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Chapter 334 - Who Is It?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 334: Who Is It?

    Due to the burning sensation in her throat, Jin Mou's eyes were brimming with tears.

    There was only a burning pain in her throat. It was not unbearable, but the consequences were severe.

    She could not sing, so she'd lost her chance at this competition.

    She had no idea if she was poisoned or not.

    She could not believe it. The contestants who used to look like they had some conflicts with each other were now so beautiful that she felt a chill down her spine. She could only grab Su Cha's arm tightly.

    She could only believe Su Cha. She did not believe that Su Cha would do such a thing.

    There was no one else she could trust in the room.

    The entire villa had been startled.

    The ambulance arrived soon. After Jin Mou was taken away, a female director went to take care of her and informed Jin Mou's family.

    The rest of them were in lockdown inside the dormitory.

    After the incident, the two cups of watermelon juice had been handed to the secret guards to be tested.

    What was left was the investigation.

    Those who did not come back during this period of time could be cleared of suspicion. Aside from the staff who delivered the watermelon juice while Su Cha was in the shower, other people must have come in.

    There was a problem with the cameras today, and there were not many people around during this period. It was obvious that someone had ill intent.

    Other than the contestants who did not make it back in time, the rest were gathered in the hall.

    Some of them were shocked, some were in disbelief, and some had unclear expressions.

    Jin Mou's accident had hurt her throat. Many people instantly understood that they would lose a powerful threat.

    It was hard to say how many people here sympathized with Jin Mou.

    Some of them were standing while others were sitting on the sofa, including the staff.

    Everyone was suspicious of everyone else, including Su Cha herself.

    Su Cha's gaze swept across the faces of the contestants. Some of them were afraid while others were blinking, but they might not be guilty.

    The first person to speak was the staff who delivered the watermelon juice to Su Cha. She stood up and said with a bitter expression, "I was the one who gave them the watermelon juice. At that time, Su Cha was showering, and I greeted her when I sent it in. Jin Mou was not there. The watermelon juice was freshly squeezed from our side, so I immediately carried it over. That was it."

    In other words, her involvement ended there.

    Everyone drank the same watermelon juice. Why did something happen only to Jin Mou?

    Su Cha did not intend to hide it and said directly, "After you, someone else came in, but I don't know who it is."

    After she said that, the atmosphere became tense.

    Meanwhile, Su Cha kept observing the contestants in front of her.

    If someone did something bad, unless someone had a strong mental fortitude, she would definitely give something away.

    Su Cha had amazing observation skills, but in such a short time, she could finish watching only the staff and some contestants. She did not find anyone unusual.

    Many contestants looked at each other. Su Cha could not see anything wrong for the time being. She looked at some people again. At this time, she suddenly saw a petite contestant standing behind a tall contestant, as if she was hiding in the shadow.

    She was looking at someone else with a panicked look on her face. However, she did not look like someone who had been caught. Instead, she looked like she was shocked.

    There were others who were standing with her, but only her position made Su Cha take another look.