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Chapter 402 - Was Number Seven Really Killed by a Shot to the Head?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 402: Was Number Seven Really Killed by a Shot to the Head?

    After Jian Qi returned from running ten kilometers, everyone had already packed up and was standing there waiting for her. “Big Sister Qi, you have a wonderful attitude. While everyone was resting, you proceeded with additional training!” Crocodile teased when he saw her returning.

    Jian Qi answered calmly, “That would naturally be the case. After all, without a strong physique, how would I protect my Instructor Tang?”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Crocodile, shut up already!’

    ‘It’s too early in the morning for this romantic crap. Aren’t you sick of it?’

    Tang Jinyu was just about done discussing something with Lightning. When Tang Jinyu heard what Jian Qi said, he glanced at Jian Qi coldly.

    Jian Qi had a wide smile on her face as she returned his gaze.

    Tang Jinyu snorted helplessly. ‘Isn’t this person afraid of being exposed and embarrassed?’

    Clearly, she was unusually thick-skinned compared to the others.

    “Everyone, rest where you are. We will depart and return to Nation A after ten minutes!” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    After finishing his sentence, Tang Jinyu turned around and began heading in the direction of the anti-terrorists’ base.

    Once Tang Jinyu and Steve ended their discussion, Tang Jinyu bid him farewell. “Now that things have concluded, we should head back to our country…”

    Steve chuckled. “We have cooperated rather well for this mission. I hope there is an opportunity for me to work with you in the future again, Mr. Tang.”

    Tang Jinyu replied with a straight face, “I hope there are less cases of terrorism in the world.”

    Steve’s smile became a little stiff. “You’re right, Mr. Tang.”

    “I shall not bother you any further, Mr. Steve. Farewell.”

    After Tang Jinyu finished his sentence, he walked out of the tent.

    Once Tang Jinyu had disappeared, the smile on Steve’s face faded away. He turned to look at his subordinate who stood beside him. “I told you to follow him. Did you discover anything?”

    “Nothing out of the ordinary.” The subordinate frowned.

    “Get Norman to see me!” Steve said coldly.


    Not long after the subordinate left, Norman arrived.

    “Mr. Steve,” Norman said.

    Steve looked at him for a while before speaking in a deep voice. “In regards to the task you were assigned with, you may get it done directly. You won’t have to return to the anti-terrorists’ headquarter.”

    “Yes.” Norman nodded.

    “You may leave!” Steve said.

    When Norman turned around and began walking toward the door, he suddenly came to a halt as if a thought had occurred to him. He turned around to look at Steve as he asked, “There’s something I have always been confused by.”

    “What is it?” Steve asked.

    “Was Number Seven really killed by an enemy’s shot to the head?” Norman asked.

    Steve’s facial expression turned gloomy instantly. “Norman, I recall telling you to know your place, what you should say and not say. You know better than this!”

    “Now, I must remind you about what you ought to ask and what you ought not to. I hope you understand!”

    Steve looked deeply annoyed. “Norman, I do not wish to hear something like this again!” He said coldly.

    “Yes.” Norman nodded and lowered his gaze.

    “Get out!” Steve uttered annoyedly.

    Norman backed out of the tent.

    Steve kept his gaze on the door and his facial expression darkened.

    ‘Why did Norman suddenly ask about this?’

    After Steve walked out of the door, he gave his subordinate an order. “Investigate Norman. Find out who he has been seeing recently and what they talked about. I want to know about all of this!”

    The subordinate seemed confused. “Is Norman keeping something from you?”

    Steve answered with a cold gaze. The subordinate immediately lowered his head and walked away hurriedly.