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Chapter 1046 - Like Mother, Like Daughter

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1046: Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Old Mr. Wen, who was in the Wen Family mansion, had already found out about everything that happened during the board meeting.

    Holding the orange glass chess piece in his hand, Old Mr. Wen said with a sigh, “We’ve really become old and silly. We can’t hold a candle to the youngsters at all!”

    He did not approve of the entertainment city project either. However, he had no choice but to tolerate it for now. Although Wen Xinya’s attack did not manage to lure the mastermind out, she managed to hit him in his weakest spot and assert dominance.

    She actually managed to come up with the brilliant idea of an independent sister company.

    She even used the Ai Shang Group as an example to convince the shareholders and directors, whom she was certain would approve of the win-win solution.

    Wen Xinya was the only person who had the ability to sabotage the plans of others completely. Since she could not stop Wen Haowen from carrying out the entertainment city development as soon as possible, she decided to give him a little push while compelling him to abide by her rules.

    Now that the matter about the sister company had already been confirmed, the Wen Corporation would no longer have to be afraid of anyone plotting against them. Since Wen Xinya had defeated the mastermind this time, he would definitely come up with something new.

    Butler Yu laughed and said, “Missy is always so unpredictable.”

    This time during her first board meeting, she managed to win the recognition and earned the praises of all the shareholders and directors, a tough feat that could not be achieved by everyone. Wen Haowen had been the CEO of the Wen Corporation for more than a decade and yet, he still had to answer to the shareholders and show them respect.

    Old Master Wen put the chess piece down before drawling. “This reminds me of Yunyao. Back then, she managed to impress the fussy shareholders despite holding only 5% of the Wen Corporation’s shares. Xinya has also done the same too! She truly lives up to the standards established by her mother.”

    Butler Yu laughed and remarked, “Like mother, like daughter.”

    Just as they were speaking, Wen Xinya strode into the living room in her four-inch heels.

    Old Mr. Wen stared at the chessboard and decided to stop the game halfway. Watching as his granddaughter strutted confidently with a noble elegance and grace, he laughed and said, “Our victorious female general is back from her victorious battle.”

    She exuded a domineering aura that had yet to fade. The crafty shareholders and competent directors were all tough nuts to crack, but she actually managed to win them over and get into their good books. Previously, he was still worried that she would be harshly criticized by them.

    Wen Xinya slipped and had a hard time regaining her balance. She did not expect Old Mr. Wen to tease her like that.

    Old Mr. Wen and Butler Yu burst into laughter. “This lass really can’t take a joke.”

    Wen Xinya kicked her heels off her feet and walked barefooted towards Old Mr. Wen before taking a seat beside him. “Grandpa, you shouldn’t tease me like that.”

    Staring at her fluid actions, Old Mr. Wen knew that she must have practiced doing that. He laughed and said, “We were just praising you for your suaveness and domineering aura. Yet, you showed your true colors so soon.”

    Previously, Wen Xinya had been acting rather reserved, sensible and solemn whenever she was with him. However, as she got closer to him in the past year, she began to show her childish side more and more frequently, which was to the joy of Old Mr. Wen.

    He gradually stopped feeling sorry about Xia Ruya.

    Wen Xinya tugged Old Mr. Wen’s arm and asked, “Grandpa, have you heard about everything that happened during the board meeting?”

    She was asking a rhetorical question because she was certain that Old Mr. Wen had found out. After all, he was the chairman of the Wen Corporation and he would definitely be informed firsthand.

    Old Mr. Wen answered smilingly, “Yes, I have. Mr. Qian and a few other shareholders called me one after another to praise you for your domineering aura and to congratulate me on having a competent successor.”

    When he heard from Secretary Cao that Wen Xinya would be joining the board meeting, he even specially called the shareholders whom he was closer to and informed them to give Wen Xinya a hand. However, he did not expect them to sing praises about her. He was proud and heartened to see how pleased they were with her.

    Wen Xinya was too shy to even speak after getting praised.

    Old Mr. Wen said softly, “You silly child. You can’t just intervene and join the board meeting as and when you’d like. Since you wanted to join the board meeting, you should have informed me beforehand. Otherwise, you might accidentally make a mistake.”

    Wen Xinya had prepared herself beforehand, but she had underestimated how fussy the shareholders and directors really were. If they were to disapprove of her, it would be difficult for her to secure a footing in the corporation regardless of how well prepared she was.

    Wen Xinya stammered. “Well, I had Secretary Cao to help me! Everyone would know their limits as long as Secretary Cao is with me.”

    Old Mr. Wen laughed resignedly and said, “You silly child.”

    She was indeed telling the truth, and there was nothing he could say to rebut. As her grandfather, he obviously wished that she would pull through the board meeting successfully. Fortunately, she was sensible enough.

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “Grandpa, thank you. If it weren’t for the arrangements that you made, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly for me.”

    Actually, she did not inform Old Mr. Wen of her decision to join the board meeting, not because she was reckless, but because she wanted to test the waters of the board. However, she did not expect that Old Mr. Wen would be so thoughtful as to make arrangements for her beforehand. Yet, Wen Haowen found out about it too and plotted against her, causing her to almost turn up late. However, she also managed to achieve her goals, all thanks to Old Mr. Wen. She had both failed and succeeded because of him!

    Old Mr. Wen laughed and said, “The idea of a sister company is brilliant. As long as we can keep the interests of the Wen Corporation and the entertainment city separate, we won’t have to worry about anyone plotting against us. Anyway, the Wen Corporation will be in charge.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Those are my thoughts exactly. The person instigating Wen Haowen is so secretive. I reckon even Wen Haowen doesn’t know what’s going on yet. We can’t keep trying to ward against the mastermind’s scheming tricks. We might as well launch an open attack.”

    Old Mr. Wen patted her hand, feeling extremely heartened.

    Wen Xinya stammered. “Grandpa… the 5% of shares that you gave Grandma…”

    Old Mr. Wen’s smile faded and he said coldly, “Since the shares have already been transferred to him, it’d be impossible for him to hand them over again. Your Grandma…” He paused, unsure of how he should his thoughts into words. He did not wish to say that Old Mrs. Wen was incompetent and that everything she touched turned to dust. After all, it would be inappropriate to criticize her in front of his junior.

    Wen Xinya nodded without answering.