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Chapter 332 - Something Happened

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 332: Something Happened

    When she was about to finish showering, Su Cha heard some slight movements.

    However, the pitter-patter of the water covered all traces. At that time, she paused for a moment. She did not think much and continued to shower.

    After washing up, Su Cha heard Jin Mou opening the door. “Su Cha, are you here? I’m back.”

    She sounded tired and seemed to have spotted the watermelon juice on the table. “Did you make it?”

    Su Cha shook her head. “The staff sent it.”

    Hearing this, Jin Mou did not think too much and directly drank from one of the glasses.

    After taking a huge gulp, Jin Mou heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m so thirsty. A staff outside fainted from heatstroke. I saw many people going out.”

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows. “Have they all come back from their shopping?”

    Jin Mou thought for a while. “I think so. Many are back, anyway.”

    Su Cha dried her slightly wet hair and found a hairdryer to blow it up. Jin Mou asked, “Hey, Su Cha, I heard them say that Imperial Mu Jewelry has become your follower. Do you know someone at Imperial Mu Jewelry?”

    Amid the buzzing of the hairdryer, Su Cha’s voice was a little muffled as she answered, “No, I don’t know anyone there.”

    She only gave Jin Mou a simple answer. Jin Mou was not the kind of person who liked to dig up the root of the matter. She nodded and did not say anything more.

    Jin Mou turned on her phone and mumbled, “My brother called me again when I went out today. I don’t know what he was thinking. He wants me to withdraw from the competition, but it was not easy for me to reach this stage. I don’t want to give up…”

    The hairdryer was very loud. Su Cha did not know if she heard her right or not.

    Jin Mou seemed to be looking for someone to talk to.

    “Cough cough cough…”

    As she spoke, she suddenly coughed.

    Then she frowned. Su Cha heard the coughs. She stopped the hairdryer and turned to look at Jin Mou. She saw that there was something wrong with Jin Mou’s expression. She coughed heavily and massaged her throat a few times. Then, she planned to grab the watermelon juice on the table.

    Su Cha suddenly reached out to stop her. “Wait, what’s wrong?”

    “My throat… cough cough cough cough, it’s so dry.”

    Jin Mou coughed again. Su Cha had a bad feeling.

    Jin Mou grabbed Su Cha’s arm and tried to swallow her saliva. “Su Cha, I’m so thirsty. It’s so dry…”

    “Don’t drink the watermelon juice. Wait.”

    Su Cha frowned and handed a bottle of well-packaged mineral water to Jin Mou.

    She took it and gulped down half of it.

    After drinking it, she paused and massaged her throat. She still felt uncomfortable.

    At this moment, Jin Mou realized that something was wrong. A few seconds later, Jin Mou suddenly clutched her throat. “No… No, my throat is uncomfortable… It’s so dry, it’s so hot!!”

    Her words were already broken, as if half of her speech had been cut off and some of her words could not be uttered.

    Her expression showed that she was slightly in pain. Su Cha had a bad feeling.

    She hurried to the door and shouted anxiously, “Something happened to Jin Mou!”

    At the same time, she tried her best to calm down. Seeing Jin Mou holding her throat in pain, she called 120 without hesitation.

    She looked at the half-empty cup of watermelon juice. The murderous intent in her eyes was completely revealed.

    Someone came in just now, not just the staff who delivered the watermelon juice.

    She called the ambulance and quickly gave the address. On the other side, Jin Mou had suddenly grabbed her hand. Her eyes were red. “Su Cha… said… no… talk.”

    She could not speak anymore.