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Chapter 338 - A Tooth for a Tooth

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 338: A Tooth for a Tooth

    "What happened?"

    One of the directors from the production crew rushed over and immediately asked what was going on.

    Seeing the deadlock in the living room, he felt a headache coming on.

    But the first thing he asked was, "When did our villa have a hidden camera installed?"

    He did not know?

    A strange feeling arose in the hearts of the staff.

    Wen Pengcheng, one of the directors of Dreams in Progress, felt a headache when he saw An Qiao trembling in front of Su Cha.

    The person who poisoned Jin Mou was actually this one. This matter would be difficult to handle.

    However, Su Cha did not plan to waste time talking to them. Since the truth was out, she did not have the patience to wait for the production crew to deal with it.

    "Everything is clear now. Is An Qiao going to be kicked out of the show?"

    She started to question the director.

    When Wen Pengcheng heard Su Cha's unhappy tone, he said, "What kicking out? The matter has not been investigated properly. We need to deal with it fairly. Go back to your rooms first. The production crew will give contestant Jin Mou an explanation for this."

    "The medicine is on An Qiao. In the video, An Qiao was seen entering my room. That's just too much of a coincidence. Are you saying that someone else could have framed An Qiao?"

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows slightly and looked sharply at Wen Pengcheng. "Director, you better think about it before you speak. There are so many people waiting for an answer. You don't want this to be exposed, do you?"

    Her words always had a way of making people feel oppressed.

    Wen Pengcheng looked at An Qiao, whose eyes were red. He took a deep breath and said, "I said that I will give you a satisfactory answer."

    Just then, An Qiao suddenly said loudly, "Su Cha, what can you dare to do to me? I'm just asking you, can you people here dare to do it? Don't you know who my father is? Just one word from me and the whole production crew can forget about everything!"

    Everyone was stunned.

    Wen Pengcheng almost choked.

    They already knew that An Qiao's identity was not ordinary. They had planned to minimize the impact and protect her. Wasn't she just trying to attract hatred now?

    As expected, the contestants looked at An Qiao with disgust.

    Yes, everyone here was not as powerful as An Qiao, but she was being too arrogant and domineering.

    In the Imperial Capital, was being this arrogant not synonymous with seeking death?

    If it were someone else, they might not find it easy to deal with today's matter, but if it was Su Cha…

    She suddenly smiled. "What a coincidence, I can dare."

    Before the production crew could react, she suddenly grabbed An Qiao's chin and handed the medicine bottle to the secret guard who spoke at first.

    The man opened the bottle silently and poured the remaining powder into the watermelon juice. He shook it and handed it to Su Cha.

    The production crew: "…"

    The contestants: "…"

    Everyone was stunned. An Qiao's chin was pinched and she was forced to raise her head. She saw that the secret guard's series of actions were starting to turn bad.

    She started to struggle, but it was futile when she's in Su Cha's grip. She directly poured the watermelon juice into An Qiao's mouth.


    "My God!!!"

    Some of the contestants could not stand the excitement and screamed. Wen Pengcheng was dumbfounded. When he was about to stop them, the secret guard reached out to stop him.

    The expressionless girl pinched An Qiao's chin and poured the cup of watermelon juice into her mouth. The bright red juice flowed down her chin and soaked her clothes, making her look pathetic.