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Chapter 503 - Sei Gasakai

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 503 Sei Gasakai

    Honn Shinsakura was not convinced to begin with. After hearing his teacher’s evaluation, he became even more indignant. However, his teacher had already stood up. As a disciple, he had to maintain his etiquette. He could only step aside and sulk.

    “I’m Sei Gasakai. May I know your name?” the middle-aged man asked Zhou Wen.

    “There’s no need to be this polite with me. My name is Zhou Wen,” Zhou Wen said as he put down his phone.

    As Zhou Wen had never heard of the name Sei Gasakai, he didn’t think much of it. However, this name was famous in another region and even the entire Federation.

    Speaking of the Sword Hero Sei Gasakai, many people who practiced the way of the sword knew that he used to be a first-rate sword master who practiced Niten Ichi-ryū ten years ago, and he was also famous locally for his good looks.

    However, Zhou Wen didn’t know any of this.

    Seeing his teacher, Sei Gasakai, solemnly mention his name, while Zhou Wen only sat there silently, Honn Shinsakura could not help but snort coldly. He felt that Zhou Wen didn’t respect his teacher, Sei Gasakai.

    Sei Gasakai didn’t mind as he said with a smile, “Zhou Wen, are you familiar with Chancellor Leng Zongzheng in your studies at Sunset College?”

    “It’s very rare to see Chancellor Leng. He’s no longer teaching,” Zhou Wen answered truthfully.

    “Isn’t your mentor Leng Zongzheng? Then who is your mentor?” Sei Gasakai was slightly surprised.

    Zhou Wen was so young, yet he had such a cultivation realm. He believed that Zhou Wen was Leng Zongzheng’s student. His visit to Luoyang was to challenge Leng Zongzheng.

    “Wang Fei,” Zhou Wen answered subconsciously.

    After Wang Fei left, many things happened to Zhou Wen. He seldom interacted with the new tutor, and he still thought of Wang Fei as his tutor. Furthermore, Wang Fei and Wang Mingyuan were both members of Luoyang’s Wang family. Zhou Wen subconsciously wanted to acknowledge Wang Fei as his tutor.

    Sei Gasakai thought for a moment. He had never heard of this name before. In fact, Sei Gasakai didn’t like the other teachers of Sunset College. He believed that the only one worthy to fight him at Sunset College was the chancellor, Leng Zongzheng. Therefore, he didn’t know much about the other teachers. He only knew a few of the more famous tutors.

    Even though the mentors were rather famous in the Federation, Sei Gasakai did not think of them as opponents.

    Although Zhou Wen wasn’t a student taught by Leng Zongzheng, since he was a student of Sunset College and had such accomplishments at such a young age, Sei Gasakai wanted to know of Zhou Wen’s accomplishments.

    Sei Gasakai originally could only tell that Zhou Wen’s cultivation level wasn’t bad. He remained unperturbed despite being in front of them. This made him find the young student pretty good.

    It was only later, when Honn Shinsakura probed Zhou Wen, hoping to force him to take action, did Sei Gasakai realize that Zhou Wen wasn’t ordinary. His martial realm wasn’t low, but it wasn’t obvious how high it was.

    “If there’s nothing else, I wish to continue gaming.” Zhou Wen lowered his head and continued gaming.

    Sei Gasakai didn’t make any remarks as he looked at the peony flower outside the stone pavilion. A gust of wind blew past, and a withered petal fell, blowing into the stone pavilion. He extended his slender fingers and clamped the petal between his fingers.

    “Little friend, take a look at this petal. Do you see anything different about it?” With that said, Sei Gasakai extended his index finger and middle finger towards Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen immediately felt his body tremble as he couldn’t help but look up at Sei Gasakai.

    Sei Gasakai’s finger wasn’t fast, but when it landed in Zhou Wen’s eyes, the scenery was completely different.

    The life force in the peony garden seemed to have followed Sei Gasakai’s finger. It was as if he was the lord of the peony garden, and the peony garden moved under his power.

    Zhou Wen felt that he wasn’t facing Sei Gasakai, but the billions of flowers in the peony garden. The power gathered on the petals was like a boundless sea. He immediately felt immense pressure.

    Zhou Wen wore a solemn expression as he sat on the bench. His fingers were like swords as he extended them towards the petal delivered by Sei Gasakai, clamping the other side of the petal.

    At that instant, Zhou Wen felt a strange force rush over.

    Flowers bloomed and fell. The sun rose and set. From life to death, Zhou Wen felt his body rapidly aging as time flew by.

    A strange glint flashed across Sei Gasakai’s eyes. In the past, he had cultivated Niten Ichi-ryū. The so-called Niten Ichi-ryū meant that the sky had the sun and the moon, and humans were divided into Yin and Yang. The Niten Ichi-ryū was also about complementing Yin and Yang.

    Niten Ichi-ryū warriors usually held a tachi in their right hand and a small tachi in their left hand. This Yin and Yang produced endless changes.

    Sei Gasakai was extremely talented. After being repeatedly honed by dimensional zones and gaining insights, not only did he reach the pinnacle of Niten Ichi-ryū, but he had also basically created a lineage using the Niten Ichi-ryū as a foundation, allowing his strength to improve greatly.

    This lineage not only focused on Yin and Yang, the incorporeal and corporeal, but it also had a great relationship with time and life. Sei Gasakai had yet to name this lineage. This time, he had come to Luoyang to challenge Leng Zongzheng. If he could defeat him, he planned to name the lineage he created.

    As Zhou Wen was a student of Sunset College, Sei Gasakai had originally planned on using his newly created technique to test his cultivation level and realm. He didn’t really want to fight him.

    However, when he used the Will Renewal concept in his saber art, he realized that Zhou Wen wasn’t affected at all. With that, he gradually strengthened his will in the sword.

    Zhou Wen felt as though countless flowers had bloomed before waning as time seemed to pass rapidly. It was as though the entire peony garden had turned into a flower graveyard. He had also gone from young to old as though he was about to die.

    When Sei Gasakai saw that Zhou Wen remained unmoved, he couldn’t help but be astonished. He had already thought highly of Zhou Wen to begin with, but he never expected the youth in front of him to be even stronger than he had imagined. He couldn’t help but strengthen his sword will as it changed from the Will Renewal to life and death.

    Honn Shinsakura watched from the side, but he didn’t sense anything. All he saw was Zhou Wen and Sei Gasakai each holding a petal. One of them was standing while the other was sitting, motionless.

    Honn Shinsakura was somewhat puzzled. He did not know what his teacher Sei Gasakai was doing, but he did not dare disturb him. He could only wait patiently by the side.

    But as he watched, Honn Shinsakura’s eyes widened.

    His teacher, Sei Gasakai, had his hair band snap and his long black hair flowed down. His long black hair was gradually turning white. In just moments, his long black hair had turned snow-white.

    “Teacher, what’s wrong?” Honn Shinsakura was alarmed as he hurriedly stood up. He wanted to rush over and push Zhou Wen away.


    However, just as he took a few steps towards Zhou Wen, he felt a terrifying force slam into him. His body involuntarily flew out and landed outside the stone pavilion. Blood oozed out of his mouth and a few of his bones were broken. He looked at Zhou Wen in the stone pavilion in horror and struggled several times but failed to get up.