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Chapter 401 - Are You Really Going to Ignore Your Little Fairy?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 401: Are You Really Going to Ignore Your Little Fairy?

    “Let’s head back!” Tang Jinyu turned around and left.

    When Jian Qi saw him turning around, she sighed in relief.

    However, she was a little surprised that he did not continue asking her about what was said between the mercenary and the special agent.

    When Jian Qi noticed that Tang Jinyu had already walked far away, she hurriedly went after him.

    If Tang Jinyu did not ask her, Jian Qi would assume that he did not want to get involved in unnecessary trouble.

    After all, the anti-terrorists had different objectives from the Special Fire Team. Besides, the Special Fire Team was merely here to assist the anti-terrorists on their mission.

    “Instructor Tang, wait up…” Jian Qi hurriedly caught up with Tang Jinyu before reaching for his wrist.

    “You’d better let go. I’m not in a good mood right now!” Tang Jinyu warned.

    Jian Qi smiled playfully as she continued flirting with him. “If you are not in a good mood, your little fairy would like to accompany you!”

    Tang Jinyu did not say a word. With a gloomy expression on his face, he stared straight ahead. Jian Qi wondered what was on his mind.

    Jian Qi knew that Tang Jinyu must still be thinking about what happened during the mission.

    His suspicions toward her had not disappeared completely.

    “Instructor Tang, are you really going to ignore your little fairy?” Jian Qi asked.

    Suddenly, Tang Jinyu stopped walking and turned around to look at Jian Qi coldly.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘The look in his eyes screams of danger!’

    “Run for ten kilometers right now!” Tang Jinyu commanded.

    Jian Qi looked dumbfounded.


    “Who told you to lie?” Tang Jinyu said, “Forget about what happened this time. If you ever lie to me again, the punishment will definitely not only be running ten kilometers!”

    “I will never lie again!” Jian Qi said seriously.

    After finishing her sentence, Jian Qi hurriedly ran off.

    It looked like she had managed to deceive Tang Jinyu this time.

    Jian Qi finally sighed in relief. Instantly, she felt much better.

    Prior to this, she was still very worried about the incident related to the bullet. Now, it seemed like the heavens were on her side.

    Next, Jian Qi would have to find an opportunity to reach out to Norman so that she could find the special agent she went on a mission with before. However, before that, she needed to have sufficient preparation.

    After all, that person might be partially linked to her death.

    Moreover, although it appeared as if Tang Jinyu believed what Jian Qi said today, she could sense that he was still very suspicious of her.

    In fact, he was more suspicious of her than before.

    It seemed that Jian Qi would have to be even more cautious when she does anything in the future. Before she left, she needed to make sure her cover was not blown.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu stood where he was as he observed the young lady who had already quickly run off. Even from behind, he could sense that she was very excited.

    ‘Why is she so happy even when she is being punished?’ Tang Jinyu frowned.

    After Jian Qi had thoroughly disappeared into the distance, Tang Jinyu slowly retracted his gaze. After taking two steps forward, he noticed that the anti-terrorist they shook off earlier had returned.

    When he recalled what Jian Qi said, Tang Jinyu frowned a little.

    It seemed there was a huge internal danger that was hidden in the anti-terrorist team. Moreover, Tang Jinyu felt equally curious and confused about the backpack the mercenary had escaped with before.

    Now, Tang Jinyu suspected that the anti-terrorist keeping an eye on him must have been sent by Steve.

    Jian Qi’s words were always half-truths.

    The one thing Tang Jinyu was certain about was that Jian Qi had not made those things up. However, she most definitely did not tell him everything she knew.

    Perhaps, what she kept to herself was hugely related to why she was so insistent on being a part of this mission.

    If Tang Jinyu had not guessed wrongly, she must have already accomplished her own agenda that time she ran off when the mission was being carried out.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and pursed his cold lips together tightly.

    What did the girl really want to accomplish?