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Chapter 571 - Fan Yin’s Quest For Revenge

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 571: Fan Yin’s Quest For Revenge

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    “In that case, we’ll set off in awhile. The sooner we settle the matter, the earlier we can send him back,” Zi Shang said to Yun Jiuge.

    “Okay.” Yun Jiuge put herself in someone else’s shoes and thought that if her son were abducted by another person, she would certainly explode.

    “Then I’ll go tell Wan Sha to get the things ready right now,” said Zi Shang as he turned around and left the Golden Dragon Hall.

    Yun Jiuge tore open her son’s little blanket and woke him up.

    “Mother, what’s going on?” Little Dragon rubbed his eyes and did not know what was going on.

    “Don’t sleep anymore. We’re going to beat the bad guys, so you’re going to help us open the portal later. Do you still have the strength now?” Yun Jiuge held her son’s little fat claws to check on the state of his Holy Power in his body.

    “Yes,” Little Dragon shouted with ample energy.

    “Okay, get dressed. Let’s go find Uncle Wan Sha.” Once Yun Jiuge confirmed that her son still had plenty of Holy Power, she then helped him put on some clothes.

    “Little black horn, can you walk?” Little Dragon turned his head to look at Osamu’s legs. He still remembered that Osamu had said his legs were cursed.

    “I’ve an aid as a means of transport.” Osamu removed a Spiritual Beast Bag from his waist and emptied out a round black ball with a pair of droopy eyes. It looked extremely fierce.

    “This is my pet, Gu Lu.” Osamu patted the black ball. The black ball automatically transformed into a black wheelchair. Two handles each grew an eye and blinked at Little Dragon.

    “How interesting.” Little Dragon reached out to touch Osamu’s wheelchair, but Yun Jiuge took his hand back and said, “No playing. Your father is waiting for us.”

    Yun Jiuge and Little Dragon walked in front while Osamu followed them behind. The three of them soon came to the main hall of the Celestial Palace.

    By this time, Zi Shang and Wan Sha’s Puppet Army had already gathered, waiting for them.

    “Long’er, can you create a portal to the primitive plane of existence here?” Yun Jiuge pointed to the middle of the main hall.

    If they wanted to prevent Fan Yin’s spy in Canglan Continent from catching them off guard, they must make a surprise move.

    “Yes!” Little Dragon went to the middle of the main hall and jumped. A black hole appeared on the green slate beneath his feet. The hole led straight to the primitive plane of existence.

    “Let’s go,” Yun Jiuge said in a lowered voice as the group of them left the Celestial Palace in silence.

    It was in the middle of the night at this time in the primitive plane of existence. Yun Jiuge and the others landed in a sea of wilderness, with desolate and uninhabited surroundings.

    “Are we going to the monastery to look for Fan Yin?” Zi Shang asked.

    “No, we’ll first go save Blooming Flowering Tree.” Yun Jiuge took out the small red flower left behind by Blooming Flowering Tree and imbued it with Spiritual Energy.

    A golden ray of light extended toward the east.

    Yun Jiuge led Little Dragon and Zi Shang took Osamu. The group of them quietly followed the ray of golden light and came to the depths of Shiwan Grand Mountain.

    “Isn’t this the Empress Temple?” Looking at the dilapidated temple in the distance, Zi Shang remembered the road to death leading to the Secret Realm.

    “This is the point of chaos in space. Fan Yin must have set a lot of traps inside. Wan Sha, you’ll lead the Puppet Army and stand guard outside. We’ll enter first to check on the situation,” Yun Jiuge instructed. She dared not let her guard down when it came to Fan Yin.

    “Yes.” Wan Sha nodded. The Puppet Army immediately dispersed everywhere and hid in the dark.

    “Long’er, Osamu, you must follow us closely. Understand?” Yun Jiuge bowed her head and said to her son and Osamu.

    “Understood.” Little Dragon’s face was full of seriousness.

    Osamu was calm and composed. He did not care too much about this battered mountain.

    Yun Jiuge led the way, walking in front. Little Dragon and Osamu walked in the middle while Zi Shang was at the back. The group of them followed that piece of small red flower and walked into the dilapidated temple, toward the depths of the ground.

