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Chapter 572 - The Sacrifice of The Holy Soul

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 572: The Sacrifice of The Holy Soul

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    “What hatred do you have against the Celestial Palace? Just spit it right out. Don’t beat about the bush,” Zi Shang impatiently interjected. According to his thinking, they should seize Fan Yin and give him a hard beating so that he would behave and confess.

    “After my Demonic Blood Flowers devour you, I’ll naturally tell you,” said Fan Yin with a sneer. The Demonic Blood Flowers behind them spewed out thick blood fog and rushed toward them ferociously.

    Both of Zi Shang’s hands turned into dragon claws and tore all those Demonic Blood Flowers which came bursting forth, into pieces.

    Yun Jiuge used her Holy Power to create a golden Defense shield to keep the blood fog at bay.

    “He used the Tianwai Demonic Clan’s demonic magic to cultivate these Demonic Blood Flowers. My demonic power is useless against it,” Zi Shang said as he retreated to Yun Jiuge’s side.

    These Demonic Blood Flowers had a powerful corrosive force, stronger than that of Ao Ge’s black water. They could only use their physical bodies to break out of it.

    “No, these Demonic Blood Flowers were not only cultivated with demonic magic, but also Holy Power. How exactly did Fan Yin obtain the Holy Power?” Yun Jiuge felt it somewhat unfathomable.

    Could it be that he had stolen her Holy Essence while still in the Secret Realm at the time? But her Holy Power was not damaged!

    “Long’er, can you seal these Demonic Blood Flowers with your Space Power?” Zi Shang asked his son.

    “There are too many flowers for me to seal.” Little Dragon raised his hand to point ahead. Each time the Demonic Blood Flowers disappeared, additional ones would immediately spring up.

    “These Demonic Blood Flowers must have Source Power. Only by locating their Source Power can we completely eliminate the Demonic Blood Flowers.” Zi Shang’s claws shattered the incoming Demonic Blood Flowers.

    “With Fan Yin’s character, the Demonic Blood Flowers’ Source Power must be on him.” Yun Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye to carefully search. But the Demonic Blood Flowers were too many. The passageway was a sea of red. She simply could not locate Fan Yin.

    At this time, the passageway began to break. Little Dragon suddenly waved both of his fists wildly and produced a loud wailing cry.

    A golden portal force shrouded the Defense Shield created by the Holy Power and started floating.

    “Oh no, the passageway is about to collapse. We’ve to leave as soon as possible, or else we’ll fall into the void,” Zi Shang said urgently.

    The void was full of chaotic storms. With Little Dragon’s current ability, he simply could not protect everyone from passing through.

    “After I suck these Demonic Blood Flowers away, you’ve to seize the chance to find Fan Yin,” Osamu said suddenly.

    “Can you do that?” Although Yun Jiuge brought Osamu here as her trump card, these Demonic Blood Flowers were too many.

    “We’ll find out by giving it a try.” Osamu gave a pat on his wheelchair and Gu Lu turned back to a round black ball.

    It widened its droopy eyes, and then opened its mouth wide to suck all the Demonic Blood Flowers into its mouth.

    The Demonic Blood Flowers in the passageway shrieked in misery but they were forced into a surging current, sucked away by Gu Lu.

    Osamu floated in the air. There was a red band of light between his body and the black ball, as if Gu Lu had become his big mouth. The Demonic Blood Flowers were filtered through Gu Lu before entering his body.

    When Yun Jiuge saw that Osamu was not in danger for the time being, she then did her utmost to search for Fan Yin. She finally located his figure in a corner.

    “Fan Yin, come out.” Yun Jiuge wielded the Lightning Fire Needle. A myriad of light and shadow transformed into a raging storm charging toward Fan Yin.

    Fan Yin raised his hands, and a pale green Buddha Seal appeared in front of him.

    Yun Jiuge’s Lightning Fire Needle fell upon Fan Yin’s Buddha Seal, emitting a frenzied sound of crashing rain.

    Fan Yin’s Buddha Seal did not move at all.

    Yun Jiuge continued to increase the Holy Power input and engaged with Fan Yin in a stalemate.

    Osamu frantically absorbed the demonic magic of the Demonic Blood Flowers. His complexion gradually looked terrible.

    “Father, quickly help Mother!” Little Dragon shouted anxiously.

