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Chapter 331 - Watermelon Juice

The Queen of Everything
     Seeing this private message, Su Cha pursed her lips tightly and wanted to laugh.

    Bo Muyi had always been childish and straightforward with regard to her matters. He had asked his company's employees to support her simply because he wanted to do it.

    But Su Cha was shocked.

    Even if it was just a jewelry brand, the sensation it caused was not comparable to Su Cha's subway video.

    The video had only hyped up Su Cha's popularity. Now that Imperial Mu Jewelry had made a move, Su Cha had successfully left an impression on the big shots in the industry.

    It was neither a good thing nor a bad thing.

    To the celebrities who were discussing endorsement deals, Su Cha was like a stumbling block that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They were unhappy with the action of Imperial Mu Jewelry, but they would not be so stupid as to question anything. Luckily, a few of the superstars' managers had called to ask about it, and Imperial Mu Jewelry responded that it was an internal matter that had nothing to do with endorsements.

    Since it was not a competition for the endorsements, the stars were relieved.

    But why must this jewelry brand become a follower of a nameless newbie?

    Many people noticed this.

    Su Cha's identity also attracted a lot of attention.

    No matter how capable Su Cha was, she would not be privy to the big shots' actions. She only knew that she was being harassed by some contestants.

    Initially, there were many contestants who did not understand what it meant for Imperial Mu Jewelry to become her follower. But after the program's explanation, the contestants looked at Su Cha differently.

    They were shocked and envious.

    There were even people who wanted to know what the relationship was between Su Cha and Imperial Mu Jewelry. However, Su Cha had simply taken it in stride and said that she did not know why they did that.

    No matter what, Bo Muyi could not be in charge of every brand under him. Every brand had a specific person in charge. Bo Muyi was in charge of the global affairs of Imperial Mu International. It was normal for her to say that she did not know anyone from a jewelry brand.

    Hence, she had nothing to do with Imperial Mu Jewelry.

    Since no one could find out anything useful from Su Cha's mouth and Imperial Mu Jewelry would not explain why they followed Su Cha, this matter caused a stir in the industry. There was not much commotion on Weibo, but there were still some speculations.

    To Su Cha's surprise, an accident happened in the dormitory as soon as she got up. This accident directly implicated her.

    It was just after the first day of the broadcast, and the ratings were not bad. The production crew planned to let the contestants enjoy their hot pot.

    In the end, there was a problem in the cameras' control room, causing all the cameras to malfunction. Today's live broadcast could only be stopped temporarily.

    They did not need to stay in the villa for the day, so the contestants went out happily.

    Su Cha also went out of the villa to buy some snacks she liked. When she returned to the dormitory, there were not many people around.

    The huge villa was now rather quiet. Not only the contestants, but even the production crew was scarce.

    She felt a little hot after Su Cha came back in from outside. After resting, she went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she was about to finish showering, she heard someone coming in from outside.

    "Su Cha, are you there? The production crew has squeezed fresh watermelon juice. This is for you and Jin Mou. I've placed it on the table."

    Su Cha replied, "Okay."

    Then, an object was placed on the table. After a few seconds, the person went out.