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Chapter 504 - Dao Body“s Soul Condensation

Let Me Game in Peace
     504 Dao Body“s Soul CondensationAfter Zhou Wen arrived at the Peony Garden, he had been constantly circulating the Dao Art. When Sei Gasakai's sword will crashed down on him, it made him feel both a Will Renewal and life and death. However, this pressure didn't cause Zhou Wen's will to waver. Instead, he suddenly seemed to gain enlightenment.

    With Zhou Wen's enlightenment, the Dao Sutra in his body also underwent some strange changes. His Dao Body and essence, vitality, and spirit were trembling. His entire body and mind seemed to resonate with everything in the world, causing them to constantly transform and condense within his body.

    At this moment, Zhou Wen had actually begun condensing a Dao Sutra Life Soul.

    Sei Gasakai didn't know that his sword will was useless against Zhou Wen. Instead, it aided Zhou Wen by constantly giving him insights.

    Seeing how Zhou Wen remained motionless, Sei Gasakai was alarmed. He pushed the sword will he had comprehended to its limits. His Essence Energy had already been infused into it. It wasn't as simple as probing anymore. It was a true sparring match. The sword's force surged towards Zhou Wen through the flower petal that the two were holding.

    This nameless sword strike was still unable to shake Zhou Wen despite Sei Gasakai pushing his sword will to the extreme.

    His sword force, which carried the Will Renewal as well as life and death, vanished without a trace after entering Zhou Wen's body.

    Sei Gasakai was shocked. He had relied on his comprehension of this strike to push his Life Soul to Perfect stage. He had even planned on using this strike to challenge Leng Zongzheng.

    However, who knew that this strike wouldn't even be able to do a thing to a mere student of Sunset College? Instantly, Sei Gasakai felt despair. He felt like he had lost all hope in life. His black hair turned white in a short period of time.

    Sei Gasakai had no idea that even if his strike were to clash with Leng Zongzheng, it was impossible for it to be ineffective. However, Zhou Wen's Dao Body and the Life Soul he was condensing were the nemeses of his strike.

    If he were to use his Life Soul to fight Zhou Wen, Zhou Wen was definitely not his match. However, just the Power of Life and Death alone was unable to do a thing to him.

    Zhou Wen felt his essence, vitality, and spirit condense towards his brain. The power of Sei Gasakai's sword was also sucked in. A certain power in the world was flowing towards his brain, pouring into him like a river.

    Zhou Wen felt that a crystal had condensed in his mind. The crystal was very strange, as though it was in his brain, but it wasn't anywhere in his brain. It was as though it was something that only existed in his consciousness, but Zhou Wen could clearly sense its existence.

    Once the Life Soul was formed, Zhou Wen immediately felt refreshed as though he had been reborn. Boundless Essence Energy surged out of the crystal-like Life Soul, making him feel like he was bathing in a spring.

    Sei Gasakai could not accept the fact that he was inferior to a student at Sunset College. He could not accept that the Sword Dao he had comprehended over the years was completely useless.

    When Zhou Wen's Life Soul condensed, the fluctuations of the Life Soul's power caused Sei Gasakai's Life Soul to vibrate. A Sword Soul that resembled a devil or a god appeared over Sei Gasakai's body.

    Honn Shinsakura was dumbfounded. He had never expected that his teacher, the renowned Sword Hero, Sei Gasakai, would use his Life Soul when he was competing with a student.

    That was a Perfect Life Soul, Samsara Sword Sage. Countless Epic experts were defeated by the Reincarnation Sword Sage of Sei Gasakai. It was a supreme existence with the power to determine life and death.

    In the next second, Honn Shinsakura saw Sei Gasakai's white hair fluttering in the wind. The Samsara Sword Sage had merged with Sei Gasakai, and a tachi condensed from light and darkness appeared in his hand. The petal had already melted from the terrifying power.

    Sei Gasakai held the tachi in his hand. In his despair, he no longer had any other thoughts. All he wanted to do was prove himself and his Sword Dao as he slashed at Zhou Wen.

    Wherever the blade beam passed, the surrounding flowers were affected by it. Half of the flowers were blooming, while the other half was wilting, as though heaven and hell were separated.

    Teacher actually used this strike… Honn Shinsakura was extremely shocked.

    Not only did Sei Gasakai use his Life Soul, but he also used his most powerful strike. This strike was something Honn Shinsakura had only heard from his father, but he had never seen it before.

    His father had seen this move of Sei Gasakai's. He had originally been comparable to Sei Gasakai in strength, but in the end, he decided to hand over his beloved son, Honn Shinsakura, to Sei Gasakai for guidance. Furthermore, he held Sei Gasakai in high esteem, saying that he was the number one sword practitioner.

    Honn Shinsakura followed Sei Gasakai and wanted to learn this move the most. However, Sei Gasakai had never used it before, so he had never seen it. Today was the first time he had truly witnessed this attack.

    However, the strike that was described as an attack that could kill devils and gods alike was actually used by Sei Gasakai against a student. This made Honn Shinsakura feel incredulous.

    However, he had finally witnessed the power of the strike. It was truly an attack that wielded the power of a devil or a god. However, due to the power of the attack, the peony garden was reduced to hell. All the flowers had withered. Such power was truly awe-inspiring.

    It's no wonder even a person like Father holds such high regard for Teacher. With such a powerful strike, who in the world can match it? Honn Shinsakura praised in his heart.

    But in the next second, Honn Shinsakura was rooted to the spot. His eyes widened to the extreme, but his pupils constricted like needles as he looked into the stone pavilion in disbelief.

    Zhou Wen was still sitting on the bench in the stone pavilion. He wasn't moved by Sei Gasakai's mighty strike, nor did he have any intention of standing up. All he did was grab a jade bamboo in his hand.

    There was a flash; a saber revealed itself in the bamboo.

    Honn Shinsakura had never seen such a magnificent and domineering technique before. The gorgeous saber beam sliced through the void, leaving an inextinguishable mark on his mind.

    When Honn Shinsakura looked at the saber beam clearly, he realized that the Bamboo Blade had already returned to its sheath, as though it had never moved.

    However, when he looked at Sei Gasakai again, the attack condensed from light and darkness in his hand suddenly broke apart, turning into specks of starlight before dissipating. The terrifying intent also shattered.

    "I… lost…" Sei Gasakai stood there and stared at Zhou Wen in a daze, his eyes had already lost focus.

    Honn Shinsakura sat on the ground. He really could not accept this outcome. Sei Gasakai, the man known as the number one Sword Hero—his teacher—had actually been defeated by a student who was not much older than him.

    Looking at Zhou Wen, who was still sitting in the stone pavilion, Honn Shinsakura suddenly felt that he wasn't a person but a devil. The earlier strike was a devil's power.

    However, that gorgeous saber move had left an inextinguishable mark deep within his soul. He could not help but recall it repeatedly.