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Chapter 333 - Cannot Call the Police

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 333: Cannot Call the Police

    Su Cha held her face and comforted her softly, “Jin Mou, stay calm, don’t be nervous.”

    She grabbed Jin Mou’s wrist. Seeing Jin Mou’s expression, she realized that this was not a simple matter.

    She pinched the vein on Jin Mou’s wrist and exerted her inner force into her body.

    Jin Mou shuddered in pain.

    Her inner force was not strong, and it was difficult for Su Cha to transfer energy to her, especially at her throat.

    But this inner force could at least relieve Jin Mou’s pain.

    Su Cha was afraid of the poison in Jin Mou’s eyes.

    Her inner force could not cure the poison.

    Su Cha knew that Jin Mou would not get any better.

    Su Cha was certain that there was something wrong with the watermelon juice.

    Just as she shouted, a few staff and contestants rushed over. They saw Su Cha holding Jin Mou and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong?”

    Jin Mou could not maintain her usual expression at this moment. Her eyes were red as she realized that there was something wrong with her throat, which was deadly to her.

    She might not ever be able to sing.

    Su Cha lowered her eyes and said in a domineering tone, “Something has happened to Jin Mou. She can’t speak now. I hope that no one will leave the dormitory from this moment on. I’ve already called the ambulance. Let’s wait for the ambulance to pick Jin Mou up before we investigate what’s going on.”

    Her words, especially the hidden threat that sent chills down their spines, made the production crew freeze.

    Everyone panicked when they saw Jin Mou. “What happened? Why can’t she speak?”

    Su Cha noticed that one of the staff members was a secret guard. He nodded and left the crowd.

    Su Cha then looked at the watermelon juice on the table. “Someone drugged the watermelon juice. Jin Mou was tricked. How terrible.”

    The coldness in her voice intensified as she spoke, but the corner of her lips had curled into a creepy smile.

    She thought that this would not happen, but it did.

    Su Cha had spoken with certainty. The staff realized that something bad was going to happen and glanced at each other. Two of them immediately went to notify the director.

    A contestant was shocked and afraid. She hesitated and asked, “Then, should we call the police?”

    “We can’t call the police!”

    One of the production crew members turned around and meant to give a scolding, but when he turned around, he saw that Su Cha’s eyes were cold to the bone. There seemed to be a ferocious aura hidden deep within her clear and calm eyes, preparing to break out of the surface.

    He shrank his neck in fear and explained, “If you call the police, it will be bad for all of you.”

    Someone had drugged a contestant’s cup. If this dirty thing were to spread out,  would be finished.

    Su Cha grinned and said, “Okay, we won’t call the police. We will deal with it privately.”

    She had said before that as long as these women did not cause trouble, they need not have anything to do with each other after the competition ended.

    She would not stoop to the level of those who gossip behind people’s backs.

    But now, someone had even gone so far as to drug others. If Su Cha did not catch this person, she would no longer be Su Cha!

    If it had not happened to Jin Mou first, it would have been her.

    There were two cups of watermelon juice. She did not know if they were both poisoned or only one.