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Chapter 389 - The Anniversary (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 389: The Anniversary (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The man's voice remained low like it always was as he replied, "Go ahead."

    Xu Weilai bit her bottom lip hard and forced herself to ask, "Gu Yu, do you truly want me to go inside to meet the person you love?"

    "Yes," Gu Yu answered without any hesitation.

    The sound of his voice that wafted over was beautiful and charming, but it tugged at Xu Weilai's heartstrings violently. Her thick and curly eyelashes couldn't help trembling.

    Then, she heard Gu Yu say, "Xu Weilai, today is a very important anniversary to me. I… would like to share it with you."

    An important anniversary… it was exactly as Yun Rou had said. Today was indeed their anniversary!

    And he wanted to share it with her?

    Just how much did Gu Yu want to hurt her? Was he afraid that she wouldn't agree to a divorce and would insist on clinging on to him?

    If so, he had severely underestimated her.

    Then again, it wasn't as if he ever thought fondly of her. In any case, it no longer mattered…

    If this relationship was destined to come to an end, she wasn't about to put up a painful struggle. She would choose to accept their fate, but she wouldn't repeat her actions from three years ago and run away in embarrassment this time. Instead, she would face it bravely.

    What gave him the right to reject her time and time again? She was going to dump him before he even had the chance to open his mouth!

    It wasn't as if a divorce was a big deal! Her next husband would be even better!

    "Fine, I'll go in now. Coincidentally, I have something to tell you too!"

    With that, Xu Weilai disconnected the call. With her head held high and her footsteps resolute, she walked in.

    The moment she stepped through the restaurant doors, the first thing that caught her eyes was the light radiating from several candles. With the candles arranged around the entire restaurant, the light flickered and bathed the place in a romantic glow.

    Xu Weilai's heart ached painfully.

    He had clearly put much effort and thought into this. Why couldn't he and Yun Rou just spend their anniversary together? Why did he have to stomp on her heart this much?

    She didn't see anyone else around, so she assumed Gu Yu probably reserved the entire restaurant. Then, she heard the sound of footsteps. Lifting her eyelids, she saw the tall and straight figure of a man emerging from a dark corner. He approached her and eventually stopped in front of her.

    As of now, she had yet to see Yun Rou.

    Today, he seemed even more handsome than before. Xu Weilai pursed her lips and lowered her eyes to avoid looking at him. She was afraid that if she stared at him for any longer, her resolve would weaken.

    Xu Weilai opened her mouth and went straight to the point, "Where's the person you want me to meet?"

    Now that she was already here, there was no need to prolong the mystery. Yun Rou had already dealt her the finishing blow by giving away the answer long ago.

    Based on Gu Yu's facial expression, she couldn't tell whether he was annoyed or exasperated. Regardless of what he was feeling, he said, "Xu Weilai, if you were in such a hurry to meet the person, you should have come earlier."

    Xu Weilai didn't know how to reply to his word.

    However, he immediately murmured, "Then again, it's isn't too late now either." From the tone of his voice, it seemed as if he was hiding a myriad of emotions from her.

    Xu Weilai felt as if her heart had been crushed up into a ball. The resulting pain was so intense that she was finding it hard to breathe.

    "Come on. The person you want to meet is in the backyard waiting for you."

    Gu Yu reached out subconsciously to hold Xu Weilai's hand, but Xu Weilai abruptly dodged it. He frowned as a hint of surprise flashed across his face. "What's wrong?" he asked.

    Xu Weilai shook her head, but she was unable to even summon a perfunctory smile on her face and walked off on her own.

    Gu Yu's expression sank slightly at the sight, but he strode after her without questioning her any further.

    When she reached the backyard of the restaurant, it was as if she had entered a different world. The place was decorated in color with all kinds of flowers all around. At the end of a winding path, there was an exquisitely beautiful house made of glass.

    When Xu Weilai looked over, the first thing she saw in the house was a very conspicuous-looking black piano.