fruit back from behind the Black Hole Tree.

    “Darling, you did fantastic. Try it from a distance away this time.” Yun Jiuge put the fruit behind the second Black Hole Tree.

    Little Dragon successfully took it back once again and then eagerly let Cute Little Baby continue to place it.

    “Very good. At this pace, you’ll have no problem completing it in a month.” Zi Shang looked at his son with a gratified look. He was truly his child. He was a fast learner.


    “Okay, you stay here with him. I’m going to make preparations for matters in the primitive plane of existence.” Yun Jiuge could not stake it all on Osamu. She herself would also have to make some arrangements.

    “Go on, go right ahead!” Zi Shang’s eyes were on his son the entire time and he did not even look at Yun Jiuge once.

    Yun Jiuge felt really glum. But when she thought of how he was trapped in the eggshell for a year and could not be affectionate with their child, she also reluctantly forgave him.

    In the days that followed, Yun Jiuge sent a lot of people to the primitive plane of existence to investigate Fan Yin. Then she took out the Celestial Palace’s treasured high-level puppets to let Wan Sha practice with them, in an attempt to build a strong army of puppets.

    Over at the Black Hole Tree plantation, Little Dragon’s training was also coming along very smoothly. He had already succeeded in getting the Seven Star Fruit from behind the tenth tree. However, he encountered a problem when it came to the 11th tree. An intersection began to appear inside the portal and was constantly changing.

    Little Dragon was not discouraged despite failing several times. Instead, he became even more excited. He stayed in the garden every day to practice and did not even return to the Golden Dragon Hall. He just regulated his breathing on the spot whenever he got tired, and then continued to connect the portals.

    If it had been regular times, Yun Jiuge certainly would not let him do so. But now the situation was special, so she hoped that her child could quickly be familiar with his ability so as to smoothly bring Osamu over.

    Zi Shang would accompany his son every day in the Black Hole Tree plantation. The relationship between the father and son had a sudden boost. Yun Jiuge was a little jealous. But unfortunately, she was too busy and could only cultivate her relationship with her son when she had more time in the future.