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Chapter 570 - Kidnapping Someone Else’s Child

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 570: Kidnapping Someone Else’s Child

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    In front of a magnificent monastery in the primitive plane of existence, smoke from burning incense rose in spirals.

    On top of the praying mat in the middle of the temple sat a cool and handsome monk. He was holding a strand of bodhi beads in his hand and reciting Buddhist scriptures with his eyes closed.

    All of a sudden, a chilly wind whooshed in the temple and a red skeleton appeared in front of the monk. Then it knelt on one knee to report, “Great Master Fan Yin, our spy in Canglan Continent has sent a message back, saying that there’s been a lot of activity happening recently in the Celestial Palace. It may soon find its way to you here.”


    “Are there any rumors about the Demonic Blood Flower in Canglan Continent?” Fan Yin opened his eyes and a glint of profound serenity flashed in his eyes.

    “The Celestial Palace has kept the news pretty tight. There are currently no rumors of the Demonic Blood Flower in Canglan Continent,” the red skeleton clattered.

    “Looks like Yun Jiuge has learned how to behave this time,” Fan Yin muttered to himself.

    He originally thought that if Yun Jiuge were to expose his true colors, he would have to divulge the secret method of cultivating the Demonic Blood Flower and throw Canglan Continent into chaos.

    Now that Yun Jiuge was biding her time, he could not make a move.

    “My lord, do you want to send someone to the Celestial Palace again to make discreet inquiries for news again?” asked the red skeleton.

    “No, just keep a close eye on the movements within the Celestial Palace. Promptly report back if they are to come to the primitive plane of existence,” Fan Yin said calmly.

    He had already prepared for this day for more than 2,000 years. He was just waiting for Yun Jiuge to walk right into the trap.

    “Yes.” The red skeleton nodded and immediately disappeared without a trace.

    Fan Yin got up and walked out of the temple. He looked out over to the sky in the distance and muttered, “After all these years, I can finally avenge my foster father.”


    At this time, Yun Jiuge was in Wanhua Spiritual Garden to witness her son successfully complete his task.

    He finally retrieved 49 Seven Star Fruits accurately from behind the Black Hole Trees.

    “Hahaha, I’ve finally done it.” Little Dragon jumped up excitedly.

    “My son has done well,” Zi Shang said, looking proud of him. To be able to watch his son progress day by day — this kind of satisfaction made him happier than when he killed his former Demon Emperor back then¬.


    “Okay my darling, quickly go back to rest. If little black horn comes to your dream again tonight, tell him we’ll fetch him in three days’ time,” said Yun Jiuge, stroking her son’s big head.

    “I know!” Little Dragon also wanted to share his joy with his good friend.

    He returned to the Golden Dragon Hall. After washing up, he lay on the shiny gold bed and seemed to enter dreamland the moment he closed his eyes.

    Yun Jiuge kissed her son’s face and softly said to Zi Shang, “You’d better go wash up and get ready to go to bed too!”

    “Okay, let’s go together.” Zi Shang pulled Yun Jiuge’s hand along and stroked the palm of her hand. They had not been intimate for a long time.

    “Cut it out!” Yun Jiuge rolled her eyes at Zi Shang but still left with him coquettishly.

    Little Dragon did not know that his father and mother had left to make him a brother or sister.

    He slept sprawled on his back with his drool dribbling. His little belly swelled up and down. He was still training hard in his skill of going through the Black Hole Trees in his dream.

    “Well done.” Osamu once again silently appeared in Little Dragon’s dream.

    “Hey, little black horn, you’re back!” Little Dragon turned around and dashed excitedly toward Osamu.

    “Well, I’m all prepared on my side. When are you coming to get me?” Osamu looked at Little Dragon’s chubby face and could not help but pinch him. It felt genuinely nice, like a big bun.

    “We can do it now.” Little Dragon solemnly vowed, and completely tossed his mother’s instructions out of his head.

    “Now?” Osamu was a little surprised.

    “Yeah!” Little Dragon had a high fighting spirit and could not wait to perform well.

    “Then I’ll go back and wait for you.” Osamu injected Soul Power into the vortex of Little Dragon’s palm.

    “Go back. I’ll come get you soon.” Little Dragon held his fist and waved it hard.

    Osamu smiled slightly and gradually disappeared.

    Little Dragon sat cross-legged on the floor and closed his eyes. He consciously transformed into a little golden dragon and entered the space-time tunnel.

    The dark tunnel was like an oppressive and scary deep sea. Space-time storms would break out from time to time — even the gods would not dare enter lightly.

    The little golden dragon took his time and was at ease inside as he meandered forward along the soul trail left by Osamu. He encountered many intersections along the way, but he could always find the right way.

    He moved along for an hour in the space-time tunnel, before he finally saw a light and found the familiar scent of Osamu behind a hole.

    He walked through the hole without hesitation, and eventually came to Osamu’s sleeping chambers.

    “So fast?” Osamu was just sorting things out. He still thought that it would take Little Dragon at least one day to come over.

    “Little black horn, is this your home? Why is it so dark?” Little Dragon looked at the interior of the bare sleeping chambers and showed a sympathetic expression to Osamu.

    “My curse doesn’t allow me to see light. Oh, that’s right, you like gemstones, don’t you? These are for you,” said Osamu, pointing to the piles of things on the floor which he had ordered his men to gather. He did not have the time to pack them.

    “I’ll take a look at them.” Little Dragon’s claws emitted a faint light, and the pile of things immediately refracted with all kinds of dreamy light.

    Tall red crystal coral trees, fist-sized bright pearls, bags of glittering amethyst, turquoise and so on. They all shone till Little Dragon was dizzy.

    “Are these all for me?” Little Dragon almost drooled.

    “Of course.” These things were collected by him specifically for Little Dragon.

    “Little black horn, you’re too nice.” Little Dragon immediately put these gemstones into the Magical Bottomless Bag and then excitedly said to Osamu, “Come on, I’ll take you back now.”

    “Wait a minute.” Osamu took out a black mask with silver-edges and put it on his face before saying, “We can go now.”

    Little Dragon then opened his mouth wide to swallow Osamu into his stomach. Next, with a swish of his tail, he went back the way he came from Canglan Continent.

    When Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang came back after being intimate, they discovered that there was a masked person in their child’s bed.

    “Uncle and Auntie, nice to meet you.” Osamu sat on Little Dragon’s bed and politely greeted them.

    “When did you arrive here?” Yun Jiuge was surprised and asked, “Didn’t we say we’ll pick you up in three days’ time?”

    The moment Osamu heard this, he knew that Little Dragon had acted rashly.

    He did not want Little Dragon to be rebuked so he took it upon himself to shoulder the blame and said, “I asked Little Dragon to bring me here in advance.”

    “Did everything go smoothly?” Yun Jiuge looked at her son sleeping soundly. She really wanted to give him a good spanking. He was really asking for it by brazenly bringing Osamu back ahead of time without anyone drawing up a protective spell to keep them safe from harm.

    “It went really well,” replied Osamu. He then nodded and asked, “Where’s the man who can help me lift the curse?”

    “He’s in the primitive plane of existence. You rest for a few days first and then we’ll go to him together.” Yun Jiuge did not expect Osamu to arrive so soon.

    “No need for that. I hope to be able to set off today.”

    “Why the urgency?”

    “Because I did not inform my King Father and Queen Mother this time when I left to come here. I must resolve this as soon as possible and return. Or else they’ll be in a panic,” Osamu said.

    Yun Jiuge instantly had the feeling as if her own son had kidnapped someone else’s son and run away.