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Chapter 498 - Torch Dragon

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 498 Torch Dragon

    After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen cursed inwardly. I have to crack Chess Mountain's dungeon!

    "Prepare everything I need in a week. Otherwise, it won't be as simple as being a cat next time." The Thearch sent a message.

    Clearly, The Thearch hadn't planned on permanently changing Zhou Wen into a cat. She just did it as a warning.

    Now, Zhou Wen was filled with regret. If he had known, he would have stayed in his dorm obediently. Why did he go out?

    Thinking back to the scene of his eyes meeting Gu Dian, he wished he could find a hole to hide in.

    Zhou Wen had already made up his mind to think of a way to conquer Chess Mountain and pull The Thearch out. He would also transform her into a cat and raise her up high.

    However, he had to feign civility now. He couldn't let her notice any problems. Once he cracked Chess Mountain and found her weaknesses, he would personally go to Chess Mountain and deal with her.

    "I'll buy it as soon as possible." Zhou Wen replied.

    After some thought, Zhou Wen sent another message: "Previously, I was chased by someone and fled into a dimensional zone. I discovered a huge snake there…"

    Zhou Wen described the snake's physical characteristics and abilities. He wanted to ask if The Thearch knew what dimensional creature it was.

    Since he could not do anything to The Thearch, he might as well make use of her.

    "What snake? That's Torch Dragon, one of the dragon species. It has powerful abilities and a pair of eyes can affect the day and night. When it opens its eyes, it will be bright. When it closes its eyes, it will be dark. It's an extremely powerful ancient creature. Although it's far inferior to me, it's not something a mere human like you can match. It's your good fortune to be able to come back alive after meeting it." The Thearch replied.

    "You sure are knowledgeable. That Torch Dragon's eyes are indeed very powerful. It can kill many human experts with just a glance. It's practically invincible. I wonder if you can crack its terrifying ability?" Zhou Wen sent another message.

    "That's called the Bright Torch Vision World. It's not a bad ability, but what's so difficult about cracking it? I just need to use an invisibility spell to prevent it from seeing me. When that happens, I can kill it as I please." The Thearch replied.

    "Could it be that even someone as strong as you can't fight Torch Dragon head-on?" Zhou Wen deliberately said.

    The Thearch's solution was similar to Zhou Wen's idea. However, although he had the Invisibility Cloak, it was still impossible to hatch it. He couldn't be invisible.

    The Thearch was a proud person, so she immediately replied, "It's not easy to defeat it head-on. I can kill it with a wave of my hand, making it unable to open its eyes. Or perhaps, I can use a treasure mirror to reflect its gaze and make it have a taste of its own medicine."

    "You sure are resourceful. I wonder what kind of treasure mirror can reflect Torch Dragon's Bright Torch Vision World?" Zhou Wen was delighted when he learned that.

    If he could reflect the Bright Torch Vision World with just a mirror, then there was a chance of him killing Torch Dragon. There was no need to acquire an invisibility cloak.

    "Don't tell me you want to kill Torch Dragon? Do you have a death wish?" The Thearch had clearly seen through him as she sent a message.

    "I'm just asking. How would I dare kill Torch Dragon?" Zhou Wen denied.

    "The mirrors that you humans create have very good reflective effects. It would be enough to reflect Torch Dragon's Bright Torch Vision World. However, those mirrors are too brittle. They shatter when encountering external forces. Other than the Bright Torch Vision World, Torch Dragon's body is not something a mere human can deal with. If you wish to die, you can give it a try."

    Upon hearing The Thearch's words, Zhou Wen was truly excited. He never expected an ordinary mirror to be able to deal with Torch Dragon. This boosted his chances of killing it.

    "I'm just asking. Even if Torch Dragon invites me to kill it, I'm not free. I still have to help you buy things. By the way, I also encountered a terrifying dimensional creature. It looks like a wolf and tiger, but it's not one…" Zhou Wen continued to gather information from The Thearch.

    The Thearch really knew everything. She told Zhou Wen that it was one of the four ancient ferocious beasts, Qiongqi. Not only did it possess the ability to devour everything, but it also possessed terrifying speed. It was even harder to deal with than Torch Dragon.

    Furthermore, The Thearch also told Zhou Wen something quite strange. She said that if she wanted to deal with Qiongqi, she had to find an evil person to deal with it. The possibility of killing him would then be very high. If a good person were to fight Qiongqi, even if the good person's combat ability was the same as that evil person's, or even stronger, there was a high chance that he wouldn't be able to defeat Qiongqi and would end up being devoured.

    Zhou Wen was doubtful. He didn't know if The Thearch was speaking the truth or just joking.

    Zhou Wen admitted that he wasn't a good person, but he wasn't a person who committed heinous crimes. Therefore, he couldn't test it out.

    "Remember, you only have a week. If I don't see those things again, prepare to suffer." The Thearch sent the last message and ignored Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen contacted Li Xuan and gave him the list, asking if he could help buy the items.

    After a while, Li Xuan replied that it wasn't a problem. Zhou Wen transferred the money to him and made him use the Li family's resources to help him purchase the items. As for him, he considered how to kill Torch Dragon.

    Although he knew that mirrors might be helpful in killing Torch Dragon, ordinary mirrors couldn't be taken in-game. Zhou Wen had no way of testing the feasibility of this theory.

    Head straight to the Zhuolu ruins in person? Zhou Wen didn't dare take the risk. Ignoring the fact that The Thearch might be holding back the truth, even if it was the truth, the mirror could only reflect the Bright Torch Vision World. It wasn't of much use against Torch Dragon's other abilities. Furthermore, it was too easy to shatter. If an accident happened, Zhou Wen would have to pay with his life.

    How can I take a mirror into the game? Zhou Wen thought for a moment before checking online to see if there were any Companion Beasts that could transform into mirrors.

    He found quite a number of them. For example, there was a Clear Jade Immortal Mirror in the Kunlun Immortal Realm that could turn into an ancient mirror. However, that thing was relatively rare. Furthermore, the Kunlun Immortal Realm was too dangerous. It was almost impossible for an Epic to leave alive, and it was too far away from Zhou Wen.

    The other places with mirror-type Companion Beasts were either too far or too dangerous. Just as Zhou Wen was fretting, he accidentally saw some introductions of Companion Beasts in the West District. His eyes lit up.

    Among those Companion Beasts, there was an Epic Companion Beast named Sun Beast. Its companion form was a mirror, and it had excellent reflective ability.

    Most importantly, the place where Sun Beasts spawned was in Zhou Wen's game. It was called Music Temple.