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Chapter 405 - A Grand Meal of Pork Knuckles

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 405: A Grand Meal of Pork Knuckles

    After the group of people got off the helicopter, Tang Jinyu glanced blankly at them. “Gather in the canteen after half an hour! Dismiss!”

    Everyone was overjoyed that Tang Jinyu had prepared a grand meal for them as soon as they returned.

    Before half an hour had passed, everyone was already quickly heading to the canteen.

    To their surprise, the delicious food they had imagined to be on the table was not there.

    Once everyone had sat on their respective seats, Tang Jinyu gave an order to the kitchen staff. “Serve the dishes.”

    Everyone was beaming happily because Boss had been so thoughtful as to prepare a celebratory meal for them.

    “Instructor Tang, sit here…” Jian Qi gestured for Tang Jinyu to sit next to her.

    Although Tang Jinyu walked over to Jian Qi, he did not sit down next to her.

    Very soon, the dishes were served. The smiles on everyone’s faces began to fade away gradually.

    Jian Qi could not help but look depressed.

    “Instructor Tang, I would like to go to the washroom,” Jian Qi said.

    “Sit down. You can go after you’re done eating!” Tang Jinyu warned coldly.

    Jian Qi chuckled.

    As everyone looked at the grand meal of pork knuckles in front of them, they began to feel disgusted by the amount of oil it contained.

    “I’m very glad that you have all done so well on your first mission together. Therefore, consider this a celebratory meal. Make sure you finish all of it!”

    “Start eating!” Tang Jinyu said before he proceeded to leave the canteen.

    When everyone looked at the five pots of pork knuckles on the table, they felt disgusted.

    “Dear teammates, I am not very hungry. Feel free to have my portion too. I’ll leave first…” Jian Qi said as she stood up with the intention of leaving.

    Lu Yao reached out and pulled Jian Qi back to her seat.

    “Why are you running away? Didn’t you say you wanted to eat pork knuckles?” Lu Yao snorted. “Look, Instructor Tang is so kind to you. You must eat more!”

    When everyone looked at Jian Qi, their eyes were filled with hatred.

    They now realized that Boss had remained silent on the helicopter because he was waiting for this moment to pull a prank on them.

    ‘But, did he have to be this cunning?’

    ‘Clearly, Big Sister Qi was the one who wanted to eat pork knuckles!’

    ‘Why must they get dragged into this mess?’

    In response to everyone’s angry stare, Jian Qi smiled calmly and devilishly. “Everyone, please eat more. If you want more, you can have my portion too!”

    While Jian Qi spoke, she picked up a piece of pork knuckle with her chopsticks and placed it on her plate.

    “Let’s eat…” Jian Qi said.

    At first, everyone was feeling rather hungry. However, when they saw this many pork knuckles, they instantly felt full. In fact, they already felt bloated.

    As Jian Qi looked at how everyone had lost their appetite, she felt quite happy.

    ‘Everybody, you finally know how it felt like when I was cheated by Tang Jinyu the first time!’

    After everyone took a deep breath, they began picking up pork knuckles with their hands and bit into them. It felt like they were waiting in line for their own execution.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi sat still and did not move after a long time.

    “Big Sister Qi, eat!” Crocodile exclaimed as he looked at her.

    When everyone heard Crocodile, they looked over at Jian Qi in unison.

    Being stared at suddenly was not a great feeling. Jian Qi could only awkwardly pick up the pork knuckle and begin eating again.

    The kitchen staff could not help but laugh at the sight. “You guys are really capable. Boss came to us as soon as the helicopter landed and ordered us to buy enough pork knuckles for all of you within half an hour. We, the kitchen staff, travelled to several restaurants to make sure there was enough. You must finish all of it!” One of the kitchen staff said.

    Everyone felt the urge to cry…

    On average, each of them had to eat four pork knuckles. However, after having two pork knuckles, they were already beginning to feel disgusted from the amount of oil they were consuming.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi had barely finished eating half of the pork knuckle on her plate.

    Once everyone was done with their fourth pork knuckle, they nearly puked from consuming too much oil.

    However, Jian Qi was still on her first pork knuckle.

    “Would you guys like to help me finish off the remaining three?” Jian Qi asked.