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Chapter 1048 - Silly Lass, I’m Back

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1048: Silly Lass, I’m Back

    The Wen Corporation’s board meeting had already ended, but someone leaked the details of the meeting to the media. Hence, the reporters vied with each other for the chance to report about it. Once again, Wen Xinya became the center of attention.

    The reporters managed to find out about the basic details of the board meeting, including Wen Xinya’s suggestion to set up an independent sister company as well as the fact that she had prioritized the Wen Corporation’s and the shareholders’ interests. It was stated in the reports that she had eliminated all possibilities of the entertainment city affecting the Wen Corporation’s current operations.

    Everyone began to speculate about her reason for doing so.

    Some people felt that Wen Xinya was acting according to Old Mr. Wen’s wishes. After all, she had Secretary Cao by her side and they felt that Wen Xinya alone was not capable enough to come up with such a perfect plan.

    However, there were also some who felt that Wen Xinya had done that in order to show her face during the board meeting and gain the recognition and affirmation of the shareholders, so as to pave the way for herself.

    There were various schools of thought.

    However, regardless of the comments, it was a matter of fact that Wen Xinya had managed to earn the approval of all the shareholders and given the stockholders who were afraid that the Wen Corporation’s stock prices would plunge because of the entertainment city peace of mind. The stock prices had become stable too.

    Wen Xinya had managed to build her reputation amongst the stockholders.

    Wen Xinya gently caressed the Dream Pools Essays book in her hand while spacing out.

    Although the setup of the independent company would prevent the mastermind from plotting against the Wen Corporation, it was still impossible to guard against the mastermind because Wen Xinya did not know his true agenda. Hence, there was still a possible danger.

    She had no idea who the person behind Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen was, let alone the ill intentions that he harbored. She suggested that they set up an independent company, partly also because she wanted to test the mastermind.

    She wanted to find out the competency of the mastermind before seeing what they would do next.

    Would he give up the entertainment city project and hide in his shell?

    Or would he continue with the entertainment city project because he had other plans in mind?

    It would be easier to win a battle after finding out the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy. Since she had already lost the chance to make the first move, she had to initiate an attack.

    Wen Xinya hung her head low and flipped through the book, admiring Si Yiyan’s beautiful and exquisite handwriting which looked rather menacing too.

    She had no idea when he would be returning.

    Wen Xinya grabbed her mobile phone and dialed Si Yiyan’s number without hesitation.

    Soon, Si Yiyan answered in a lethargic voice, “Xinya!”

    Wen Xinya discovered that he would often pick up her calls almost immediately, regardless of the time. He would rarely make her wait too long.

    Wen Xinya asked, “What are you doing? Are you busy now?”

    Recently, the first thing she would ask whenever she called Si Yiyan was whether or not he was busy. It had already become a habit of hers. However, Si Yiyan would never answer her question directly and would instead chat with her about other matters.

    Si Yiyan stared at the lush greenery and said with a smirk, “I’m driving now.”

    Wen Xinya climbed onto the bed and rolled around. “When will you be done with settling the issues in Russia?”

    Whenever she called him in the past, she would often do her best to seem like an understanding, virtuous and magnanimous girlfriend. Regardless of what Si Yiyan did, she would give him her support and keep her worries and concerns deep in her heart. However, she began to find it a little hard to stop herself from throwing a tantrum.

    She lowered her voice and spoke to him coquettishly while sounding a little guilty about throwing a tantrum. Even the most cold-blooded person would be enticed by her voice. “I’m almost done.”

    Wen Xinya pouted and asked smilingly, “When will you be returning, then?”

    Wen Xinya was over the moon. She understood Si Yiyan better than anyone else. Since he was almost done with settling the matters in Russia, he would probably be back soon.

    Si Yiyan smiled and answered, “Soon!”

    After getting a firm answer, Wen Xinya rolled around in bed merrily while speaking to Si Yiyan coquettishly. “Yan~ hurry and come back. I miss you so much. When you’re not with me, I can’t even have my meals in peace. I’ve lost so much weight…”

    Her soft voice was cute and soft, making Si Yiyan grin uncontrollably. “Yes, I’m waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. The Chinese roses by the road are so beautiful. They may not be as exquisite as the ones in Lishan Mansion, but they’re graceful and full of life.”

    Wen Xinya was dumbfounded and she could not recover from the shock.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “You’re such a silly lass.”

    Wen Xinya snapped out of her trance while listening to his melodious and pleasant laughter.

    Chinese roses!

    Chinese roses were the flowers of Capital city and were mostly planted along the roadsides, adding a touch of vibrancy to the Capital city’s landscape. It was also the reason many citizens loved planting Chinese roses.

    When she was shopping with Si Yiyan in Russia, she did not notice any Chinese roses along the streets.


    Si Yiyan grinned and exclaimed, “Lass, I’m back!”

    He could imagine the way she looked while holding her mobile phone and widening her eyes in an adorable manner. The usually intelligent Wen Xinya seemed to have become all muddled up.

    Wen Xinya screamed, clearly having received a huge blow. “You’re really back. But you said that you were almost done with the matters in Russia. That means that they’re not settled yet.”

    Si Yiyan answered, “Yeah, Yueze is helping me.”

    Wen Xinya said in disbelief, “But I asked you when you were returning and you said soon…”

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter and said, “Yes, I was referring to home.”

    Wen Xinya slammed the phone down and put on her slippers before scrambling out of the room…

    She dashed across the living room. Mother Wang asked, “Missy, where are you going at such a late hour?”

    It was already half-past eleven at night and yet, she was running out of the house.

    Wen Xinya said, “Mother Wang, I have something important to attend to. I won’t be returning home tonight. Please inform Grandpa later.”

    After she turned eighteen, Old Mr. Wen gave her an apartment that she was free to stay in as and when she pleased. Hence, Old Mr. Wen would never question her for spending the night out.

    “Change into something proper…” Before Mother Wang could even finish, Wen Xinya was already gone.