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Chapter 335 - Test Repor

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 335: Test Report

    "Just because you said someone else came in doesn't mean someone really did. What if it was you who did it, and you're just trying to push the blame on someone else?"

    When one contestant suddenly spoke, everyone's attention was instantly drawn to her.

    Gong Ruixin was one of the best singers.

    She looked more imposing as she walked in a masculine manner and her hair was cut to her earlobes. She had a good relationship with Mona.

    She looked at Su Cha doubtfully. Her words were equivalent to pushing Su Cha out. Everyone also looked at Su Cha, but their eyes had changed.

    Su Cha suddenly smiled. "I'm looking for evidence right now. All of us here should be suspected, yet you want to accuse me with just one sentence? There are libel laws. Would you like to know what it means? It's best if you do not use uncertain terms like ‘what if' or ‘maybe' on others."

    The girl looked at Gong Ruixin with a smile. Her bright eyes were like high-quality gems. At this moment, the light from her eyes made people feel a little cold.

    Gong Ruixin wanted to say something but was stopped by Mona.

    However, her words had ignited everyone's doubts about Su Cha. No matter how hard Su Cha tried to clarify, it was useless.

    Now that someone had raised suspicions, all the questions would be directed at her.

    Su Cha knew this very well, so she did not argue for herself. "The watermelon juice has been sent for testing. The most important thing now is to find out if Jin Mou has been poisoned or eaten something unusual. If the watermelon juice is proved to be problematic, the culprit must be in this villa. I hope the production crew can provide a satisfactory answer."

    Her words were clear, and the production crew felt a headache coming.

    The director and the others had not returned yet. The people who lived in the villa were all staff members, and no one could make such decisions.

    The next round would start the day after tomorrow.

    The national Top 30 would be reduced to the Top 20, but now, something had happened to Jin Mou…

    If word got out, it would affect the entire competition.

    More importantly, if the culprit was among the contestants, then the rest…

    Everyone felt a chill in their hearts. They suddenly recalled how Fu Bin had been victimized during the Top 50 competition.

    It now seemed like what was done to her was child's play.

    It was when compared to using poison, wasn't it?

    The atmosphere was tense. At this moment, a secret guard who was disguised as a staff walked over with a mask on his face. In his hand was a cup of watermelon juice. He said in a low, low voice, "It's been tested. This is the examination report."

    He took out a stack of documents and continued, "Contestant Jin Mou's cup of watermelon juice was indeed poisoned. The other cup was not."

    Hearing that it was really poison, everyone gasped.

    Only some people felt that something was wrong. Why were the results out so quickly?

    The production crew was also dumbfounded. Had they arranged for someone to take the watermelon juice to be tested?

    The "staff" continued, "The poison used on contestant Jin Mou was extracted from some pain-killers' raw material, a plant called White Luminous Root. It can be used in medicinal products, but if it is not properly handled, there will be side effects. For example, if the White Luminous Root's leaves are ground into a powder and added to water, it'll be colorless and odorless, but a small dosage will cause a burning sensation in one's throat, causing damage to the vocal cords and making one unable to produce a sound. With the amount inside the watermelon juice, contestant Jin Mou would not speak again for half a year."