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Chapter 336 - Hidden Monitor

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 336: Hidden Monitor

    With every word he spoke, the audience would shrink back.

    No one expected the situation to be so serious. It could be seen how vicious the person who'd poisoned her was.

    "Be it the original plant or the powder, White Luminous Root is a prohibited substance in China. It can't be purchased by just anyone. Only hospitals could have access."

    This person seemed to have every explanation. While some were coming to a realization, the others zeroed in on the staff and looked at him. Wasn't this person new? How could he know so much?

    Su Cha squinted.

    White Luminous Root was not easy to get hold of, which provided an idea for Su Cha.

    However, the staff's words could only prove that someone had poisoned her, but who could it be…

    Everyone looked at each other, but they could not tell what was going on.

    After a while, another staff member came down from upstairs. He held something in his hand and handed it to the production crew. "Reveal them for everyone to see."

    The secret guard nodded at Su Cha.

    Su Cha paused.

    The production crew was puzzled. They saw that the person was holding a thumb drive, which they plugged into the computer.

    The next scene was interesting. It was actually a surveillance video. It was aimed at Su Cha's corridor.

    All the contestants and staff were shocked when they saw the video. "Didn't you say that there was a problem with all the cameras today?"

    "Yeah. Why are there surveillance videos?"

    "Oh my god, I had heatstroke today. Could it have been broadcasted?"

    Meanwhile, Su Cha noticed that the delicate little contestant had turned pale when she saw the video.

    She immediately understood that the culprit was her.

    The secret guard explained righteously, "The production crew did not mention it before. For the sake of the safety of all contestants, we had arranged for some hidden cameras to be placed in the public areas. This way, we can prevent accidents from happening. We are also very sorry for what happened today. I hope you can understand. If the competition continues, I ho