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Chapter 337 - Caugh

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 337: Caught

    “An Qiao, you… You…”

    Yu Shuran, the contestant who lived in the same room as her, immediately left her side in fear.

    All the contestants separated themselves from An Qiao.

    In an instant, coldness rose from the bottom of her feet to her head. An Qiao looked at everyone and smiled with a pale face. “What’s wrong? Can’t I go in and see if they were around?”

    It was just a joke.

    “Are you on good terms with me?”

    Su Cha walked slowly to her.

    She looked down at the contestant who was shorter than her.

    She remembered An Qiao. She was pretty and cute. She always had a happy and confident smile on her face, which made her look innocent.

    An Qiao’s family was also well-off. The difference was that she was not as standoffish as Jin Mou, so she had a good relationship with many contestants. Even Gong Ruixin, who spoke just now, had a good relationship with her.

    The way they looked at An Qiao was filled with fear.

    How could such a nice person do such a thing?


    How scary.

    An Qiao was forced to look up at Su Cha. She saw that there was no warmth in her gem-like eyes. The corners of her lips were still curled up.

    She was beautiful and elegant. Her aura was noble and strong, but her elegance had a cold quality.

    She was a beauty. Her standing in front of An Qiao was torture for the latter.

    The stark contrast was making her suffer.

    Her mind was buzzing when she saw Su Cha speak.

    In fact, her target was Su Cha. Even if the poisoned cup of watermelon juice was drunk by Jin Mou, the suspicion would fall only on Su Cha. How could An Qiao suddenly be busted?

    An Qiao’s lips stiffened. At this moment, she could not admit it.

    “It’s not me.”

    Su Cha smiled gently. “Who do you think it is?”

    With every word Su Cha said, An Qiao felt her heart trembling.

    A sense of fear started to surface in her heart. Her eyes turned red and she looked at everyone. “You’ve wronged me. You’ve wronged me. The video is fake!”

    She cried, “You only saw me entering. You can’t say that I was the one who poisoned you.”


    What a perfect excuse.

    Su Cha suddenly touched her body.

    Not long after the accident, people had started to move around the villa until Jin Mou was taken away. No one had noted that there was anything suspicious about An Qiao, which proved that she had been with everyone. She had to have followed the crowd.

    She could not have had the time to do away with the powder. It was obvious where the powder was.

    “What are you doing?”

    As expected, An Qiao was shocked by Su Cha’s actions. She tried to struggle, but she could not.

    She was wearing a pair of jeans with large pockets on both sides. Su Cha slipped her hand in and easily took out a small bottle from them, along with other items.

    The transparent glass bottle was only the size of a thumb. There were traces of light green powder inside.

    Everyone fell silent and looked at An Qiao in fear.

    The production crew felt like their heads were about to explode.

    This An Qiao was not ordinary at all because she had a powerful family in the Imperial Capital…

    Her uncle was the director of a hospital. Her family was very wealthy, even richer than Jin Mou’s.

    It was clear how she could get this prohibited medicine.