    Zi Shang saw what was happening and turned around to put his palms on the area behind Yun Jiuge’s heart to fully imbue his entire body’s Demonic Power.

    He and Yun Jiuge had practiced Dual Cultivation for so long that both parties’ power could be freely exchanged.

    Once Yun Jiuge received Zi Shang’s help, her Lightning Fire Needle instantly coagulated into a large golden sword, which ferociously punctured Fan Yin’s Buddha Seal.

    Fan Yin staggered a few steps back. The Moon Spirit Silk Thread squirted out to tie him up.

    A red skeleton appeared on Fan Yin’s chest and its ferocious force burst out all of a sudden.

    The Moon Spirit Silk Thread instantly shot aside and was then burned to ashes by Fan Yin’s Demonic Blood Flowers.

    Fan Yin glowered at Osamu who was still absorbing the Demonic Blood Flowers. He knew that he could not take down Yun Jiuge and the others today. So, he turned around to escape.

    “Fan Yin, pay for my sister’s life,” a crisp voice suddenly rang out. Yue Qing’er appeared next, holding up the Immortal Sword to cut off Fan Yin in front.

    “Qing’er?” Yun Jiuge looked at Yue Qing’er wearing the soldier uniform of a puppet. She did not expect her to infiltrate the puppet army to come in.

    “How dare a mere Ling Clan member block my way! Scram!” Fan Yin’s two fingers closed together to clip Yue Qing’er’s Spiritual Energy and shoot it out on the spot.

    Yue Qing’er’s Immortal Sword broke apart into pieces. Her face turned pale and then she coughed up blood.

    “Qing’er, step back,” Yun Jiuge ordered. This little girl was no match for Fan Yin at all.

    Yue Qing’er did not listen to Yun Jiuge’s order and charged toward Fan Yin with her bare fists again.

    “Since the little girl wants to die, I’ll lend a helping hand.” Fan Yin gestured with his fingers to cast a spell. The skull-like Demonic Blood Flowers transformed into a heavy hammer and struck Yue Qing’er right on the chest.

    Blood sprayed out of Yue Qing’er wildly, and her body was sent flying backwards.

    “Qing’er!” Yun Jiuge wanted to save Yue Qing’er, but she heard her loudly recite her Ling Clan’s ancestors. She had actually sacrificed her own Holy Soul.

    A pure white force gushed out of her heart and floated to integrate as one with the blood in the passageway.

    Yue Qing’er’s shadow suddenly appeared in the spot where the Moon Spirit Silk Thread had disappeared. With a faint golden light, both of her hands pounced toward Fan Yin to firmly bundle him up.

    Fan Yin fell to the ground heavily, stirring up dust all over the ground.

    He struggled desperately but was bound even tighter by the Moon Spirit Silk Thread, fully in line with the old expression of being enmeshed in a trap of his own making.

    “Qing’er, are you alright?” Yun Jiuge rushed to Yue Qing’er’s side.

    “Big Sister.” Yue Qing’er gazed at Yue Ling’er’s shadow in a daze and raised her hands, wanting to touch her.

    “I’m so sorry.” Yue Ling’er held her younger sister’s hand. She had tears of regret on her face. These were the remaining pieces of her last remorse.

    “It doesn’t matter, I forgive you.” With a smile, Qing’er closed her eyes and her hands hung down.

    “Qing’er.” Yun Jiuge tried hard to imbue Yue Qing’er’s body with the Holy Power. But with the sacrifice of her Holy Soul, she was similarly wiped out like Yue Ling’er.

    “The people of the Ling Clan are indeed stupid,” Fan Yin said with a cold sneer.

    “Shut up.” Zi Shang’s fist punched in his face.

    Fan Yin’s head leaned to the left and spat out a bloody tooth. Then he guffawed loudly.

    Zi Shang punched him in the face repeatedly, but still could not stop his wild laughter.

    “Stop hitting him. This piece of trash is not worth wasting our energy on.” Yun Jiuge got up and coolly looked at the pathetic-looking Fan Yin, as if she were looking at slime.

    “Go ahead and punch. Why are you stopping?” Fan Yin looked up and said to Yun Jiuge mockingly, “Your Celestial Palace is perverse in its ways. Even if I die, thousands of people will still rise up to stand against you.”