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Chapter 404 - : Don’t Get in the Way of Us Meeting in Our Dreams

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 404: Don’t Get in the Way of Us Meeting in Our Dreams

    Jian Qi felt a little hurt.

    ‘Damn. These terms of endearment I found on the internet don’t work on Tang Jinyu at all!’

    ‘Indeed, anybody who believes in these things on the internet would only end up being embarrassed!’

    Jian Qi felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart…

    As Jian Qi looked bitterly at Tang Jinyu, she grabbed his hand.

    “Let go,” Tang Jinyu warned as he glared at Jian Qi coldly.

    Not only did Jian Qi not let go, she held his hand even more tightly. “Instructor Tang, how could you compare me to a toad? I am a swan!”

    While everyone tried to hold their laughter in, they could not help but curse in their minds. ‘Big Sister Qi, aren’t you ashamed?’

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu snorted. The tone of ridicule as he did so made Jian Qi feel even more hurt.

    As Jian Qi pulled Tang Jinyu’s hand close to her mouth, she bit down on it.

    Since Jian Qi used very little force when she bit Tang Jinyu’s hand, it merely felt like that of an ant’s bite. The painful sensation felt like an electric current which passed through Tang Jinyu’s body before it finally arrived at his heart.

    Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi and his gaze deepened as he pursed his thin lips together tightly.

    The young lady was staring at him with a bitter and depressed expression.

    “Instructor Tang, you clearly taste like a delicious pork knuckle!”

    Everyone. “…”

    After the glimmer in Tang Jinyu’s eyes faded, he laughed half-heartedly. “Looks like you have not had enough from the last time! I’ll order more for you once we get back!”

    Jian Qi shook her head while holding onto Tang Jinyu’s hand tightly. “I only want to eat this!”

    Everyone looked at Jian Qi with a shocked expression on their faces.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, you are heading further down the path of death…’

    However, everyone seemed excited at that moment. It was a rare sight for Big Sister Qi to be embarrassed in such a way. Since they were excited, it became difficult for them to control their emotions.

    “Big Sister Qi, don’t you think Boss tastes unusually delicious?” Old Man Qiu could not help but tease.

    Jian Qi nodded. “Not only is he delicious, he’s the most appetizing thing I’ve ever come across!”

    “Big Sister Qi, if you dare, push him over and finish him off!” Crocodile chuckled.

    “You can do it, Big Sister Qi!” Everyone gave Jian Qi an encouraging look.

    Surprisingly, Tang Jinyu glanced at them coldly without saying anything.

    Right then, everyone felt chills down their spines. It was a more frightening sensation than hearing Tang Jinyu’s cold voice.

    Those who initially intended to egg Jian Qi on chose to shut up immediately.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu and did not let go of his hand. It was unusual that he did not stop her from taking advantage of him.

    “Instructor Tang, they are egging me on to push you over. Will you give in to me?” Jian Qi laughed devilishly.

    Everyone chuckled. ‘Young lady, that’s too much!’

    ‘What do you mean by egging you on? You clearly want to do it just as much!’

    Instead of speaking, Tang Jinyu closed his eyes directly.

    After being ignored, Jian Qi calmly hugged Tang Jinyu’s arm before resting her head against him and closing her eyes. “I’m going to accompany Instructor Tang as he sleeps. Don’t get in the way of us meeting in our dreams!”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, you are the loudest person here!’

    Once the helicopter had arrived at the base, Tang Jinyu opened his eyes. When he glanced over at the person who was sleeping comfortably next to him, he extended his hand to push her head away directly.

    However, Jian Qi leaned her head against him yet again as she hugged his arm and rubbed her head against his shoulder.

    “Let go!” Tang Jinyu warned. “Otherwise, you will bear the consequences!”

    He knew that she was already awake.

    Slowly, Jian Qi fluttered her eyes open to look at Tang Jinyu. “We’ve arrived too soon. Time really does fly whenever I sleep with Instructor Tang.”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Lady, your words sound highly ambiguous!’