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Chapter 400 - Hug Me and Comfort Me

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 400: Hug Me and Comfort Me

    Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu and she took a deep breath. “I didn’t mean to do it on purpose!” She cried out pitifully.

    Tang Jinyu snorted. “If you did it on purpose, I will make sure you die a terrible death!”

    Jian Qi breathed deeply. ‘Instructor Tang, you are intimidating me!’

    When Jian Qi sensed a coldness around Tang Jinyu’s body, she looked at him with a serious expression. “When I arrived at the scene, one of the anti-terrorists was already there.”

    “At the time, the mercenary’s foot was injured. Meanwhile, the anti-terrorist was pointing his gun at the mercenary but did not shoot him. When the anti-terrorist asked for the item in the mercenary’s bag, the mercenary refused. After the two communicated for a while, and after some strange things were said, they were unable to arrive at a consensus. In the end, the mercenary intended to press a button on his remote control to detonate the bag.”

    “Back then, I had found a hidden spot to prepare for an ambush. To prevent the explosion from happening, I shot and killed the mercenary directly. Thereafter, the anti-terrorist quickly picked up the backpack. I was just about to leave when I saw him tossing the backpack and running away hurriedly. Immediately, an explosion occurred. Fortunately, I was quick enough to escape. Otherwise, I might really not have been able to see you again!”

    While Jian Qi looked as if she was still experiencing fear, she blinked and extended her arms to Tang Jinyu.

    “Hug me and comfort me, please…”

    Tang Jinyu lifted his hand and placed his palm on her face to push her away. “Stand properly!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn. My plea to be consoled failed!’

    “Is there anything else?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “There’s nothing else. I fainted for a while. When I woke up, you had already arrived, and I went to meet you!” Jian Qi shook her head.

    Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi coldly, there was a suspicious look in his deep black eyes. He seemed to be weighing the words Jian Qi had spoken to determine if she was being truthful.

    “I already told you the truth. Don’t you believe me?” Jian Qi seemed hurt.

    “You still haven’t told me why you lied to me,” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “I already told you, I didn’t mean to do it on purpose. I really did think of telling you!” Jian Qi said weakly, “I just didn’t get to tell you in time.”

    “When I heard them talking, it sounded like there was something secretive in the bag. Moreover, from what the special agent and the mercenary said to each other, it felt as if the special agent was intentionally sent by someone to retrieve the item. On top of that, it was meant to be done secretly. I only told you what I did because I was afraid of getting myself involved in unnecessary trouble.”

    “I was planning to tell you the truth when we came back. However, I forgot about it because I was too tired!” Jian Qi said earnestly.

    “Who is the anti-terrorist you spoke of?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “It was too dark for me to see clearly.” Jian Qi shook her head.

    ‘Damn. If I told you who it was, you would go looking for that person. I would then be exposed!’

    Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi coldly without responding.

    The look in his eyes gave Jian Qi goosebumps.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi continued to smile at Tang Jinyu without avoiding his gaze.

    Although she did in fact feel somewhat guilty, she must remain calm right now.

    If Tang Jinyu still did not believe her, Jian Qi suspected that he might really push her off the cliff.

    As the seconds went by, not only did Tang Jinyu’s suffocating presence not diminish, he made Jian Qi feel even more pressured.

    After a long while, Tang Jinyu finally looked away. The oppressive aura around him gradually faded as well.

    Jian Qi sighed in her heart while trying to maintain the same facial expression her face.

    After all, Tang Jinyu was a very observant person. If he noticed something was amiss, Jian Qi would suffer severe consequences.