    The underground passageway was decrepit. The black Death Energy was like cobwebs covering the whole area. The red petals wandered here and self-destructed without any flame. Then they disappeared without a trace.

    “Didn’t you close the tunnel when you left the Secret Realm?” Zi Shang looked at the deep passageway and recalled the scene when they had first entered at the time.

    “I did close it off. It must be Fan Yin who opened it again.” Yun Jiuge thought of the tragic state in which the Secret Realm’s human-beasts were in and felt incomparable hate toward Fan Yin.

    To think that she actually thought Fan Yin was really a good monk who bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind. She must have been really blind.

    “Shush. Listen and tell me if there’s a sound up ahead.” Zi Shang stopped in his tracks.

    “Behind the wall.” Little Dragon’s ears were sharp, and he immediately discovered a faint breathing sound coming from the wall in front.

    “Step aside.” Zi Shang let Yun Jiuge lead their son and Osamu in taking a few steps back before putting his hands on the wall.

    The wall immediately shattered into countless pieces, revealing a black cocoon.

    Blooming Flowering Tree was trapped inside, moaning in pain with his eyes closed.

    “Blooming Flowering Tree, are you alright?” Yun Jiuge walked over and patted him on the face.

    Blooming Flowering Tree did not respond at all.

    “These black silk threads can extract Spiritual Energy. I’ll destroy it, and you get Blooming Flowering Tree out.” Zi Shang’s palms shot out a ball of purplish black demon fire and burnt the black silk threads till they crackled. Soon a big hole was revealed.

    Yun Jiuge grabbed Blooming Flowering Tree’s shoulders and pulled him out.

    The rest of the black silk threads escaped like they were alive. A roaring sound immediately came from the underground passageway.

    Many skull-shaped blood-colored Flower Bones emerged from the sky and ground and started to compete in blooming. The dark passageway suddenly became a sea of red.

    Those skull flowers crowded in a disorderly fashion, like a frenzy of demons. They were the Blood Soul Flowers once destroyed by Yun Jiuge, but these were even more charming and strange than the ones she encountered during that time.

    Zi Shang shot a black demon fire toward the Blood Soul Flowers, but it was devoured clean by them.

    Yun Jiuge cast a golden Holy Power but could not even break out of the siege by the Blood Soul Flowers.

    “Don’t waste your energy. These Blood Soul Flowers have been bred by me using the secret technique of Reincarnation, dedicated to restraining your Holy Power,” a man’s voice rang out in the passageway.

    “Fan Yin, show yourself.” Yun Jiuge looked around and then saw Fan Yin draped in a red outer vestment, emerging from the largest Blood Soul Flowers in the middle.

    He looked down at Yun Jiuge and the others from on high and said, “I didn’t think that you could actually evade my spy and charge in here. It looks like you’re really skilled at it!”

    “Fan Yin.” Yun Jiuge looked at her good friend of thousands of years and asked carefully, “Why are you doing this?”

    “Naturally, it’s for me to take revenge,” Fan Yin said evenly.

    “What hatred do I have with you?” Yun Jiuge replied.

    She had been living in the Celestial Palace the whole time. She only met Fan Yin 3,000 years ago and had become good friends with him.

    She had always respected Fan Yin and never had any designs on him even while she was at her most insane period of wanting the Child of Life.

    “It’s not you. It’s the Celestial Palace that I’ve a blood feud with,” said Fan Yin whose cool and handsome face was rendered devastatingly beautiful by the Blood Soul Flowers. The hatred in his eyes penetrated deep into the marrow.

    “Our Celestial Palace has always been upright and just in our actions and deeds. What kind of blood feud could we have with you?” Yun Jiuge said, feeling incredulous.

    “Hahaha!” Fan Yin burst into a sarcastic cackle.

    “What are you laughing at?” The Moon Spirit Silk Thread in Yun Jiuge’s hands emerged uncontrollably.

    “I’m laughing at you for lying.” Fan Yin put away his smile and looked viciously at Yun Jiuge as he said, “How can you talk about being upright and just in your actions and deeds? Those are just falsehoods to deceive the world.”